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Inspired by other posts like this, I decided that it would be for the best to have a list of things that I actually want to roleplay so that they have a good idea what I'm looking for in a PSL. I am generally open to any inspiration or ideas, and I usually won't say no to anything unless it really makes me uncomfortable. In any case, just ask!

    ❖ I live in PST (UST -8). I'm generally (not always!) awake from 7 AM to 10 PM, though my schedule fluctuates.
    ❖ I am very much willing to write smut, but I will ask that all players be 18+ for this. No questions asked. If any of you would like specific kinks, my list is here. If it is unlisted, don't hesitate to ask. I'm generally open to most kinks and won't say no.
    ❖ Shipping: I usually tend to prefer writing the build-up for cross canon ships unless I already ship it and I've given the OK. I can play both heterosexual and homosexual pairings, though mind you that it might take me more time on my part to write any M/M sexual scenarios, considering that I'm not too familiar in that territory. In all cases, just ask.
    ❖ Backtagging: I don't mind backtags at all, but please tell me first if you're going to disappear for a month without replying to me back. I will attempt to do the same.
    ❖ Plotting: Feel free to plot with me here, via PM, hit me up on my plurk, [ profile] endlesseight, or my AIM hightouches. Sometimes I want to go back and forth with you on questions regarding the thread. And I will do the same for you.
    ❖ NPCs: Totally fine with them! Just tell me first.
    ❖ The characters I play tend to lean towards animanga and video games, though I do have some live action characters that I can pull out if necessary.
    ❖ Original characters: Not opposed to them, though I would like to know about them before we play anything out. I'm willing to tell you as much background information on mine if needed as well.


    ❖ Dates. I really love playing out dates, no matter what the pairing. If I enjoy the ship, I'm definitely going to want to play out a date. Any type of date is fine. I do like awkward first dates the most, though I won't say no to any other dates, especially if it builds up to something that may be plot-related.
    ❖ Holy Grail War scenarios. One of the things that I literally won't say no to. Of course, it does take me some effort to AU into the setting, and I won't play every single one of my characters in the setting, but feel free to ask for specifics on this one. As for any of my Fate/ muses, I am definitely alright with Servant swapping, or having them become a Servant; considering that all of the ones I play are usually Masters.
    ❖ Canon integration. I'm not opposed to any character integrating with another canon - whether it be your character's canon, my character's canon, or a different character's canon altogether. I would heavily prefer that I know your canon if you wish to ask for this, though I won't be opposed if you explain the scenario. I also can do canon swaps and stuff like that.
    ❖ Fighting scenarios. I don't care if it's a war, a tournament, what have you. I like playing out fights, and they are really fun to do. Not all of my characters are fighters, however, so you will have to ask which of my muses are, unless you already know who you want.
    ❖ Horror and gore scenarios. I have a thing for people dying, or at least, the people around them dying. I also love, love torturing muses. This includes body horror, physical harm, mental horror, etc.
    ❖ Near death scenarios. I really like the concept of characters either being saved from almost dying or just plain out dying!
    ❖ Body swap. Enough said.
    ❖ Power gain scenarios. I especially love this for some of my more mundane characters. I especially want to play out characters who gain powers and learning from someone who already has powers how to use them.
    ❖ High school or college AU scenarios. Bonus if it's with a character who comes from a canon that isn't too normal.
    ❖ Afterlife scenarios. Whether or not they know that they're dead or not is fine -- as long as they find out that they're dead eventually.

    ❖ Body swap. Literally the same as above, and pretty self explanatory.
    ❖ Footjobs. Bonus if the character is wearing thigh high stockings.
    ❖ Cosplay. I love the idea of fictional characters in costume during sex, I won't lie. General things like maid and butler outfits are perfect for these types of things. I also love nurse cosplay as well as a stereotypical dominatrix costume. Any ideas you might have would also be absolutely perfect.
    ❖ BDSM. Check my kink list for specifics on what exactly I want to play.
    ❖ Mind control/hypnosis. Whether it's by an outside source or the character either of us are playing, I love this scenario to a T. Feel free to have them break through the control every once in a while to spice things up.
    ❖ Master/Servant scenarios. Basically what it says on the tin. Bonus points if the Servant ends up topping.
    ❖ Teacher/Student scenarios. See above, though with the bonus going to the student. I also enjoy having this mixed with bondage + blindfolds.
    ❖ Character transformation. Whether it's gender transformation or having them turn from a human into something more, I don't care. I just think it's pretty cool.
    ❖ Doing it in public scenarios. Pretty much what it says, really.
    ❖ Shower sex.
    ❖ Mutual masturbation.
    ❖ Incubi/succubi AUs.
    ❖ Threesomes. Please ask me first before doing this however, because I really don't want to be playing two characters at once, and I'm sure you probably don't, either. (Unless you want to, I'm fine with it.)


