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Mistletoe Meme
( because who doesn't hate recaptcha...! ) 

    Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you... T'is the season-- almost. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

① Seriously, I just took this from bakerstreet since the original post pretty much hit recaptcha.
② Tag with a top level calling out one of my characters and make me write a starter. Or you can write a starter. Whatever. (If you're continuing from the meme, feel free to just link to the last tag or whatever.)
③ ???
⑥ Cute kisses everywhere!
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[ Waking up seeing an unfamiliar roof wasn't anything new -- at least, not for Inaba Himeko. But what was strange wasn't the sheer fact that the idea wasn't anything new, but rather, that the last second she recalled that she was making out with Natsuru. But in the next flicker of a second, their roles swapped.

Ah, so this is happening again...

But regardless of what Natsuru's intial surprise might be, Inaba decides to press forward, parting her (?) lips to deepen the kiss. She won't let anything like this stop her from getting what she wants. Especially not now. ]
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[ To Nanami Chiaki, the number of people that she cared about and appreciated were those whom she count on one hand. Yukizome-sensei, her fellow classmates, and Hinata Hajime. Especially Hinata-kun, considering that he was the first person that she'd met that could play video games at a level that was close to her. He may not be a Super High School Level Gamer himself, but that didn't matter to her in the slightest bit.

Talent isn't the goal. And besides, he was freer than her in the sense that he could do whatever he wanted, become anyone and anything.

She only had games, in the end. Not that she thought it was bad, but rather, it was something that kept her caged in.

So when she grabbed him by the hand suddenly and without warning, leading him to the local arcade, she couldn't help but smile just a little bit. She had friends whom she could play games with. And playing with everyone was fun. Who knew that co-op would be so fun? It's been especially fun with Hinata-kun... she thinks.

Eventually the duo manages to make it to their final destination - for now, anyway - and goes right on ahead and makes a beeline towards the new fighting game cabinet that she had told him about. ]

Come on, Hinata-kun... I told you we were going to play this game together.

[ Even if he's bad at it. Her eyes are lighting up and she's so ecstati that it's going to be really damn hard to say 'no' to her. But then again, why would you? ]

Do you know how to play yet? If you don't, I can teach you. I'm really good at this game, and I've heard that it's improved a lot from its predecessors.
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[ It's a normal day in the Sonozaki estate. Okay, that's a lie, considering that she's managed to sneak inside of the building you could pretty much call a mansion. And not only that, she's also made her way into Mion's room without even breaking a sweat. ]

Good morning, onee~♪ [ Wow, she's breaking and entering... sort of... but whatever, she doesn't necessarily care much of it. ] If you don't wake up, I might steal Kei-chan for myself, you know.

[ What a savage so early in the morning. ]
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[ Iiiiit's Tokyo! Of course, Chika is rather excited about visiting the place once again, even if she's somehow managed to get herself separated from her friends and well— that's a problem. ]


[ What doesn't help is the fact that her cell phone is pretty much on dead battery, something that causes her to laugh hollowly before she decides to skitter around through the crowds and eventually bumps into someone, which causes her to take a step back in surprise, giving a shallow bow. ]

I-I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going!
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Alright, so: here's the deal. You want to roleplay with me? I want to do some stuff with my muses! Of course, there are some characters that I need to test out - or just want to play again, tbh. Whether it's a serious, silly, shippy, or smutty, I'm always down, so come at me. Just call out a muse (or ask for RNG) and either leave it to me or vice versa! Let's do this shit. ♥

Today's muses for hire are—

And if you're stuck on prompt ideas, here are some that you can use:

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    You, me. Let's do marriage related things! Whether it be some sort of marriage proposal, the parties with all the ladies and gentlemen, the actual marriage itself or even what happens afterwards! And because I love playing these things out, this catch-all came to life.

    So let's get married! Here is a muselist. Go have fun. Feel free to either write up a top level or leave it up to me, I'm game.
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Player: Len
Character: Hajime Hinata
Current Canon Point: post-Chapter 6 (Super Dangan Ronpa 2) but prior to the game's epilogue.
Updated Canon Point: post-Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School (Hope Arc)

Updated Background:

Warning: Spoilers for Super Dangan Ronpa 2 and Dangan Ronpa 3!

