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[ Rin Tohsaka was going to get exactly what she wanted. Of course, placing a Geis on someone who was a difficult task (blame Nasu Bullshit) but not impossible, considering that the man she was placing the curse upon was neither a magus nor a vampire. So that made things a little simple. The only time that she was given to place it was while he was asleep, before he woke up.

She took her time as she did so, placing it right next to his heart. The Geis this time wasn't too complicated, honestly; she had just decided to give him the illusion that she had what he always wanted. In the leg department, that is.

Which is why when he wakes up - perhaps a little groggily, he did just get 'cursed' after all - he might find himself feeling the need to see Tohsaka, or at least meet up with her. Not that it's hard, seeing as she's living right next door, in the mansion that seems to be nearly abandoned, seeing as Rin Tohsaka is the only one who lives there.

But it's okay, Hachibe: at least she won't bite. ]
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[The screams just didn't want to stop.

Her body shook with every rough thrust inside of her body; the phantoms that were recreated inside of Sakura making her more and more lewd, wanting more, but at the same time, becoming grossed out by it. Was this the pain that she had felt those last ten years? It hurt, and made her heart ache. She could no longer consider herself as pure, nor could she allow herself to face Naoki like this.

Sweat ran down her brow as she found herself waking up in her bed, yet again, her brow creased in frustration and clear fear. Although she was saved, the nightmare was never over for her, every now and again, the memory made her reel back as she covered her lips. Did he hear her voice? Although she had placed her whole entire mansion in a Bounded Field and refused to go outside except for the essentials such as school and buying supplies, she felt as if something was always watching over her, looming in close, as if to eat her whole eventually.

There were nights where she just couldn't sleep, the memories overtaking her, her body full of need. But she couldn't just simply ask Naoki for a favor like that. Not with the way that she was now, tainted and impure.

She had become exactly like Sakura in those last few days that she was stuck inside of her.

A girl who desired for men.

And she hated it.]
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[ Rin Tohsaka was elegant at all costs. And of course, today was no exception to that rule. Though as she takes a stroll in the mid-afternoon, almost close to night time, she notices that there's someone out who's usually not out this late. And especially not in this area. As an honor student, it's only right to greet them.

Which is why when she slowly passes by, she puts on a brave face and smile, speaking in a polite tone. ]

Why, Senou-san, I usually never see you here this late...
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✧ characters!
    canon characters:
    himeko inaba (kokoro connect)
    rin tohsaka (fate/stay night)
    shirou emiya (fate/stay night)
    sakura matou (fate/stay night)
    rei hazama (doubt)
    bernkastel (umineko no naku koro ni)
    mei (pokemon) - note: i also play an au of her where touko (bw) died and inherited her body, if you want to play that.
    haruhi suzumiya (the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya)
    alex russo (wizards of waverly place)
    akane kurashiki (zero escape)
    hitagi senjougahara (monogatari series)
    rika furude (higurashi no naku koro ni)
    clover field (zero escape)
    homura akemi (puella magi madoka magica)
    taichi yaegashi (kokoro connect)

    original characters:
    "question" - the younger sibling who lived in a unnamed kingdom. she was the younger sister of the princess, who was beautiful and kind, and to "question", formerly named jeanne, she was perfect. used to consider herself ugly and wanted to be noticed, so she sold her soul to a demon who granted her wish to be beautiful. in return, she became the evil vessel and later killed her parents and disappeared, causing her older sister to be blamed for the killing.
    alice / "alyssa" - the older sibling who lived in an unnamed kingdom. a young girl who was happy and rather carefree and cared for everything. but then she lost everything on that one day when her younger sister betrayed her. as punishment, the four mages of the kingdom sent her on a journey through countless worlds, never to die, but never to stay in one world forever, simply appearing and disappearing endlessly. she has the ability to slide through worlds rather awkwardly, though - which leads to somewhat perverted results.
    melissa "mucchi" crown - the youngest of three children, a cow girl who turned into the shape of a human by having her owner's wish granted. somewhat of a sly girl and is also the lead singer for a band which she has with her older, but dense, brother, ross. she's the one who understands life as a human the most, since all her memories are as a human. has cow ears that can reveal her identity -- if shown to a human and they are completely convinced that she is a cow, she will turn back within 72 hours.
    moe - an only child in a new world called earth 2; a planet that all humans moved to after the original earth was destroyed in chaos. she currently lives in eden, a "facility" that was created for people like moe, basically people who had "unneeded emotions", as deemed by the four sages (aka the original people from earth) that could cause chaose to happen and a repeat of what happened on the original earth. in eden, people are sent to die at the age of 13 -- and before being rescued by an elite force who was rebelling against this system, she was going to die without knowing it. moe is a naive girl who doesn't know much.
    mikoto - a glitch in the system. someone who wasn't supposed to exist in reality, but suddenly became real for reasons unknown. knows that she's not supposed to exist and wishes to disappear.
    kasumi kitohara - a young teenage girl - currently 17 - who, at the young age of 12, single-handedly saved the world from a ten year old genius who was trying to take over it. a huge gaming nerd.

✧ how to play!
    ① post by "calling out" one of my characters. either leave a blank comment or a prompt of your own -- if you're stuck, feel free to randomize a scenario from this list. i'm literally open to anything - aus, fluff, smut, what have you! if you plan on playing smut with me, feel free to check out my kink list; i'm pretty open but don't hesitate to plot with me beforehand.
    ② ???
    ③ profit!


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