    Rei Hazama: More horror/torture scenarios where she manipulates a character's friends and family to attempt to kill them. Bonus if you allow a Bad End to occur as well as a True End. I would also love to play a AU where she's a normal girl and doesn't go onto the crazy path and is instead adopted by someone, which I think would be pretty cute to play. I've also been heavily enjoying the idea of a "redemption" arc for her, where she actually changes because someone actually genuinely liked her. I also really, really want to play Rei against characters who are similar to her, specifically Junko Enoshima and Dahlia Hawthorne.
    Shirou Emiya: I would like to play from the Mind of Steel and Femme Fatale bad ends in particular from Heaven's Feel for canon mates! To get into the nitty gritty details: I'd like to see Shirou break down even further by following Kiritsugu's ideals to a T as he finds himself killing everyone he loves, including Tohsaka and Illya. Having him be corrupt like that yet still waver is something that I'd like to play out. For the Femme Fatale ending divergence, I'd definitely like to play out the scenario inside of Sakura as he tries to save Tohsaka as well as attempt to yell at Sakura to let him out. Also: shitty dates, any route. I would also like to do Servant AUs with him as well. Food porn is also a thing that I'd like to play out at any given time. Also, like any other protagonist, I'd like to play the Higurashi scenario where Shirou remembers all the bad ends in any given route. Also I'd like to play out a "normal, happy family" scenario, similar to Fate/kaleid liner.
    Himeko Inaba: Yochi Random divergence scenarios (i.e: Coma Route, "Dereban", "harem route"). Also, any sort of AU where she reverts to her middle school self and becomes a recluse/hikkikomori and someone tries to pry her out of her shell. Also senpai/kouhai relationships. Another huge scenario that I would love to play is the "Alternate Universe" scenario in canon where she loses all of her memories in regards to Heartseed-related things and basically becomes who she was pre-canon and someone attempts to help her regain those memories.
    Rin Tohsaka: I would also love to play from the bad ends listed above for Shirou. I would also like to play things out in regards to magical users from various worlds, and having her learn more about the world. I'd also like to play out her struggle as a magus vs person. Also travelling around the world and secluding herself from it. Roleswap AUs and Servant AUs are definitely welcome, too.
    Sakura Matou: Sakura Tohsaka AU where she was never ever adopted by the Matou family would be nice. Also roleswap with Rin AU, where she became the head of the Tohsaka family instead. Femme Fatale bad end would also be a thing that I would play the shit out of. I'd also love to play out the unlimited codes Sakura route AU, too, even though that ending was pretty weird. Also Sakura never having the "happy life" that she could have had because the Matou family lost the HGW.
    Original characters: Nothing specific in particular, just the fact that I want to play them is enough.
    Mei (Touko): Anybody who plays a character from BW should join me in this quest of sadness for this AU! It's a sad "Touko is dead and took over Mei's body" AU, so that is a thing.
    Iori Nagase: Canon divergence as I take her pre-canon so she ends up wanting to please everyone because of her multiple mask problem.
    Haruhi Suzumiya: Normal AU is totally the biggest thing on my list, even though that's literally just the Yuki-chan series. Also having her screw with her reality warping by changing locations mid-thread is a thing I enjoy as well. Also murder mystery plot!
    Kyon: Tea of Sagittarius AU because that shit's pretty damn good imo. Also having him interact with things that aren't normal is always fun.
    Miku Hatsune: SONG AUS, SONG AUS... Specifics that I really want to play out are World is Mine and any of the Happiness songs by utata-P.
    Yuri Nakamura: Deadland AU for your characters and having them settle in and join the SSS
    Homura Akemi: Evil villain scenarios where she plays the role of the 'demon' that she said she'd become in Rebellion and the other magical girls have to kick her ass. Also Moemura shenanigans. And time travel shenanigans. And Actually Normal Girls AU.
    Maya Fey: Being framed for literally anything (see: Rei Hazama plot), though I also enjoy doing cute food dates as well.
    Chiaki Nanami: Being a Real Human AU scenario. Also a scenario where she becomes an android so she can have a "body" in the real world.
    Clover: AXE END, AXE END..... also literally every single bad end I stg
    Akane Kurashiki: Specifically with Junpei, but FUCKING REUNIONS GODDAMN.
    Nico Yazawa: Someone to tell her that "nico nico nii" is the most annoying thing ever please shut up. Also it would be hilarious to tell her about the Paypal thing. And Nico/Maki. Or just. You know. Give me cute idol ships.
    Nadeko Sengoku: DOTING ONII-CHANS. Also someone finding out about her drawings and doing something about it.
    CHARACTERS I JUST WANT TO PLAY: Bernkastel, Hitagi Senjougahara, Hazuki, Nui Harime, Homura Akemi, Taichi Yaegashi, Komaru Naegi, Akane Tsunemori, Illyasviel von Einzbern.
    OBSCURE CHARACTERS: I would definitely like to play Aka Onda in some sort of scenario where someone recognizes her (whether she's in disguise or not) as a famous seiyuu.


    ❖ Smut: Buildup. I really love building up to smut, and I love it when it's romantic or bittersweet. Hell, I just love romantic hings in general, anything cute just makes me blush.
    ❖ Ships: Most of you probably know what ships I play, but I'm a sucker for pretty much anything- I'm in shipping hell - as long as the characters work. I tend to lean towards M/F pairings, though I won't say no to F/F or M/M, depending on the character. Please ask first before M/M smut, though! It isn't that I'm uncomfortable - I'm not - it's more so that I don't have much experience in playing it, so please bear with me.
    ❖ Lyric-based scenarios. Music is my jam, and I love listening to it. I'm a singer after all, so anything music-related? Hit me up. I like to hear new songs!
    ❖ Train to the Afterlife. I love death, and I love partings even more. Having a character die, especially when they were close to each other is amazing to me. And it hits me really hard if characters can't get over another person's death and will do anything to try to get them back.
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Name: Len
Age: 20
Personal Journal: [personal profile] moes

Name: Iori Nagase
Canon: Kokoro Connect (light novel)
Age: 17
Timeline: post-Michi Random.
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: --


    ❝ "Live your own life".
    His words left me completely stunned,
    I didn't even know what I liked or what I wanted to do with my life
    because after trying to live for somebody else,
    well, I completely forgotten who I even was. ❞

    Ever since she was a little girl, Iori Nagase has always attempted to present herself as the "perfect girl"; one who didn't live her life for herself, but for the sake of other people. And because of that, she sometimes comes off as a rather bold, yet easygoing girl.