  • After waking up from the Neo World Program, Hinata, with all the talents that he's regained by waking up utilizes them in order to wake up the other students who were placed in comas.
  • At some point in time after this, Hinata notices ships coming towards Jabberwock Island.
  • He and the rest of the living 77th class decide to fuck off leave Jabberwock and head towards the Future Foundation facility in order to stop Mitarai.
  • Hinata visits Yukizome's dead body in order to give her his last words -- separating from the rest of the class to talk. He tells her dead body that Nanami was right; that she
  • He then goes to fight some of the brainwashed Future Foundation members and gives Mitarai a pep talk, telling him that doing something like this isn't right. The other members of the 77th class show up as well to talk to Mitarai and convince him to stop the brainwashing after reassuring him that he'll have a place with them and that they can go together.
  • Mitarai goes with them and they leave the Future Foundation island deciding to go on their own adventures.
  • Of course, that's not without leaving their own video where they take the blame for the events of the Mirai-hen killing game -- implying that, at the very least, Hinata knew what was going on.

    Updated Personality:

    As he is coming in from a canon point that isn't too far off from the end of Super Dangan Ronpa 2, his key character traits do not change much. However, the fact that he picks up the abilities and talents of Kamukura Izuru means that he does see certain things as boring -- to the point where he's managed to pick up that catch phrase. But even so, Hinata Hajime is still himself, in the end.

    Even though he has so much power, he admits that he isn't strong at all; after all, he has so many regrets. It's the sole reason why he's able to get to Mitarai - he understands completely what it's like to be completely weak and helpless as well as what it's like to have the strength to do everything: even things that no normal ordinary human being could do. He even understands the idea of being alone for so long.

    While Hinata himself will have his own opinions on certain matters, because of how he is - since he's basically a merged personality of himself and Kamukura - he won't judge people on their thoughts and actions. Of course, he plans on stopping things that he himself thinks is wrong, but only if it's that important to him.

    Of course, when it comes to messing with memories, Hinata stands firm on the fact that he doesn't want that. Even if he wants to erase his horrible past, he's come to accept that he's done horrible things due to his decision to become Kamukura Izuru. Plus, he can't just simply forget Nanami Chiaki - the sole friend that he has - because of what she's taught him.

    He also sees that a person's worth isn't because of talent or being classmates; there's so much more to the a person than being a classmate or even their talent.

    Also he hallucinates Nanami sometimes -- primarily because he misses her so much.

    Updated Abilities:

    Hinata, at his canon point, has any human ability that is possible. For example, he has insane high level luck and analysis that allows him to judge and predict things. While most of these skills will remain as powerful as they are, Hinata will not be undefeatable -- instead, he'll just be absurdly strong (by human standards; meaning that supernatural abilities can affect him).

    Also, his analysis ability will not necessarily be able to predict any game changing plots, and I'll be putting up a permissions post for his observation skill + analysis in regards to characters.

    Other: The only item that he will have on his person is Nanami Chiaki's (DR3) hairpin that he picked up besides the clothes on his back. Also, now that he's from the end of DR3, he'll finally physically be his age - which is about 20 (give or take). The other physical change Hinata will gain due to this canon update which is notable is his dual colored eyes; the right one green, the left one red.

    Questions: Will inventory that he had at his previous canon point stay in game if it isn't on his person?
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    Player: Len

    Age: 22
    Current Characters: Hajime Hinata


    Character: Himeko Inaba
    Age: 17
    Canon: Kokoro Connect (light novels)
    Canon Point: post-Yume Random (volume 6)

    Background: Wiki!


      ❝If I show people how weak I am, they won’t need me anymore.❞

      On the outside, Himeko Inaba tries to show herself off as the "cool beauty"; she's intelligent, even to the point where she thinks too much on things, especially the situation she's in. A huge part of this is because back when she was in middle school, all she did was be a hikkikomori, or rather a shut-in; all she did was simply go to school and then go home and use her computer the whole night. Basically, she had little to no people skills until she became the vice president of the Student Cultural Society (or StuCS) and was socially awkward. It was just her, her brother, and her computer. Since the rest of her family doesn't really care about her all that much, unfortunately.

      For a long time, Inaba couldn't trust people. She pushed people aside and wore a mask when she had to; basically, she saw everyone as her enemy and didn't want to show anybody her weakness, so she pretended to be someone that she's not: a girl who could play it off when she needed to most people but, in truth, she's actually quite fragile emotionally - especially in the first two arcs, Hito Random and Kizu Random. Inaba, truth be told, is the type of person who is always very careful when it comes to people; she tries not to open her heart to others, but with these phenomenons, and especially towards her friends who she cares so much about, she can't help but slowly open up to them and trust in them - not just simply because of the phenomenon, but because she believes truly and with all her heart that they are the best companions that she's ever had, which is why she's so sensitive towards revealing any of her feelings or weaknesses - she's simply scared, terrified of what might happen to her, even to the point where she says, "—You guys are the most important 'companions' in the world to me. And that is why you are also my biggest 'enemies'." What she means by this is that she cares so much about her friends that she doesn't want them to worry about her, she should be the one worrying about them.

