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[ Rei Hazama: a girl who was known for her powerful hypnotic ability to the point where she even had her own television show when she was a young child. They called her Saimin Shoujo - Hypnosis Girl. However, due to several factors, the show was cancelled. While many people thought that she was a fake, that all changed when she became a Super High School Level at Hope's Peak Academy.

That school, Hope's Peak was known globally to be a place where they were making an attempt to find people with talent and research them. However, that was just a cover for the real reason behind the founding of the school: to find able telepaths and possibly see if one of them could form a link. But it still hasn't happened to anybody, so they just keep on collecting telepaths like candy.

But the mistake Rei makes is not paying attention to her surroundings and manages to bump into a whole foot taller than her— ]

I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...

[ What she doesn't realize is that he can hear her thoughts loud and clear now, even when she tries to hide it. 'This boy, he's a Reserve Course student, isn't he?' ]
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[ It's December, which means only one of two things: Christmas shopping. Well, more specifically, Rei had decided that it would be for the best to go and hang with somebody else for this, seeing as she wanted it all to be a surprise. She has some ideas already, but it's not coming that easy to her. Like seriously, what do you get someone who is so plain???

She's here at the meeting place - look, she brought Stocking a present too (spoilers: it's candy) - ready to get things started. ]

Happy early Christmas. I brought you a little something before we go and buy some stuff. [ It's also her birthday in a few weeks too, so she decided that maybe if she gave Hinata some space he would get her something during that time period?? What a good girlfriend. ]
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[Okay, here's the deal: you've been hypnotized at some point during the day. Whether you remember that fact? Well, that's up to you. After the hypnotism is over, you're drugged and brought away to another room.

While you're knocked unconscious, the person who's managed to get you hypnotized -- well, she's got a special treat in mind for you.

On today's agenda for hypnotism, you've got the following (some may or may not be optional!):
  • You believe that you've been dating Rei Hazama for quite some time.
  • Every time you hear your full name (can also be switched with first name), you'll either grow more sensitive/aroused, like an aphrodisiac, or you'll climax.
  • When you awaken, you'll find yourself in a room. It's not your room, but someone else's. The bed is rather big and spacious and in front of the bed on the other wall is a table, looking rather neat. You can only guess that this room belongs to Rei Hazama. The walls are also violet colored, too.
  • You may or may not be tied to the bed when you awaken. Same goes for whether you're dressed, nude, or wearing something humiliating. And by that, we mean crossdressing for the guys. As for the ladies, probably something revealing?
  • Anything else? Go right on ahead, make it as horrible or as wonderful as you like.

Even though it could be worse, there's no sense in fighting it. This isn't going to end unless Rei says so, and she doesn't plan on doing that anytime soon, even as she walks into the room with a shit-eating grin, sporting her Saimin Shoujo outfit which consisted of a white sleeveless top that accentuated her curves, a short black skirt and knee-high boots with heels that could practically make someone beg for her to step on them.

Good morning, and hopefully you enjoy your stay.]

( ooc: OKAY SO i felt really self indulgent so here is a open nsfw post for hypnotism because i... actually wanted to do something. anyway, this is all somewhat con/dubcon depending on whether your character agreed to the hypnotism or w/e!! made it as open as possible and the options given are things that I REALLY WANT TO PLAY but it's up to you if you want to opt in or out of that! any additional kinks are welcome and feel free to hmu for anything, since i'm not picky just don't give me bathroom stuff and we should generally be okay. m/f and f/f is okay for this, you know the deal. )
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[ To Hazama Rei, it felt as if it all happened in a blink of an eye, and it caused her to be slightly dizzy. Bringing her hand to her head, slender fingers ran through her plum colored hair as she took a quick glance around. Ah, it was an island, wasn't it..? She hadn't been told much about Hajime's world, but being stuck on an island only meant one thing.

Was this the place where he was stuck in, before he went home? She recalled being told about being stuck on an island, after all, on the first evening after they met. After the trial.

When she was still— No. Shaking it off, the small, petite girl decided that it would be for the best for her to not think about that right now. She did promise that she'd tell him anything he wanted to know - anything he needed to know - if he just simply asked. Lying was something that she hated, even now. Well, at least she wasn't on wheels this time around. There was no need for her to be to begin with; she hadn't needed one for a while now.

But, uh. This is new. She's not sure where to start, honestly. For now, she'll just wander aimlessly, calling out the familiar name. Rei hasn't forgotten it. She refused to, if only to keep the 'self' she was now. ]

Hajime..? [ He is here, right? There wasn't any mistakes when she was sent to this world, right? ]
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[ When you awaken, you're in what seems to be an abandoned warehouse; it looks like the place hasn't been used for its original intent in ages, though the smell of copper permeates the area. The carcasses of corpses lie around here and there - some dismembered, some completely intact - along with creepy, oversized masks of rabbits.

The warehouse itself isn't that big -- there's two floors, and many doors. However, each door is locked, and the only way through is to find a key.

However, you're not alone. There's a girl who seems to be panicking nervously, fiddling with her skirt anxiously as she sits on her wheelchair, glancing every now and again at you, not all that certain as what to do. At least, that's before you awaken, which is when she gasps in sheer surprise. ]

You're-- you're finally awake.


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