    The reason Iori acts like this is simple - she's always had to live her life adapting to the conditions that changed around her, especially with her second father, who tended to get violent. When she slowly realized that if she could play the role of someone who could do anything her parents asked to appease them, she slowly learned that this was good and that it worked. Because it worked, she decided to continue on doing exactly that - being able to carefully adjust her personality depending on who she was with, becoming that type of "Iori Nagase" towards them, and therefore, giving people a strong impression of what kind of girl she was. Basically, the type of girl that she came off to be was the type of person who was agreeable; completely and utterly likable, a person whom anybody could become friends with.

    However, to Iori, living a life like that is difficult, especially when things crash and burn. She's the type of person who believes that she's intuitive - that she can see underneath people's personalities and then act like anything to match, having the ability to change her "masks", or rather, her own personality to benefit other people. But if she can't see through people - for example, she was unable to notice Yui's androphobia even though Inaba did - she finds herself stuck, visibly upset because she's unable to do something that she's most proud of.

    ❝ Just be free. Do whatever you like.
    Since that's what I was told, it's what I did, but...
    What was it I wanted to do?
    What was it that I liked?
    Which one... was the real me again? ❞

    When it comes down to it, Iori is a girl with a personality crisis; she doesn't know who the real "her" is, what she likes, what she doesn't like, so she believes that it's just best to do what she's been doing all along, which is to go along with the crowd. The problem with this is the fact that when two groups conflict - like for example in Kako Random, where she knows she shouldn't leave the abandoned building due to the phenomenon, but she has to go save her mother - she finds herself unable to make a decision, which leads her to almost break down.

    Iori soon finds out the truth behind her personality - in the words of her good friend, Inaba Himeko, she is a dualist; a person who splits things in two distinct categories, 'can do it' and 'cannot do it'. But with that realization, she finds that she doesn't have to pretend to be someone else. That if she cannot do something, she doesn't have to switch from her "ideal self" to her "horrible self". All she has to do is be herself.

    But what is the true Nagase Iori like? It's true that her personality does change who she's with regardless of it all; she can make really bad jokes that sometimes have innuendos, that she can be cheerful around her friends to the point where she'll yell "Yahoo!" in the middle of class, that she's a bold girl with a can-do attitude, willing to do whatever whatever it takes to protect not only her mother, but her really close friends as well. She's also a rather good mediator, even though she honestly admits that it's not a fun position to be in.

    In truth, Nagase Iori is simply that: a normal girl who wants to have a normal life. She absolutely abhors all supernatural phenomena, especially if it affects her, or her friends. Even though she may come out as a tough girl at times, it's just an act to reassure others when she's scared. Iori's honestly just a fun girl to be around - she's energetic, loves to play around with other people, and be honestly friendly to most people. That is, as long as they don't do anything horrible to her.

    Besides, all you really need to know about Iori is that she's an unpredictable girl who'll simply go with the flow, no matter what happens. There may be many puzzle pieces to this girl, but she is who she is because of the past, and because of the relationships she's made. And that makes her all the more stronger for it. It's her life. She's going to do whatever she wants with it. She may have some trouble down the road which may cause her to slip back into the habits of who she used to be - but that's only because she hasn't truly figured out who she is yet, and that's something she's bound to figure out.

    Background: Here.

    Abilities: She's a normal human, so she doesn't have any special abilities at all whatsoever.

    First Person: one + two from a previous game I had her at, feel free to ask for more if needed.

    Third Person:

    "Maybe it's this way? No, that way."

    Iori's head turned frantically left and right as she brought her hand above her brow, lifting her heels to see through the fog. She had already exited the train hours prior, seeing if she could somehow get onto another train back, but was now pacing around the station, wondering which way she should go. Should she go left? Should she go right? Forward? Backward?

    She wasn't sure.

    Humming as she finally stopped in her tracks, her hand under her chin as she hummed inquisitively, thinking to herself. Although she was scared, this wasn't the time to show it. If she showed it on her face now, people might think she let her guard down and possibly attack her. She just helped save Inaba from such a thing. She didn't want to go through it herself. "I guess I'll just flip a coin." It was a pretty risky thing to do, going all YOLO on something so important, but it wasn't as if there was anything better. Besides, it's her life. She's going to do whatever she wants.

    Rummaging through her pockets, she found something that wasn't there before. That wasn't supposed to be there before. That didn't exist before. That shouldn't exist.

    "What..." Her voice cut off as they escaped her lips; she knew exactly what it was. It was a pocketwatch. It was an unexpected development. Her grip on it loosened as she dropped it onto the floor with a clink!

