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Aug. 19th, 2017 11:40 am
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⚔ first impressions.

Aug. 12th, 2017 06:00 pm
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☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: Shirou is rather short for his age, being 167cm (5'5") tall. He has bright reddish-orange hair and golden amber eyes to go with it. He's on the slim side and has long legs, and due to his workouts he has quite a bit of muscle to him as well.
♚ FASHION: Rather plain. Shirou tends to wear simple single colored things or two-toned things. Although he'll wear things that his friends give him and things that seem to be on the relatively cheap, but somehow fashionable side.
♚ DEMEANOUR: Shirou is actually rather casual for the most part; he doesn't exactly slouch unless he's annoyed or exasperated, but he doesn't show himself off like a model, either. He's a Pretty Average Japanese teenage male in this sense. Shirou also tends to get triggered slightly by fire -- he's fine with small cooking fires, or campfires, but in certain scenarios
♚ SOUND: Shirou is voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama in all adaptations of the series - you can hear how he sounds like rather clearly in the Unlimited Blade Works trailer here. If anything related to his trauma is brought up, you can probably notice his voice cracking. He's also known for this particular line, along with a bunch of other things. In terms to how he refers to people, he calls people generally by last name; the exception being anyone with a strange name or someone who has a preference otherwise. He'll use honorifics for people older than him, and none for those who are around his age and younger.
♚ SCENT: Clean, for the most part.
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: Shirou himself is a rather empty shell that thinks about his ideals and what he can do to get to them.
♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: Shirou has very weak magic circuits, which allow him to project swords (which are essentially fakes) and sometimes shields. He can also craft, at some point if he manages to figure it out, Unlimited Blade Works, which is a Shirou-specific Reality Marble that holds fakes of swords.


♚ BACKTAGGING: I'll pretty much backtag until the thread feels finished in general if necessary, but for Trustfell, I'll most likely be focusing on things by week. If you want me to continue an older thread though, feel free to ask me!
♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: I'm okay with pretty much anything. Shirou is a bit of a
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Besides murder, ask first if it's anything too lethal so we can work things out!
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: Shirou won't remember it at first, but he is in a relationship with Sakura. But given Shirou's canon, I'm fine with having him end up with other characters, whether it's one-sided or if both characters reciprocate. It's fine.

☄ Permissions

♚ NOTE: Shirou himself is from the Heaven's Feel route, which is currently visual novel only. If you're an anime-only fan and waiting for the movie and would like for me to avoid spoilers, let me know!

And as a note, Shirou's backstory deals with family death and gruesome murder.

If there is anything that you would like me to avoid, please feel free to give me a heads up either by replying to this post or shooting me a message privately either via Plurk [plurk.com profile] endlesseight or Discord (Len#0139). All replies to this post are screened for privacy.

( airlocked ) cr chart

Aug. 10th, 2017 02:12 pm
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🢒🢒 Akande Ogundimu

ARCHER. I haven't spoken to him much, but while he seems big and intimidating, he doesn't seem to be entirely bad from what I saw of him at the meeting... although Nox-san doesn't seem to like him that much.
🢒🢒 Sakunosuke Oda

ASSASSIN. Oda-san is actually really kind, although he's a bit strange at times. I haven't told him that I'm a magus, although he did see my circuits glow in the middle of the night. He helped me out a bit in testing the fact that the walls are soundproof. He's very reliable, at least, and I appreciate that.
🢒🢒 John

CASTER. I still find it strange that John-san doesn't have a last name, but so far he seems rather nice. He knows how to cook, too, which is helpful. I might want to learn some recipes from him, since he's not from Japan.
🢒🢒 Leon Kuwata

ARCHER. Kuwata is pretty strange, although I haven't talked to him too much. He seems to know what Pokémon are and thinks that they're common enough for me to know... but maybe it has something to do with the whole 'different worlds' thing that's going on here. He also seems to believe that we're all potentially clones. But I don't know if I entirely agree about that.
🢒🢒 Alec

ARCHER. Seems to be one of the few that believes in magic, although I don't know if he should have said that in front of everyone... especially Furudo, who seems to be a huge skeptic.
🢒🢒 Maxine Caufield

CASTER. Caufield seems to be a nice person; she's also from America, where I've never been to. Maybe I could learn a bit more about her country from her. We talked a little bit about food and the difference between futons and beds and how strange it is that the beds we have in a prison are surprisingly decent.
🢒🢒 Noctis Lucis Caelum

SABER. He definitely looks older than he acts, so he's one of the living proof that we probably got our memories wiped... Of course, I noticed some things missing on my person as well, like my Command Seals, not that I'd ever tell anyone that. He has a good sense of humor and is pretty easy to get along with, at least. Also from what I've noticed, himself and Mako seem to think alike.
🢒🢒 Cheryl Hawthorne

RIDER. Hawthorne-san is nice, although I'm surprised she found the Pregnancy Tests on the PIPs... I'm concerned that she actually had a child and doesn't remember. Maybe I should be concerned too, but I'm only nineteen (supposedly, anyway). There's no way I could have done that yet.
🢒🢒 Diego Brando

BERSERKER. I don't know too much about him yet. I had to explain to him what a clone is, so it's possible that he isn't from a more modern time where the idea of cloning existed, at least.
🢒🢒 Apollonia Vaar

SABER. She has a good taste in swords. She also uses magic, but isn't a magus, which is rather strange. Even though she's a little rough around the edges - reminds me of Tohsaka, really - she doesn't seem to be a bad person, I think. Also the way she talks seems to show that she had a really important job back at home. Forget what I said about reminding me of Tohsaka. She's definitely a lot ruder than her, and it's not in the same way that Tohsaka gets angry at me for doing something stupid. She is smart about some things, that's for sure. Even though we thought it was a setup, considering what's happening... there's no way it could be. Right?
🢒🢒 Varric Tethras

