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[ Waking up seeing an unfamiliar roof wasn't anything new -- at least, not for Inaba Himeko. But what was strange wasn't the sheer fact that the idea wasn't anything new, but rather, that the last second she recalled that she was making out with Natsuru. But in the next flicker of a second, their roles swapped.

Ah, so this is happening again...

But regardless of what Natsuru's intial surprise might be, Inaba decides to press forward, parting her (?) lips to deepen the kiss. She won't let anything like this stop her from getting what she wants. Especially not now. ]
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[ While Inaba was a rather sensible roommate, she tended to come off as very cold and aloof, as if she didn't want to deal with people. Or rather, she seemed to be more closed from others, as if she was hiding something this whole time. It took quite some time for her to actually warm up to Natsuru, and it was only a matter of time until —

They decided to have a 'sleepover' of sorts. It was a way to get closer.

And well, they managed to get closer, alright. But probably not in the way that Natsuru had probably expected. Especially as she rolls over to her side, her eyelids slowly opening and staring at the sight, which is quite a surprise to her as she speaks, blushing and slightly mumbled, ]

Na... tsuru?
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[Truth be told, she was honestly not sure if she should have accepted his invitation to join «ALfheim Online», but it was worth a shot. She had never played a VRMMO before, yet she knew that it would be very different from the other games she played back in middle school when she was a hikkikomori. Character creation was the thing that probably took the most out of her. There were just so many choices to choose. . .

But if she was going to use this account as her main (she could always make another, for trolling purposes) it would be for the best to keep things simple -- which is why she decided that her avatar should look similarly enough to her actual self. It would probably help him find her easier when she logged in.

The only exception to the rule was the race— choosing a Cait Sith, which meant that she had an additional cat ears and tail that matched the color of her raven colored hair. And the name she chose for her avatar was also rather simple; she took the first character of her last name and switch to katakana to type out the two characters for her intended handle: Ine.

Now all she had to do was wait for the idiot to show up in the first town that she was spawned in. Just because she was familiar with games didn't necessarily mean that she didn't need help, especially in something that caused her to be fully immersed in the game like this. Letting out a self-deprecating sigh, fingers ran through her hair as she crossed her arms over her chest, taking quick glances around as the cat ears that rested atop her head twitched in anticipation.]

Geez. He better not take too long, or else I'll kick his ass into the next world!

[As if that were possible, considering that in this world, she would be considered a level one newbie and would barely be able to defeat him. He had experience, after all...]
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Because sometimes, I get bored. This is basically an open post for all your smut-related needs with me, honestly. Feel free to request any thread or meme with me, and we can get the ball rolling. I do like plotting beforehand, so don't hesitate to contact me in any way if necessary. I'm pretty open, honestly.

I'm willing to do cross-canon, cross-medium, and alternate universes. Scenarios can be as simple or as complicated as you wish! My kink list is here and some basic scenario ideas can be found here.

My muselist is also here for reference. All I ask is for people not to request my severely underage characters.

Scenario Wishes -- of course, you don't have to do these, but they're here in case you're stuck! Feel free to suggest other things as well, as long as they're viable and I give the OK.
    ❖ Five Minutes in Hell scenario. Basically, you're trapped in a closet and you're not allowed to touch each other for five minutes. However, with the heavy amount of aphrodisiacs in the air, it's kind of difficult not to.
    ❖ Afterlife scenario. I kind of want to play something a la Death Parade where characters don't remember that they're dead at first until after they do the deed. (Mostly because I'm a horrible person, why would you let me do this?)
    ❖ Characters get sent to an alternate universe where sex is the Huge Thing and it's everywhere. Everyone's doing it, 24/7, nonstop, it's all crazy as all heck and what the fuck is going on. Having characters either play along with the setting or try to figure out why they're there is totally viable.
    ❖ "Blind Date". Basically, instead of going on a date, you're paired up, without knowing each other, for sex. Whether they fulfill your preferences that you put up when you signed up for this or not is totally up to you. Maybe you were roped into it!
    ❖ Sex first, dating later. You've known this person for a while. Or maybe not. But you're deeply in love with them, and you want them. So you decide to give them the D first. And then ask them out after. Oops.
    ❖ Outright rejection of sex. One of the two characters is too pure for this world. Or maybe they just hate the idea of sex to begin with. Who knows? Someone's going to have sex and they're gonna enjoy it.
    ❖ You own this person. Whether it be as a slave, pet, what have you-- you own them, and you're going to have a lot of fun with them. Maybe they're even brainwashed into thinking that they're your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife!
    ❖ You can never have this person. Basically, they're taken. Whether it's by society - i.e them being an idol or a famous celebrity, dating someone else, married, what have you, you can't have them. Yet somehow, you're able to have sex with them. Maybe you'll get lucky and get to NTR!
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[When Inaba wakes up in an unfamiliar room with an unfamiliar body, there's only one thing to think:

She's not sure whether Heartseed's behind this or not, but there's something that's for certain. This isn't her body, nor one of the members of the StuCS, either. After all, they didn't have such a huge rack. With a groan, she manages to get herself onto her feet, desperately looking for a phone. At the very least, this Freaky Friday situation was not to get out of hand without first contacting the person who's currently residing in her own body.

She has the most important priorities.

Hopefully Natsuru will actually pick up...]
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    An open roleplay and mingle post for Himeko Inaba from the Kokoro Connect series. Basically taken from almost every other roleplayer ever, and I wanted to join in the bandwagon.

    Inaba comes in several different flavors - canon and Dangan Roleplay flavor (both game canon - either alive or as a ghost, your choice - and Mastermind AU)! Feel free to specify which version you'd like in the header. Another thing to note, especially for DRRP players, I'm also game for DRRP and original canon mashups, so basically, any scenarios where a DRRP player meets Inaba at her original canon point without any of the Dangan Roleplay in it is totally okay with me.

    Also, if you wish for me to take Inaba from a different time point than her regular ones - Michi Random or Yume Random, please tell me so as well, especially if you want to go through a shipping route. I'm also game for any AUs for either pre-assumed interactions, combining canons, or literally anything! Just ask, and you will definitely receive.

    Just throw any character into the post and let's get started! Don't worry about picking a scenario or anything right away, and feel free to choose a scenario from the list below or make your own adventure! It's all up to you.

Random Scenario Meme
Pocky Game
Caught in the Rain Meme
Zombie Apocalypse Meme
I'll Looke Out for Theme Meme
Sick Day Meme


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