    With wobbly legs, she took a step back. One, then two, shaking her head profusely. Could this be another one of Heartseed's tricks? Another phenomenon? She thought that now that the school year was over, she'd finally get rid of him. She was sick of this, she couldn't take it anymore.

    So why did she have to deal with something like this again?
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Name: Pikari
( E-MAIL )
( AIM ) hightouches
( PLURK ) [ profile] endesseight
Are you over 17?: Yes!
Characters in Forest Covered: N/A


Name/Work Name: Himeko Inaba | Miki ( 美姫 )
Canon: Kokoro Connect (light novels)
Canon Point: post-Precious Time; post-Dangan Roleplay Round 2.
AU/CRAU: Yes, CRAU from [community profile] danganroleplay.
Age: 18
History: Wiki!
❝If I show people how weak I am, they won’t need me anymore.❞

    On the outside, Himeko Inaba tries to show herself off as the "cool beauty"; she's intelligent, even to the point where she thinks too much on things, especially the situation she's in. A huge part of this is because back when she was in middle school, all she did was be a hikkikomori, or rather a shut-in; all she did was simply go to school and then go home and use her computer the whole night. Basically, she had little to no people skills until she became the vice president of the Student Cultural Society (or StuCS) and was socially awkward. It was just her, her brother, and her computer. Since the rest of her family doesn't really care about her all that much, unfortunately.

    For a long time, Inaba couldn't trust people. She pushed people aside and wore a mask when she had to; basically, she saw everyone as her enemy and didn't want to show anybody her weakness, so she pretended to be someone that she's not: a girl who could play it off when she needed to most people but, in truth, she's actually quite fragile emotionally - especially in the first two arcs, Hito Random and Kizu Random. Inaba, truth be told, is the type of person who is always very careful when it comes to people; she tries not to open her heart to others, but with these phenomenons, and especially towards her friends who she cares so much about, she can't help but slowly open up to them and trust in them - not just simply because of the phenomenon, but because she believes truly and with all her heart that they are the best companions that she's ever had, which is why she's so sensitive towards revealing any of her feelings or weaknesses - she's simply scared, terrified of what might happen to her, even to the point where she says, "—You guys are the most important 'companions' in the world to me. And that is why you are also my biggest 'enemies'." What she means by this is that she cares so much about her friends that she doesn't want them to worry about her, she should be the one worrying about them.

    Because of her distrust for all human beings, Inaba has a tendency to analyze the situation repeatedly, to the point where she can comprehend it and find a solution to it. And this isn't simply for situations, she always analyzes people as well - it's the sole reason why she managed to figure out both Iori and Yui's trauma's and knew how to cure them. For her, it's not something that could be cured easily; especially since there wasn't a sole reason or backstory behind her distrust, it just simply existed. It was there from the very beginning, and Inaba herself even says this.

    Despite all this, she managed to gather up all her strength and explain how she truly felt with everyone - and because of this, she's managed to grow as a person because of it. She realized that she didn't have to keep her emotions in, and that she could finally let them out to her friends, ones she's trusted with all of her heart and soul, not only because she's finally found true, deep trust in certain people, but she's found someone she can confide in, through thick and thin, no matter what happens. And Inaba herself believes that those bonds will last forever; she never wants the five of them to separate ever, regardless of any rational thoughts or plans she has to try to fix the situation - especially in Michi Random, where she suggests that they disband for Iori's sake, which goes to show that Inaba puts rationality before her own feelings and emotions, which, sometimes leads to her making the wrong decisions for herself.

    Even though she might think about others and sometimes feel that she's suffering the most due to the fact that she doesn't have any trauma and since she doesn't have trauma, her problems can't simply just disappear, Inaba is actually pretty selfish; especially when it comes to feelings about love. Iori then calls her out on this, especially since Inaba was the one who pushed so hard for Iori to go out with Taichi, and just when they're about to go out, Inaba goes and rudely crashes the party saying that she has feelings for him. Throughout Kizu Random, Inaba tries to hide these feelings, rationalizing her reason by saying that she didn't want Iori to know because she believed that if Iori (or hell, if Taichi) found out, they couldn't keep their relationship the same, and that's something that Inaba doesn't want.

    She's selfish, and she knows it - she wants Taichi all to herself, but at the same time, she doesn't want people to hate her because of her feelings towards him. She thinks too much on things, and sometimes dwells on that simple fact because she has a huge fear of what might happen to her afterwards. But even so, she still carries on. She's strong, emotionally, and she tries to show that by standing up to Heartseed and telling it that the StuCS isn't just going to twiddle their thumbs while he creates these phenomenons for them to handle. Of course not. That's why she plans ahead and tries to be the intelligent one for the group - of course, this may not always lead to the best course of action, but at least she's trying.

    But a huge problem with the fact that Inaba plans ahead is that she absolutely hates when her plans are ruined. During Michi Random, where the StuCS attempt to make a presentation and that is ruined by a gang, Inaba explicitly says that she will kill whoever it was who ruined their clubroom. Of course, she was dead serious about this fact, especially since she knew that not only she worked hard on that presentation, but everyone else did too. When it comes to the people she cares so much about, there is absolutely nothing that she wouldn't do to help them. (Though she's not some selfless freak like Taichi, she does have her limits.)

