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Forests are deep and vast.

They're also the perfect place to hold a game, especially keeping in consideration the fact that Bernkastel was growing bored just simply watching the dice roll after the pieces were set in place. Which is why, after the ritual, she decides to invite a guest over -- unwillingly, of course -- but it's not as if he won't notice the changes.

All of his friends who were beside him have no disappeared, and there's a clear shift in his surroundings. While the forest looks the same, it certainly does not feel the same, as there's some sort of permeating aura that seems to be rather daunting. As if it's crying out to run away, to escape.

Though this change of surroundings might leave him with many questions; like why was he here, why were his friends gone, and what was this feeling of dread that seemed to encompass the entire forest, growing darker and darker as it was, there's also some answers that he may be getting, now that he's entered it. Memories of previous fragments are now clearer and it's not just pieces of memories, it's every last thing.

And he might note that he is not alone in this forest, as clarified by the young purple haired girl sitting on a chair nearby, staring at him with empty, emotionless eyes, like a marionette with its strings cut. There's clearly something wrong with her, and it isn't just the fact that she's floating in midair, or sipping tea idly.

Welcome to hell. We hope you enjoy your stay.
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[The screams just didn't want to stop.

Her body shook with every rough thrust inside of her body; the phantoms that were recreated inside of Sakura making her more and more lewd, wanting more, but at the same time, becoming grossed out by it. Was this the pain that she had felt those last ten years? It hurt, and made her heart ache. She could no longer consider herself as pure, nor could she allow herself to face Naoki like this.

Sweat ran down her brow as she found herself waking up in her bed, yet again, her brow creased in frustration and clear fear. Although she was saved, the nightmare was never over for her, every now and again, the memory made her reel back as she covered her lips. Did he hear her voice? Although she had placed her whole entire mansion in a Bounded Field and refused to go outside except for the essentials such as school and buying supplies, she felt as if something was always watching over her, looming in close, as if to eat her whole eventually.

There were nights where she just couldn't sleep, the memories overtaking her, her body full of need. But she couldn't just simply ask Naoki for a favor like that. Not with the way that she was now, tainted and impure.

She had become exactly like Sakura in those last few days that she was stuck inside of her.

A girl who desired for men.

And she hated it.]
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[ It had been several years since he had declined Kiritsugu's offer and decided to live in the church with Kotomine. Now that he was a teenager, he was feeling rather... conflicted. Even though most of the time, he felt completely empty, there was someone who made him feel something in his chest, and he didn't understand what it meant at all. Which is why, on Saturday, after classes and mid-afternoon kenpo training, he decides that he needs to ask.

The question sat there for quite some time, but he wasn't sure how he was supposed to just simply bring it up. Besides, he didn't understand it to begin with. Maybe it was something that he had to actually worry about, which caused him to furrow his brow in frustration.

Might as well come out with it.

As Shirou placed his hands on the church doors, he pushed it open, hoping that his old man was there. But he paid no mind, nor any consideration as he raised his hand to his mouth, yelling across the church halls and pews. This was important, after all. ]

Hey, old man! You're there, aren't you? Don't tell me you're playing hide and seek again.

[ Because he knew that he tended to hide in the shadows. But the thing he hoped the most was that he didn't have to run into Gilgamesh... He'd probably give him more nonsense about this situation. ]


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