      Because of her distrust for all human beings, Inaba has a tendency to analyze the situation repeatedly, to the point where she can comprehend it and find a solution to it. And this isn't simply for situations, she always analyzes people as well - it's the sole reason why she managed to figure out both Iori and Yui's trauma's and knew how to cure them. For her, it's not something that could be cured easily; especially since there wasn't a sole reason or backstory behind her distrust, it just simply existed. It was there from the very beginning, and Inaba herself even says this.

      Despite all this, she managed to gather up all her strength and explain how she truly felt with everyone - and because of this, she's managed to grow as a person because of it. She realized that she didn't have to keep her emotions in, and that she could finally let them out to her friends, ones she's trusted with all of her heart and soul, not only because she's finally found true, deep trust in certain people, but she's found someone she can confide in, through thick and thin, no matter what happens. And Inaba herself believes that those bonds will last forever; she never wants the five of them to separate ever, regardless of any rational thoughts or plans she has to try to fix the situation - especially in Michi Random, where she suggests that they disband for Iori's sake, which goes to show that Inaba puts rationality before her own feelings and emotions, which, sometimes leads to her making the wrong decisions for herself.

      Even though she might think about others and sometimes feel that she's suffering the most due to the fact that she doesn't have any trauma and since she doesn't have trauma, her problems can't simply just disappear, Inaba is actually pretty selfish; especially when it comes to feelings about love. Iori then calls her out on this, especially since Inaba was the one who pushed so hard for Iori to go out with Taichi, and just when they're about to go out, Inaba goes and rudely crashes the party saying that she has feelings for him. Throughout Kizu Random, Inaba tries to hide these feelings, rationalizing her reason by saying that she didn't want Iori to know because she believed that if Iori (or hell, if Taichi) found out, they couldn't keep their relationship the same, and that's something that Inaba doesn't want.

      She's selfish, and she knows it - she wants Taichi all to herself, but at the same time, she doesn't want people to hate her because of her feelings towards him. She thinks too much on things, and sometimes dwells on that simple fact because she has a huge fear of what might happen to her afterwards. But even so, she still carries on. She's strong, emotionally, and she tries to show that by standing up to Heartseed and telling it that the StuCS isn't just going to twiddle their thumbs while he creates these phenomenons for them to handle. Of course not. That's why she plans ahead and tries to be the intelligent one for the group - of course, this may not always lead to the best course of action, but at least she's trying.

      But a huge problem with the fact that Inaba plans ahead is that she absolutely hates when her plans are ruined. During Michi Random, where the StuCS attempt to make a presentation and that is ruined by a gang, Inaba explicitly says that she will kill whoever it was who ruined their clubroom. Of course, she was dead serious about this fact, especially since she knew that not only she worked hard on that presentation, but everyone else did too. When it comes to the people she cares so much about, there is absolutely nothing that she wouldn't do to help them. (Though she's not some selfless freak like Taichi, she does have her limits.)

      Another thing to note is that she won't take anyone's bullshit. Especially the guys' when they do something stupid. This is shown time and time again when she whacks them hard for saying stupid things, and even more so when, in Hito Random, the boys make the girls (while in the girls' bodies) say embarrassing things and record them - she even takes drastic measures and says that she would run naked in Aoki's body as punishment, regardless of what anyone else thought. When she gets angry, she gets angry. Though when it's with her friends, it's not all that serious.

      Although Inaba tries her best to keep her composure, especially when it comes to embarrassment, there are times when she gets flustered. A lot of the time is with either Taichi or Iori, though it is possible to get her flustered if someone knows how to push the right buttons. Inaba tends to get embarrassed when people say things about her that show the complete opposite of the person she's trying to project, like calling her cute, for example; though compliments work just fine. Whenever she's embarrassed though, either by the situation - especially when someone does something unexpected like Taichi's "I got rejected!" yell - or when Taichi himself goes and bluntly asks her out, she tends to flail a little, blush, and yell at the top of her lungs. She even tends to show a cute demeanor than usual when that happens, revealing her more girly side.