    Another thing to note is that she won't take anyone's bullshit. Especially the guys' when they do something stupid. This is shown time and time again when she whacks them hard for saying stupid things, and even more so when, in Hito Random, the boys make the girls (while in the girls' bodies) say embarrassing things and record them - she even takes drastic measures and says that she would run naked in Aoki's body as punishment, regardless of what anyone else thought. When she gets angry, she gets angry. Though when it's with her friends, it's not all that serious.

    Although Inaba tries her best to keep her composure, especially when it comes to embarrassment, there are times when she gets flustered. A lot of the time is with either Taichi or Iori, though it is possible to get her flustered if someone knows how to push the right buttons. Inaba tends to get embarrassed when people say things about her that show the complete opposite of the person she's trying to project, like calling her cute, for example; though compliments work just fine. Whenever she's embarrassed though, either by the situation - especially when someone does something unexpected like Taichi's "I got rejected!" yell - or when Taichi himself goes and bluntly asks her out, she tends to flail a little, blush, and yell at the top of her lungs. She even tends to show a cute demeanor than usual when that happens, revealing her more girly side.

    Inaba is also quite a tease. She's good at reading people and knowing random information about others, which is why she can use it to her advantage - for example, they manage to get into Yui's house because Inaba almost spills out her three sizes. She likes doing that, though she doesn't tell anyone that she actually enjoys it. She especially has a thrill of teasing Taichi, mostly to see the cute expressions he makes on his face. When she asks him if he wants to kiss her again, she just merely smiles, laughing it off. Though sometimes it's quite difficult to ascertain if she's being serious or not.

    When it comes to love, Inaba says that she now "knows the power of love". Her love, as stated in the light novel, is pure, and her overflowing feelings showing how much she cares about him. She even stays with him in the end, worrying about him even to the point that she's in tears. She loves him so much that she even sees him in her dreams, but finds it completely and utterly embarrassing that she can't just tell her feelings outright most of the time, just simply showing it with her actions. Though she also does it in a selfish way, just cuddling in public and holding hands, things like that.

Debt: Her debt will be so that nobody will have to deal with "despair" - or rather, another Mutual Killing Game - ever again.
Suitability: Inaba is the type of person who would do anything it takes to get what she wants -- even more so when it comes to the people that she truly cares about. Even though she's uncomfortable being trapped in a place again, she'll feel that this place is actually a lot better than the previous place where she was trapped in; so it's not going to be as much of a problem for her, honestly. She will, of course, work hard for her debt, though she'll be a little reluctant at times.

Previous Game Info:

In order to understand the things that happened in Dangan Roleplay, more specifically, Round 2 of the game, you have to understand the basic setting of the game. Dangan Roleplay is a game based off of the Dangan Ronpa series. Round 2 is set in Hope's Peak Academy's Auxillery Campus, a school with nine floors. While in this school, Inaba was forced to participate in the fourth High School Life of Mutual Killing. She was alive for eight weeks, and then was dead for three weeks, stuck in the "afterlife".

As a "student" at Hope's Peak, Inaba was given the title of Super High School Analyst. During the eight weeks when she was alive, she was given an electronic student ID upon her arrival. She also stayed in a dormitory room that was designated as hers.

Also some resource links for reference: Room assignments, locations, student profiles, and electronic student handbook. As another note, any personality changes from her original canon to Dangan Roleplay will be shown here.

Warning: The history portion contains mentions of death, suicide, gore references, and possible not safe for work content. Also, any major personality changes will be noted here as well.

Week 1:
    • Inaba arrives at the Auxiliary Campus - she checks her electronic student ID, finds out the names of the thirty students, including Monobear and their basic likes and dislikes. She also finds out that her profile says that she likes Taichi; something that she believed that she didn't reveal to anyone at the time, considering that her any memories post-Hito Random were taken away from her.
    • After she exits the dormitories, she meets several of the other students; she doesn't wish to make friends with them, just to be on equal standing with them and figure out what everyone's deal is so she can figure out who she can trust the least out of all of them - she doesn't trust anyone at this point in time, especially with the idea that one of them might be her kidnapper, even though she thinks that this is a very peculiar and strange kidnapping. She then scopes the first floor - which, at the time, is the only place available and starts on figuring out where she is and what exactly they have access to.
    • She then meets with the Headmaster, Monobear, for the first time, who then explains that they are to participate in a High School Life of Mutual Killing; she is told this is the fourth time. Rules 7-9 are added at this point in time. The rules of escaping the campus are as follows: the "culprit" as defined in the rules has to kill someone without getting caught. Inaba learns that being a hikkikomori (shut-in) isn't against the rules, but Monobear can add in a rule in the future that can destroy her plans. Monobear also says that if nobody dies, he'll give incentive.
    • She also finds out that she can get her own items -- along with other people's items from the Monomono Machine.
    • Other than that, the week passes by with several things happening; one, Inaba initially plans on tampering with the video cameras until a new rule is added to put a halt to that -- she also
    plans on using the computer skills that she has to possibly attempt hacking into the school network system. She does this while multitasking - also creating simple games because honestly? The computers in the AV room don't have enough games that are entertaining.
    • Inaba also manages to get a little closer with some of the others, but she still continues to distance herself at the same time, not revealing too much about home.
    • Near the end half of the week, due to lack of sleep, Inaba manages to collapse for the first time.

