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[ Iiiiit's Tokyo! Of course, Chika is rather excited about visiting the place once again, even if she's somehow managed to get herself separated from her friends and well— that's a problem. ]


[ What doesn't help is the fact that her cell phone is pretty much on dead battery, something that causes her to laugh hollowly before she decides to skitter around through the crowds and eventually bumps into someone, which causes her to take a step back in surprise, giving a shallow bow. ]

I-I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going!
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[Honoka blinks and turns when she feels somebody bump into her. Tokyo's crowded sure, but that doesn't happen nearly as often as people think.]

It's alright! Are you okay?
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[She blinks and really looks at the person who's run into her... she seems familiar somehow, but she can't entirely place her.]

Eh? No, this is definitely real! Oh uh... I hope it is...? The homework I got was pretty real...
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She brightens up immediately.]

You recognize me? Wow! It's been a while since something like that happened! Sure!