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April 2015

Cuddle Bug
  • Illya, Shirou (NSFW)

  • November 2016

    Romantic Tropes Meme
  • Dub!Junko and Matsuda

    Time Warp Weirdness Meme
  • Chiaki, Hajime, and surprise Junko

    December 2016

    Made Together: a Shipping Meme
  • Himeko and Hajime

    January 2017

    Memory Sharing
  • Himeko and Hajime

    May 2017

    Murdergame Meme
  • Keiichi and Mion

    June 2017

    Married in Vegas
  • Mion, Rena, and Tanizaki

    Hentai Tropes (NSFW)
  • Keiichi and Mion
  • Chika and Ein
  • Rin and Sidurgu

    The Amusement Park of Doom
  • Hanyuu, Ruby and Servant