Week 2:

    • Nobody has been killed by the beginning of week two, thankfully, but things start to change at the beginning of the week. More specifically, the entire first floor seems to be warmer than usual.
    • People start finding out that Inaba is a little more perverted than your average teenage girl. They also start to worry about her, something that Inaba actually doesn't like all that much.
    • She usually hangs out in the AV room, mostly because she likes computers and she's able to actually do things in there that she wouldn't be able to do in any of the other rooms available on the first floor, the only floor accessible. She also teaches some of the people more about the technology that is available to them.
    • This is also the week where Inaba sees Hope for the first and last time.
    • She finds out that there are most definitely people in this school that she will never learn to trust - those people being Lysandre, Schuldig and Kirei.
    • On Tuesday, the first motive is given - they're told by Monobear that they're one of the first groups to have taken this long to snap. The first motive is secrets - if nobody is killed in four days, their secrets will be revealed to everyone. Inaba's secret is as follows; a picture torn into four pieces, though Inaba and Taichi are left together, along with a note, saying, "Wouldn't want anybody to know that you actually have feelings, do you? After all, if they found out, you'd destroy that place!" This was the first time that Inaba broke, not knowing how Monobear could find such information that she had locked up inside of her heart. Many people supported her that day - Sonico, Betty, and Goku. They were really helpful in bringing her spirits back up. She managed to open up a little and reveal the "truth" behind what kind of person she was, or rather, who she thought she was, a weak young teenage girl who worried about things more often than none, even to the point where she breaks down. She's just scared of so many things, and worried that her dark thoughts might become reality.
    • On Wednesday, she calls everyone to attention, deciding to pull the same thing that Taichi pulled during Hito Random - deciding that it's not worth it to hide her feelings in a situation like this and instead take advantage of it. So she tells everyone her secret while flipping off Monobear via the cameras. She also explains to Anna the meaning of her first name and opens up to her a little more.
    • On Thursday, Betty announces that she's going to be marrying Simon soon - Inaba was chosen to be a bridesmaid, even though it was kind of an awkward thing.
    • Friday is when the first person is murdered; Tran. They have an investigation and then a trial. Inaba is rather helpful during the investigation, having found several things out and about. During the trial, they find out that the killer is Miriam and that she did this so nobody would find out that she's a reflection, something revealed by Monobear before the first execution. The first execution was something that was different, by normal standards. The execution was done in such a way that was specifically tailored to the person who was executed.

Week 3:

    • First memory regains on Sunday; Inaba remembers a scene from Kizu Random where the "desire unleash" phenomenon first occurred for her. Also the first time that a new floor opens up. As a note, a floor opens up every week until the end of week eight, after Inaba's death.
    • She doesn't know exactly that a phenomenon occurred for her, but there are some things about the memory that seem off, so she thinks of the possibility of Heartseed actually returning. Though she tends to avoid the subject when it's brought up by others.
    • Inaba is also rather intrigued - even more so - at this point by Tobias and Elfangor; mostly because Tobias is a talking hawk, and Elfangor is an alien. They both use thoughtspeak, after all.
    • When Tuesday comes around, Monobear gives them yet another motive, this time it's a DVD with a video of a person who Inaba cares about most in the world - in her case, Taichi - dying in his own home, alone. This causes her to panic, but she then goes to the mandatory meeting where she learns of the possibility that it might be fake.
    • She also visits Sonico in the infirmary after she got hit by a very angry Beat after the motive.
    • On Wednesday, this is the only time Inaba tries to attempt suicide, but she then stops herself once Lysandre spots her. She also participates in the sex education class discussion held by Naomi and learns a lot of weird things, especially from Cecil. Thanks, Cecil.
    • Thursday goes by without much happening - Inaba just simply finds an injured Sonico trying to bake a cake and scolds her, telling her that she shouldn't be doing that with an injury.
    • Friday is when the wedding occurs, but in the middle of it all, they're interrupted by Beat and Dan telling them that Sanae "Mr. H" Hanekoma has been killed.
    • During the investigation, they find many clues, and finally figure out the truth behind the case during the trial, where Saki is the killer and is therefore executed.

Week 4:

    • The next memory that Inaba obtains on the Sunday after the trial is a confession from Taichi from Yume Random. She finds herself a little disoriented because of some of the words that were said in the memory, but she's actually rather glad to have remembered it. But because of how happy she was, she unfortunately managed to show her "dere" side a little towards some people. She does open up a little more because of it, if only because her feelings are so strong for her not to.
    • The Tuesday motive doesn't affect Inaba herself - the motive being "Monkey Fever" as described here. For the rest of the week, Inaba has to babysit the others who are sick along with coming up with plans to make sure they don't do anything stupid.
    • This is also the week where Inaba finds out that the bathrooms don't have security cameras.
    • When Friday hits, Inaba doesn't notice that anyone's dead immediately due to the fact that she's not sick herself, so she can't exactly tell when the fever's disappeared, but she soon realizes it when she sees the others acting better than before. Homura is dead this week, and during the investigation, she's given a letter by Archer that was written by Homura that talks about the fact that she was to commit suicide. She also gave Inaba her Dark Orb.
    • During the investigation, it is soon found out that Ike was the killer, and even though the reasoning behind it was logical, it pisses her off, so she tells him off, saying that by killing someone, regardless of the reason, you're just playing into Monobear's hands. Ike is then subsequently executed.

