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[ It's a normal day in the Sonozaki estate. Okay, that's a lie, considering that she's managed to sneak inside of the building you could pretty much call a mansion. And not only that, she's also made her way into Mion's room without even breaking a sweat. ]

Good morning, onee~♪ [ Wow, she's breaking and entering... sort of... but whatever, she doesn't necessarily care much of it. ] If you don't wake up, I might steal Kei-chan for myself, you know.

[ What a savage so early in the morning. ]
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[ If they were normal twins, maybe this wouldn't be so strange an occurrence. But as it is, saying that Mion isn't expecting this wake-up call is... quite the understatement. Especially when it's this early in the morning.

She's letting out a groan of protest, in stark contrast to Shion's cheery tone, as she pushes herself into a half-sitting position to make it clear that she's at least somewhat awake now. She has no idea what Shion's up to, but given how she's gotten started, it can't be anything good.

...What do you want, Shion?

[ ...Not the nicest of greetings, but hey, she started it.

It's really tempting to try to go back to sleep, in this half-asleep state... but she's doing her best to resist. She doesn't think Shion has any tricks up her sleeve for seducing Kei-chan away (not to mention that she'd hope Satoshi would serve as enough of a deterrent), but, well... best not to push it.
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[ Yeah, Mion's not buying for a second that her sister was just missing her and so decided to come over. Her sister's always been the more independent of the two, while she was the one trying to follow after her. Even if they've grown a lot since then - and been forced into each others' roles - that rebellious streak is still very prominent in her sister.

Not that she doesn't think Shion loves her, in her own way. She just knows that she's usually not one to express it through being cuddly or clingy. No, she saves that for Kei-chan, much to Mion's chagrin.

...And on that note, she's not buying Shion's "good sister" shtick either. She's pretty sure good sisters wouldn't flirt with the boy their sister liked just to torture her, or humiliate her in front of all her friends. She'd been a good sister - stepping aside to let Shion have Satoshi - and it's really too bad her sister doesn't seem to be returning the favor.

This early? Who even let you in...

[ ...Though now that she says it, she's starting to have the sneaking suspicion that Shion let herself in. Otherwise she would've been told to come back later (at, you know, a sane time).

It's too bad that she's too nice to rat Shion out for breaking and entering. And that she'd probably get a slap on the wrist even if she did, since while Grandma'd be upset, she's not about to have one of her own arrested. Probably.

You can say hello later. I'm kind of in the middle of sleeping right now.

[ Well, not right now, since Shion so rudely awakened her. But if she leaves quickly enough, she might be able to chase that last bit of sleepiness back and get a little more rest.

Because seriously. If there isn't anything important Shion's bothering her about, can't this wait a few hours?
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[ Not only is it too early to be awake, but it's too early to have her poor heart prodded like this. She doesn't need these constant reminders of how crappy a job she's doing of winning over Kei-chan when she's not even fully awake yet.

It's pretty effectively spoiled the mood, at least when it comes to falling back asleep. She's not getting up out of bed any, but that doesn't mean Shion's failed at rousing her.

It's not like she even needs your help...

[ Rena's got one thing Mion desperately wishes she had: Kei-chan's awareness of her femininity. Rena, like Shion, is unquestionably a girl. If he's thinking about any of them in a romantic light, it's definitely going to be one of those two, instead of an old man like Mion.

...Not that Mion's admitting she could use Shion's help, or that she even wants it. Just because she's probably coming in dead last in this race doesn't mean she's lost all her pride. But the point stands that Rena's in damn good shape as it is.

So it's not meant as a plea for her to stay. But it's not really daring her to leave, either.
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[ Mion could point out that he was never hers to begin with - she's pretty sure she screwed herself over from the outset, so if anyone had first dibs, it was probably Rena - but that seems a little beside the point. And not what Shion's getting at, anyway. ]

What else am I supposed to do? I don't think he sees this 'old man' as a girl at all...

[ She says her favorite term self-deprecatingly - because that's probably part of the problem. If she'd been girlier - dressed like her sister, flirted more, was less brash and bossy and perverted - maybe she'd be on his radar. But she's certain that she's unintentionally boxed herself into the corner of being his best 'male' friend and nothing more.

And while it's easy for Shion to tell her to go for it anyway, Mion doesn't think she's willing to take that risk. What if it makes things awkward, and he doesn't want to be friends with her anymore? She'd be helplessly embarrassed afterward and have a hard time interacting with him normally, but even that's a good outcome compared to the devastation of losing such a close friendship.
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[ Shion, of course, has a point - she's the one who always acts like a tomboy around Kei-chan, and she hadn't realized how much she liked him until it was too late to take that back. She's not on his radar because she hasn't put herself there. It's not even like he knows she's interested, though she's very determined to keep it that way.

If Kei-chan doesn't like her back, she'd rather keep her feelings a secret. The problem is just that she has no idea what he thinks of her, and it's not like she can just ask (not without being horribly embarrassed, anyway).

...Which is why Shion's first suggestion makes her stammer in protest.

Sh, shion!

[ Even if he's not anywhere nearby, and will never find out about this sisterly conversation, she's still red with embarrassment just thinking about it. ]

I can't just make him go out with me... that's not the point.

[ The point is that she wants him to like her enough to date her. Making him go on an official date with her as a punishment wouldn't change his feelings about her at all. All it'd do is make it blatantly obvious that she wants to date him, which would just make their relationship super awkward.

Asking him about the kinds of girls he likes isn't much better, in that regard. Unless she could try to bring it up in a moment of manly bonding, it'd be a weird question to ask - and she'd just be worsening the problem at hand by intentionally trying to act like his male buddy.

Though... maybe she could try something like forcing him to do something date-like with her as a punishment, but not call it a date and act like it's just something for friends. Maybe, if she picks the right thing, it'll at least make him realize that she's a potential romantic partner.
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[ Technically speaking, that's not the worst idea in the world. It needs some tweaking - it'd have to be a punishment for both her and Kei-chan, otherwise she has no excuse for going along with it - but it could be a chance for Kei-chan to finally see her as a dateable girl and not just one of the guys.

It's still nowhere near as good as Kei-chan asking her out on a date himself, of course. But it's at least a step above the last suggestion.

I, I can't do that, either! If I go along with it, he'll know...

[ And, to her, that really is the worst thing. If he doesn't share her feelings, then she never wants him to know about them. She'll take them with her to the grave if it comes to that.

...Of course, Shion might be actively working against her in that regard. But she's blissfully unaware of just how far her sister might go for now.

I have to make him want to ask me out himself.

[ ...Somehow. ]
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it's all good!

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...I don't know.

[ Though that's mostly because she's not really sure that there is a way. Either he'll like her or he won't; she can't change that, much as she might like to.

After all, she wants him to be happy at the end of the day. Even if that's not with her. It wouldn't be fair of her to trick him into a relationship that he didn't really want when she knows he'll find someone eventually.

It's just not that easy, Shion. I can't change the kinds of girls he likes...