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❝of course i had fun❞ ([personal profile] moes) wrote in [community profile] yamaboshi2017-07-18 01:30 pm

♡ kiss kiss fall in love


    Sometimes, you've just got to sail a ship, or perhaps do a little build up to it. But then again, isn't that to be expected for this sort of thing? It's time to put one and two together and get characters to kiss. Or perhaps they're having a little bit of that unresolved sexual tension?

    Either way, here's where you can get all of that and so much more at the cost of... your free time!

    Basically, tags. Give me tags. LET'S HAVE CHARACTERS DO FUN, CUTE COUPLE-Y THINGS. Or seriously upsetting things. That works, too.

If you want someone that isn't on this list, check out my muselist! I can't guarantee anything, but just ask.

And if you're stuck on a prompt?

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