Week 5:

    • Inaba learns that Father's Day has come upon them, and subsequently, it means that she also missed her birthday, which was on June 2. So, in commemoration of that, she belatedly uses some of the food she obtained from the Monomono Machine, uses a candle, and celebrates her birthday. Beat helps her out a little as well in celebrating. She also gets another memory back; one where Iori scolds her for imposing the idea of her and Taichi dating and getting together in Michi Random.
    • She then tells Sonico on Monday, trusting her enough as a kind, gentle soul to tell her about Heartseed and some of the things that has happened to her.
    • On Tuesday, Inaba gets a photo of her biggest regret, a photo of Iori (in Inaba's body) and Taichi kissing. But the fact that's what it is gets to her, especially since nobody's supposed to know about it. She then tells Anna about Heartseed, along with her feelings on the matter.
    • By this time, Inaba's managed to get close to several people and open up to them, especially to the following: Sonico, Beat, Anna, and Hanbei. She doesn't allow the motive to get to her, however, especially considering the fact that she ended up with Taichi in the end.
    • On Tuesday evening, Inaba helps host King's Game. It was rather eventful, and Inaba trolled around quite a lot.
    • And on Wednesday, she writes a newspaper article for people to read in the morning before karaoke night in the evening.
    • On Thursday, there's a yard sard, where characters trade and give away any items that they don't need or want.
    • Friday is when not one, but two people die - a first for the school. The ones that die on that day are Jay and Tobias. As the investigation goes on, Inaba gets rather pissed off because she figured out that Jay was similar to her in certain aspects; he didn't trust anyone, probably even moreso than she did. During the trial, they all find out that Elfangor was the one who killed Jay in revenge for Jay killing Tobias, his one and only son. Inaba then promises that they will get back at Monobear for him and that she'll put his shrine next to Tobias'.

Week 6:

    • The next memory that Inaba obtains is the one from Yume Random, where she tells off Taichi and tells him that she hates him. Because of the pain deep inside of her heart, however, she decides to lock herself up in her room for that one day, using that time to calm herself, uncertain of what she should do or say. She talks to people through the door, hiding her emotions, though it's not done rather well. She feels that because of the memory she obtained that she was right all along - that her idea of being a "dark, horrible person" was the truth of who she was.
    • On Monday, Inaba starts to study a little more on magic - mostly to understand the nature of the Dark Orb and what it is. And also to figure out if magic might have anything to do with her own situation back home and Heartseed.
    • She also gets the StuCS newspaper back from Goku, who won it from the Monomono Machine. She even tells Goku what was on it, since it's common knowledge.
    • On Tuesday, Inaba is locked on the bottom most floor - that they can access at the time, that is - for the whole week. The rules are still in play, so they can't sleep unless someone knocks them out physically or faints. They play several games in the game room as a distraction, including D&D. On Friday, Inaba collapses, so she misses the entire investigation. She does hear the explosion though and goes to see what happens, but doesn't learn that Hanbei blew his head off until the trial. Because of an accident, however, Cecil is sent to his death, not knowing that he tripped the bomb until the trial and was subsequently executed due to the technicality. After that, Lysandre is found to be the mole, being completely sick of this and is killed off for breaking a rule.

Week 7:

    • Sunday comes with a new memory - Inaba recalls having her thoughts and emotions given to Taichi due to a phenomenon, and him asking her out for the first time. She investigates the new floor and checks the saunas, and they surprisingly don't have cameras, so she decides to announce a secret meeting on Monday.
    • On Monday, she messes up during the meeting; saying that people shouldn't look at each other's information room files, even though she's looked at the one from the previous classes' - more specifically the ones related to the Dangan Ronpa crew, but then comes to a consensus and states that it would probably be for the best if everyone just kept theirs to do as they wished. The reason why she didn't want her files to be opened was because she wanted to protect everyone from it, she realized that if someone looked them over, they could possibly die, even outside of the school's walls. She also asks Anna to study about the other students, just in case anything important comes out. Since there must be a reason why their files must be in there, and not the ones from the other two games as well.
    • Tuesday isn't exactly a motive day - or rather, not a normal one. On Tuesday, Monobear announces that he's kidnapped Hope and is possibly going to kill her, but he doesn't for the time being. And Walker is then shot by a bazooka while Monobear was trying to kill Beat.
    • Wednesday is used as a time to cool off and relax along with studying. She studies on how to improve morale, leadership, and then finds out about the Ice King's crown and what it does.
    • Thursday is spent studying in her room, the same deal as Wednesday.
    • On Friday, the one who is killed is Betty, and during the really intense and confusing investigation and trial afterwards, they had to rely on Monobear taking a crown out of his ass (along with a letter) just to figure out that there's another mole involved and well, who the real killer is; Simon, also known as the Ice King. He is then subsequently executed.

Week 8:

    • On Sunday, Inaba remembers the last of the confession scenes, which, honestly is the first confession scene from when she confessed to Taichi in Kizu Random.
    • Then, on Monday, during the meeting they have a partner system; Inaba agrees to the idea, though is rather reluctant to be with certain people that she's slightly uncomfortable with.
    • Tuesday arrives rather strangely - it looks like someone screwed up with the translation system, though thankfully Inaba was able to understand the Japanese speakers and a little bit of those who spoke English.
    • On Wednesday, the LARP happens and they kind of have some difficulties, but they had fun nevertheless.
    • Thursday is Inaba's last day of being alive for this week, and this is when she reflects on her life, finishes up the letters that she wrote, and then eats some handmade curry - Taichi's favorite food.
    • On Friday, Inaba finds Kirei doing something suspicious, writes his name down in her cell phone and confronts him rather angrily for what he's done, shoves him a little to make his heart hit a pitchfork. She panics, thinking he's dead and doesn't know what to do but soon finds out that he isn't as he punches her heart in. Oops.
    • After the trial, she finds herself whisked away to the afterlife, in a place that's very similar to the school, yet at the same time, isn't. She doesn't forgive Kirei for what he did, both to her, and Fujimoto, but she does think that it isn't the time to fight, especially in a place that doesn't seem like the afterlife to her.

