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[ The moment they were sent off to another world was the same moment where everything turned pitch black, confusing him in every way. He had just seen his father again and he had to — no. There was no use in thinking about the past. All he had to do was move on towards the future. While it might be a rather uncertain future, as he has to travel vast worlds, being in a realm of darkness was definitely not one of the things that he expected. At least, not now. Not today.

But there's one thing that pulls him in; the idea that this might be the dream world. He's been in here several times, but it was never of his own volition. He doesn't have the ability that his mother does, after all, as a dreamseer.

There must be a reason for it. There always is. Nothing ever happens without reason, after all. Coincidences just don't happen.

So there must be— ]

... Who's there?

[ His voice is wary, careful -- even uncertain of himself, if only because he doesn't know who or what could be in this dream. Dreams aren't always safe and peaceful, after all, so he wants to make sure that he doesn't make any mistakes. ]
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[It's hardly the first or likely the last time she has strange dreams. Prophetic ones, Kero usually calls them. She doesn't always remember them once she wakes but they're often helpful somehow when she does recall them later. So this could be important somehow. Sakura isn't immediately But what strikes her about this particular dream is....

That voice? It almost sounds like....]

S-Syaoran-kun? Is that.....?

[But it sounds a little older than the Syaoran she'd just recently been reunited with and all. So maybe she's wrong? Maybe it's just someone who sounds similar. But she can't help being drawn to the voice all the same, attempting to make her way towards it through the darkness.]
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You're....you're older?

[It's hard to say by how much, exactly, once she gets a better look at him. It is Syaoran, maybe not hers but this boy looks just like him, if he were a little older, a little taller, she thinks. A Syaoran from a different world? She wonders what sort of world he came from. One with a different version of her, at the least, since he seemed to recognize her as well.]

Why are you here? Is something wrong?

[That's usually why she has such strange dreams. Like some sort of prophetic warning. So even though he smiles, even if it's Syaoran -- a different Syaoran, she can't help still tensing a little, worried.]
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So you are a little older. I'm thirteen. Same as the other Syaoran-kun. But, you said you can travel other worlds? That's amazing!

[Sure, Sakura might have strange dreams, like this, but going to other worlds was the likes of something she might read about or see in the movies or some such. Not something she would get to experience herself, like it seems this version of Syaoran has done. She can't help being curious, amazed at the idea.]

I'm not sure even Kero-chan and Yue-san could do that. Well. Maybe Clow-san might have been able to.
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So someone else with you can? Or some magic helps you to?

[Even just getting around Tomoeda or Tokyo sometimes seems huge enough to Sakura. Let alone other worlds like this. She can't help having a million questions on the tip of her tongue about it all, really.]

I don't think I'd ever be powerful enough for something like that.

[Regardless of her being more powerful over time. Regardless of what happened with her father and Eriol, at the climax of it all. But there's more here, obviously.]

You already knew my name though. Is...is there another Sakura with you too?
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You must have seen and done a lot though! I never even really thought of it before, of all those other worlds out there.

[Sakura isn't quite yet immediately considering the potential dangers depending on the world in question. Not just yet. But in a minute she might. For now she listens as he tells her about his Sakura.]

Oh. I see. Syaoran-kun isn't always with me either. He had to go home, to Hong Kong for a while. I'm sure your Sakura misses you too though.
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But you'd be together....?

[Not that this much younger Sakura has any idea around the context as to why this other version of her would say something like that to her Syaoran. But it is a relief to know he hadn't been alone. That he traveled with other friends at least, if not with his Sakura.

She feels bad for even asking, for saying that, when she sees how it evidently upsets him still to be apart.]
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She could do that too? Sometimes I have strange dreams, and Kero-chan says they're showing me the future.

[But so far she hadn't had any showing Syaoran being in danger, especially because of her. Though, things have been quieter since Eriol left back for England again anyway, for a while. She just wasn't sure how similar they were. This Syaoran and the one she knows, or this Sakura and herself. Aside from being a little older, anyway.]

But I see. She wanted to keep you safer then. Even if that meant being apart.
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A dreamseer? So that's what it's called, those dreams?

[On the topic of Keroberos though. Hm. She gives a nod, expression softening with fondness for her Guardian even if he might frustrate her sometimes.]

He's one of my two Guardians. Him and Yue-san. Kero-chan is sort of....hm, like a big lion with wings, in his true form. And Yue-san sort of looks human except for the wings? Both of them have helped me a lot, while I was collecting the Clow Cards, and after.