      Inaba is also quite a tease. She's good at reading people and knowing random information about others, which is why she can use it to her advantage - for example, they manage to get into Yui's house because Inaba almost spills out her three sizes. She likes doing that, though she doesn't tell anyone that she actually enjoys it. She especially has a thrill of teasing Taichi, mostly to see the cute expressions he makes on his face. When she asks him if he wants to kiss her again, she just merely smiles, laughing it off. Though sometimes it's quite difficult to ascertain if she's being serious or not.

      When it comes to love, Inaba says that she now "knows the power of love". Her love, as stated in the light novel, is pure, and her overflowing feelings showing how much she cares about him. She even stays with him in the end, worrying about him even to the point that she's in tears. She loves him so much that she even sees him in her dreams, but finds it completely and utterly embarrassing that she can't just tell her feelings outright most of the time, just simply showing it with her actions. Though she also does it in a selfish way, just cuddling in public and holding hands, things like that.

    Abilities: Inaba is a normal person who doesn't have any special powers or abilities; she has only experienced phenomena that has given her abilities to deal with, meaning that she has the experience of several abilities, but not the power herself. In the range of her power, however, she has built a computer from scratch before, as stated in canon, and is proficient in macro programming. It is also assumed that she has a vast knowledge of technology and computers, considering that she was a part of the computer club in high school and a hikkikomori in middle school - canon states that all she did in middle school while she wasn't in class was use the computer all the time, surfing the net. She is also rather decent in analyzing people, as it is her specialty.

    Alignment: Piphron. Inaba's character arc revolves around trusting other people. In Hito Random she blatantly says that she cannot trust other people because they are her 'enemies' and due to her blatant distrustful nature. She is growing to learn to trust more people, however, as is obvious when she begins to trust her fellow classmates.

    Other: N/A


    Sample: Test drive thread.

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    Ah. . . Looks like I lost, Kei-chan.

    [ Which is surprising for once, since she had gone all out. But she raises her hands in defeat, accepting her loss. ]

    So, did you still want that bikini trampoline punishment? Because here's your chance to change it for last minute adjustments.
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    aka what if i actually wrote a proper application for a higurashi character or something. doing it on shion's account even though this might not be fore shion but w/e

    tell me why or why not )
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    [ She couldn't handle it much longer. It wasn't fair that he was away, it was even worse that she was having this craving... hence why she managed to take the phone and bring it to Shirou's room, internally apologizing as she dialed the number that was given to her.

    Hopefully he'd pick up. Not that she expected him not to. ]
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    [ somewhere out there, someone had magically slotted these two in a closet. who? when in doubt, blame Zelretch. or something. nevertheless, this Emiya Shirou is ending up looking rather confused at ending up here. of course, he's in a yukata now and not his torn shirt, but. . . still. the other person in the closet might be able to notice the whole 'there's something different about this Shirou' ordeal.

    and something something aphrodisiacs. ]

    Who--? [ his mind's a bit groggy, mind you, but he tries his best to speak. it's a bit dark in this closet so he can't exactly tell who else is in here. might as well wait for them to speak up and figure out if they're friend or foe. ]
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    [ It's been a while. Ever since he woke up from the Neo World Program and found out that he somehow kept his memories in a deus ex machina kind of ending - something that he hadn't expected, he spent all of his time attempting to wake everyone up. While he could never be certain as to who remembered what; that is, if they recalled anything at all, but Hinata would sure as hell try, given his newfound skills. Or rather, they weren't "new", really; they've been there for a while, but he's using them for different purposes now. Nevertheless, there's one person he has to find.

    He's dug through all of the files, trying to find her. There's a lot of dead ends, a lot of firewalls. But for him as he is now? It's not that difficult. Not anymore, at least.

    Although Hinata manages to find her, it seems that he'll have to go into the program itself in order to get her out of there. Tricky, tricky.

    Swallowing hard, he decides to take the long and hard road, telling his classmates that he was to go in. He had to make sure for certain that he didn't accidentally tip the Enoshima AI on again by doing that. If things go to hell, then he won't ever forgive himself.

    When he wakes up, what he sees is the island. The way it used to be. There's an awful lack of Monokuma, or anything, for that matter. Every now and again, he can see it glitching from the corner of his eye. But then it's gone.


    He can't seem to find her in most places, so there's only one place left to look. . . let's just knock on that door, shall we? ]


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