Week 9:

    • During week 9, she holds a story time day on Tuesday; in the midst of it, though, she finds Sonico at her seventh floor door -- she can see her, but not touch. And she's with Adachi as well. It makes her a little upset, watching her, but it's also comforting.
    • She also holds King's Game at the end of the week, in which Adachi and Walker show up in the middle of it. Inaba then talks to both of them, especially Adachi, telling him that she's just going to outright accept him, regardless of what he did because that's not important at all, dumbass. And you wonder why people call you the trash prince.

Week 10:

    • Nothing much of note this week besides seeing Naomi and Dan show up. She does learn that her possessions are with Anna now and also learns about the "ghost" that pretended to be her.

Week 11:

    • She manages to watch the final trial, cheering them all on. Of course, she does manage to guess the mastermind correctly before they call it while they're alive, mostly because they have more evidence on their side. They then continue to watch the trial as the truth is revealed about everything - they were a part of the Future Foundation all along and were sent to stop Lysandre. And this was their punishment. After the trial, Inaba confronts Lysandre a little, trying to get some answers - just a little, to confirm her thoughts, regardless of how selfish that may be.
    • Then Xerneas appears and revives everyone, Inaba included, and she reunites with them all in the nearly destroyed Kalos region.


    • Inaba takes pictures of everyone with her phone, promising to keep those memories deep inside of her heart.
    • Several months pass and everyone travels throughout Kalos trying to rebuilt. During these months, Inaba learns more about the world she's in and catches some Pokémon. Note the fact that all the Pokémon in Inaba's possession will be referred to by their original Japanese names.


      • Yamaboshi High School uniform
      • Maid outfit (Reference.)
      • Her cell phone.
      • Her laptop.
      • Taichi's pendant, similar to her own, a glass pendant in the shape of a comma that's blue rather than red.
      • Pokémon team:

      Gekkouga [Greninja] ♀
      Mat Block
      Quick Attack
      Ice Beam

      Pikachu ♂
      Electro Ball
      Quick Attack
      Thunder Wave

      Blacky [Umbreon] ♀
      Confuse Ray
      Shadow Ball
      Quick Attack

      Gillguard [Aegislash] ♂
      Shadow Sneak
      Aerial Ace
      Iron Head
      Sacred Sword

      Flabebe ♀
      Magical Leaf
      Fairy Wind

      Fiarrow [Talonflame] ♂
      Brave Bird
      Flame Charge

    Abilities, Strengths, and Weaknesses:

    Abilities: Besides the fact that she's dead - which means absolutely nothing considering the setting and her wish, Inaba is just an ordinary girl. Most of her mundane abilities will be listed in the strengths and weaknesses portion.


      ✓ She is a rather logical person; she can see through things rather easily by creating various scenarios and watching them play out.
      ✓ She gets rather good grades in school; she pays attention in class and studies rather hard.
      ✓ Observant. She can notice the small in other people’s behaviors and figure out why they act that way. This includes verbal tics, habits, etcetera.
      ✓ Tech savvy. Inaba is rather good with electronics, she has even built her own computer from scratch and can even do macro programming.
      ✓ Loves her friends. She really cares about her friends, family, and especially Taichi, the one she cares about the most of all.

      ✓/✖ Inaba usually has good control over her emotions. However, she can sometimes let her emotions get the best of her, especially when it comes to the people she cares about. When her emotions get out, especially strong ones, she feels as if she's a weak person.

      ✖ Worrier. Inaba tends to worry about things 24/7, to the point where she even worries about worrying. Sometimes she tends to overthink the situation, and worries about the littlest things, which honestly causes her to despair. She tends to build up walls because of this to protect herself.
      ✖ Mistrust. She doesn't trust even her closest friends, which is why she calls them her enemies. She has been slowly lessening on this as of Michi Random, but the problem still exists.
      ✖ Self-hatred. Inaba doesn’t like herself as a person and can’t seem to accept herself or her true nature. She also hates being called “Himeko” because it reminds her of a princess who always needs to be saved, and she doesn’t like being that type of person. She even calls herself a "dark person" because of how much she hates herself.
      ✖ Reliance. The reason why she doesn’t want anyone to see her weaknesses is because she believes that if they’re exposed, nobody would need her anymore and she would be alone again.
      ✖ Fear of loneliness. This is a huge part of Inaba’s core personality, and why she pretends to be the “cool beauty” that she is today. She doesn’t want to be alone, but she has to build walls in order not to do that.
      ✖ Fear of death. After dying once in the Dangan Roleplay setting, she really doesn't want to have to go through all of that again. Especially with how brutal her death was. Just thinking about it terrifies her.

    ( SAMPLE )

    Characterization Sample: Here.


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