ARCHER. He seems to know about a lot of weapons, so he's probably a warrior back at home... Tethras-san seems to also use a crossbow with a trigger, which is different from the types of bows that I use. He seems to hold a heavy interest for his bow of his, too. He even has a name for it. ... Ah, her, to be more precise.
🢒🢒 Pyrrha Nikos

LANCER. She's... probably one of the few girls here that I call by first name and feel comfortable with. Like Sakura. She seemed to be rather surprised that I didn't know about her or where she was from. I also told her that I was a magus, too. Hopefully she doesn't tell Furudo or the others... but I trust her. She's really kind, and I want to get to know her some more. Although it's a little embarrassing to be told that I'm sweet for saying that, though. I think I want to tell her a little more about my past, sometime. Even though I said she reminds me a little bit of Sakura, she's more like a replacement Tohsaka to me. It's kind of weird, but somehow comforting, too. She's smart at least, trying to stop me from sacrificing myself. I hope... that she doesn't die, even if I do, someday.
🢒🢒Albel Nox

SABER. Don't know him too well. He doesn't seem to like Ogundimu-san that much. I don't think they know each other, but does he just not like him because of how he looks...?
🢒🢒Will Graham

ASSASSIN. Graham-san was rather surprised when I told him that there was a Preganancy Test. He was also the one that found the pornography in the library. But why did they put that there to begin with? Not all of us are adults. Maybe for the same reason the test was there..?He seems to be decent, though.
🢒🢒Rideaux Zek Rugievit

ASSASSIN. From what I heard in the public meetings, he's a doctor, although he doesn't seem to care about people at all, but rather, their money. I don't really like him that much... but that's just my opinion so far. I was right not to like him. He reminds me a little bit of Kotomine; while I appreciate the help with my arm, the reasoning behind it seems to be less than wholesome.
🢒🢒 Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade

SABER. She's a vampire that reminds me a lot of Illya. She's also the reason why I decided to start making donuts for a snack to the meetings. Then again, it goes really well with most drinks. She seems to have a sword that only affects things that aren't human and is rather large... I want to see it someday.
🢒🢒 Mako

CASTER. Another one who doesn't seem to have a last name I can refer them by. But Mako-san's a rather nice person and he help conduct the meeting, which was rather helpful and allowed us to toss some ideas. He has a good sense of humor, too. He also can summon up fire daggers, which are pretty cool. But wouldn't they also hurt?
🢒🢒 Erika Furudo

ASSASSIN. Furudo is a detective, it seems, but she seems to have a problem believing magic is real, but I guess I don't blame her. I'm going to try my best to make sure that she doesn't find out that I'm a magus, at least. She seems to get onto a lot of people's nerves, but... I want to find out more about her, first. Maybe there's a reason behind why she acts like that.
🢒🢒 Rick Sanchez

CASTER. He's rather strange, to be honest... I don't know what else I can say about Sanchez-san besides that, really.
🢒🢒 Touko Fukawa

ASSASSIN. Fukawa seems to have been in a situation like this before, and I'm worried about her. I hope she'll be alright... I hope that the mutual killing isn't what we're here for, though. But so far, nobody on the ship has mentioned murder. Maybe that's a good sign. But if something bad happens, I'll protect everyone. It's my job, as a Hero of Justice.
🢒🢒 Mozu

LANCER. There's a lot of people here without any last names. I wonder why. Nevertheless, Mozu is really kind and knows how to cook stews. I plan on teaching her how some of the appliances work and how to cook some things that our local chef might not know how to make. You definitely shouldn't judge people by appearances, though. She's one of the people that tried to stop me from attacking that bastard, thinking that I would most likely die in vain. I... can't say I don't appreciate that, at least.
🢒🢒 Soma Cruz

ASSASSIN. My roommate. He also knows how to cook Spanish food, so I want to learn a little bit about him. The last thing he remembers though is a little strange, I have to admit, since it deals with Dracula - who is an actual vampire. I wonder if Heart-under-blade would know anything...
🢒🢒 Alexander Hamilton

CASTER. I haven't spoken to him yet to get any good impressions out of him.
🢒🢒 Agent Connecticut

ARCHER. I haven't spoken to her yet to get a good impression. But it looks like she seems to know more about our Counselor, though...
🢒🢒 Aiden Price

RULER. He seems to be a decent man who told us some of the answers, but... there's something about him that feels untrustworthy. Maybe it's because he's distanced to us, considering that we're all, supposedly, "criminals". But then again, there might be something more than that. We'll see, I suppose. Apparently something like what's happening now has happened to him before, but I don't know what it is. Even though I don't like the fact that he almost tried to run out on us, I understand his reasoning so I'm not exactly angry at him.
🢒🢒 Fortinbras

CASTER. The chef. He makes rather strange looking food, but they're not bad. He also seems to be pretty nice, actually. And now... he's dead. I got to see his dead body, so I know without even checking his vitals. Damn it. Why couldn't I have... been able to do anything?
🢒🢒 Scraggly

LANCER. The janitor. I haven't spoken to him to make a good impression. And now he's dead before I even managed to speak to him. It was pretty cool that his mop was actually some sort of laser sword, but it still wasn't right for him to get killed like that. I swear, I'll avenge you, along with the chef.
🢒🢒 Blaze Dudely

BERSERKER. The space pirate who took over the ship and killed Fortinbras and Scraggly. You're going to pay, you bastard.
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