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( christmas mistletoe meme 2016 )

Mistletoe Meme
( because who doesn't hate recaptcha...! ) 

    Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you... T'is the season-- almost. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

① Seriously, I just took this from bakerstreet since the original post pretty much hit recaptcha.
② Tag with a top level calling out one of my characters and make me write a starter. Or you can write a starter. Whatever. (If you're continuing from the meme, feel free to just link to the last tag or whatever.)
③ ???
⑥ Cute kisses everywhere!
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Give me your komaeda but also Nanami. Damn auto fill

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WELL i'm hella bad at komaeda but ok

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Ahaha... how unfortunate that you had to end up entangled in a situation like this, Hinata-kun. I must honestly apologize about how unlucky you must be. I'm sure you would want to be stuck under the mistletoe with a cute girl, don't you think?

[ Of course, this is mostly his self deprecation talking. ]
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Komaeda... [There he goes again. It hadn't even been a minute since they got stuck. He sighs heavily.]

No. I'd rather not be stuck here. [He looks down to where his foot is trapped between the floor boards. He has to slouch to take the weight off it and that's annoying.]

It's fine, okay? We'll focus on getting out of here.
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Well, if you say so. [ He isn't entirely convinced, however, of his thoughts on the situation conflict just a tad. ] But I suppose we should get this out of the way first. I suppose you already know the stories in regards to Christmas and mistletoe, correct? It's more of a Western tradition, so it's completely fine if you're not aware of it!

[ Really, Komaeda has no plans on judging Hinata on knowledge outside his frame of reference, especially if it's of a tradition that isn't as well known in Japan as it is in other foreign countries. ]
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[He isn't sure where this is going. Hinata tugs on his foot, hissing with pain. The wood is digging into his leg. Wait. He jerks his head up with an embarrassed sputter.] W-wait, what are you suggesting?!

[He knows just enough to guess at what's coming up. It's enough to make him wonder at Komaeda's 'luck'.]

Did you p-plan this?'
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I'm just stating the obvious, Hinata-kun. Of course, I didn't plan this to happen, [ at least, as far as he knows ] but that's how this goes, don't you think?

I mean... stuck under mistletoe with someone only implies that you kiss the person you're stuck with to get out, right?
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[Komaeda has a point but he doesn't have to like it. He sighs, giving his foot one last tug before he looks at him.]

You're right. [ not going to be something he wants to admit but he has to say it.] I've never kissed anyone before.

...but I'll lead if you want me to. You just have to come over here.
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If you've never kissed anyone, then this really must be unlucky for you! For your first kiss has to be with someone like me...

[ Even though it might seem as if he's talking about Hinata being unlucky, the truth is that he's talking about himself in the end. He's the unlucky one, for forcing Hinata-kun to give away his first kiss just to get out of here. ]

I probably should be the one to lead. It's only fair, right? [ Of course, he takes those few steps forward, reeling but trying his best to keep himself together. He just hopes that this kiss will bring out a brighter hope than before, as he leans in to take it. ]
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[Hinata watches him approach and sighs. He can tell Komaeda is kicking himself like he always does. It's so stupid. He reaches up, gathering his shirt in his hand and jerks him down, pressing his mouth to his with an irritated growl. The annoyance is ripped away as some pressure inside eases.

Here is his best chance to finally figure Komaeda out. He grabs his shirt with his other hand to keep him right where he wants him to be. No slipping away or walking off before he's ready to stop. He narrows his eyes at him, daring him to try to escape.]
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Monokuma said that this is our new motive...but do you think that this is really bad, Hinata-kun?

[ Like how exactly is this going to compel anyone to murder? ] I don't really get it.
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I...I don't get it either. [If he doesn't think about it. He can almost ignore they're under mistletoe. Almost.


This tends to inspire the opposite of killing. ...maybe it's a joke.
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A joke? [ She is still rather confused by the whole "this is supposed to be a motive for killing". ]

Why do you think it's a joke? I've never been stuck with a plant like this before, so it might be interesting, I think.
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You've never heard about- wait what am I talking about, of course you haven't. [He points upwards at the sprig of mistletoe. This is embarrassing but, not so bad now that he has to explain it.] It's a western tradition. When two people meet under a mistletoe they have to...kiss.

[His face turns red.] That's why it makes no sense as a motive.
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[ There's a hint of confusion that slips into Nanami's voice as she tilts her head to the side. ] I see. Do you think that Monokuma put two specific people under the mistletoe so they wouldn't want to kiss?

I don't know if I want to... but if Hinata-kun wants to, I won't say no, probably.
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Y-you've got that wrong... [How to make her understand? Hinata backs up a hair so he can look back at her.]

I just don't understand how this could be a motive for murder. K-kissing and that kind of thing is the last kind of...

I just don't see it. [He didn't exactly answer her question. To busy tripping over his own words to make her understand that not wanting to kiss isn't his problem.]
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I see... probably. [ Those aren't words of confidence you know, Nanami! ]

But we still have to do it to get out, don't we?
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I think so. [He stays where he is, unsure if she wants to or what is about to go on. After a breath he steps closer and holds out his hands.]

But only if you want to.
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I already said it, didn't I? It's fine if it's Hinata-kun... so, you really don't have to worry. [ And so she'll take his hands and place it in hers, smiling gently as if she were an angel. ] Okay?
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Okay. [He holds her hands as his heart thuds fast in his chest. It's almost like magic how much this moment means to him. He steps closer. The quiet is broken only by his shuddering breath.

It will be alright. He lets go of her hands to take her chin in his fingers.]
...are you sure?
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I already said it's okay, Hinata-kun.

[ Don't make her repeat herself. ]
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R-right sorry! [He almost jerks back but stops himself. His hands fall to her shoulders.]

...I...I've never done this before. [Hinata swallows and finally leans in, tentatively brushing her lips with his. Mentally kicking himself he returns a little bolder. It's not magical but at least he did it. He kissed the girl.]
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It's okay.

[ When he kisses her, she can't help the slight widening of her eyes out of surprise. ] That... was nice, I think?