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☆ for the hana banana or something like that

[ Today's goal was to be inconspicuous. Of course, when it came to Nico Yazawa, hiding her identity was rather easy (to her) as she wore her obnoxiously large sunglasses and a hat. Hell, she even put her hair up in a different style just for the sake of making sure that nobody figured out who she was. Even though her plan was to not stand out in a crowd of many, many Sayaka Maizono fans, she's actually standing out a lot more than expected.

Even if Nico herself doesn't seem to notice in the slightest bit.

But she's here for the goods.

... which is to get an autograph from one of the top idols - but not the top, at least, to Nico, who will always and forever be the Number One Idol in the Universe - Sayaka Maizono.

And maybe she'll win the lottery prize of hanging with Sayaka (or so rumors on 2ch have been saying) that comes with buying a CD in person too, if she can just spin and get it before any of the disgusting otaku fanboys do. She's even the first in line! She's waited hours for this, as a huge idol superfan.

Nothing can stop her now.

Except security, of course, but she's innocent, she swears. But once she's at the table that's set up, she can't help but gasp in awe for a couple of seconds before she finally speaks up. ]

I'd like three copies of the new album! [ One to listen to, one to keep and one to loan, obviously. ] Oh, and if you could sign them, that'd be great, too...

[ She wonders if buying three copies means she can do the lottery three times, though. There's only one gold ball that wins the Grand Prize and her luck has been a rather hit or miss, so having three gos at it would be nice.

Just don't mind the fact that she looks awfully suspicious for a customer. ]
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[In all of Sayaka's years of doing autograph signings, this had to be one of the most interesting fans she has ever came across.

Maybe it was the inconspicuous way she was dressed (It totally was) but there was something about her that caught her attention. She seemed... different from the usual fans. Not even excluding the fact that she normally deals with otaku boys on a daily basis.

She couldn't quite pin point it, but the aura around her seemed much more different than most fanboys and fangirls.]

Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by. [Without missing a beat, she greets Nico with the brighest of smiles and picks out three CDs from the stash that were laid on the table.] Of course! It's my pleasure to sign them.

[Besides singing and dancing, signing autographs had become one of her fortes. With the quick work of her pen, she neatly signs the three CDs; Sayaka Maizono ♥ Naturally, she doesn't forget to add a heart at the end of her signatures.]

Would you like me to make this out to anyone in particular? I would love to thank you for giving me your support!

Oh! And don't forget to do the lottery. [She quickly darts her eyes around the area and suddenly, she leans a little closer towards the girl, speaking in a hushed tone for only Nico's ears to hear.] Heehee, don't tell anyone but since you are the first one in line. I'll let you spin it three times since you bought three CDs. Best of luck to you!

[That was actually a lie on her part, but she felt compelled to bend the rules for this girl. Sayaka wasn't sure why, but a part of her was hoping that this strange girl would get the golden ball and win.

Maybe if they got to hang out, she'll be able to figure out why this girl has caught her interest.]
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Omg that's beyond cute... lenlen, it's also funny bc another friend of mine calls me hana banana

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[What a name!]

Nico-chan... [She repeats the name to herself. If that really was her name, that was by far one of the cutest names she's ever heard of. Just saying the name only continued to make her smile grow even wider!] Hehe, that's such a cute name! I love it.

[She's giggling as she finishes the last touches on the autograph to the super fan. To the cutest Nico-nii, Nico-chan! ♥ and then neatly under her name, Sayaka makes sure that she doesn't forget to add Thank you for your support!!! As she was putting the CDs in a pink limited edition bag just for this event, she looks momentarily stunned by Nico telling her to keep the change.]

Oh! That's so kind of you. Thank you so very much! Fans like you that make me love my work even more.

[While she couldn't say it outloud, Sayaka was definitely rooting for her. After she hands the bag with the CDs, she waves at her as she leaves.]

Good luck Nico-nii, Nico-chan!!

[Will the gods of fortune smile upon Nico with their idol like smiles? Luckily for Sayaka, she was distracted with signing more autographs and greeting people or else this would be suspenseful even for her to watch. The first ball slowly drops from the wheel and onto the plate... revealing itself to be a pink one. At least that earned her a limited edition towel with Sayaka's idol group name on it.

You have two more chances, Nico-chan!!!]
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[Will Nico Nii-chan win the lottery? Stay tuned-- just kidding! ♥ At first the second ball gets stuck and is acting like it doesn't want to drop. Then slowly, oh so slowly, it falls into the plate.

The spell must have somehow worked because that was definitely the golden ball. Ding, Ding, Ding!! We have a winner!!

A nearby manager lets out a gasp, obviously not expecting the treasured golden ticket to drop so soon. He looks at Nico then at the ball then back at Nico in uncertainty. After some deliberation, he quickly runs back to where Sayaka was sitting.]

[Sayaka was in the middle of signing an autograph for the usual male otaku fan. Just as she was getting ready to say her goodbyes to that fan, the manager leans in and whispers into her ear before standing straight up to address the fans. "The lottery for the golden ball has already been decided! But you all are welcomed to try the lottery for the other consolation prizes."]

Someone's already won the lottery?

[That was unexpected! There were some annoyed grunts from the fans waiting in line, most of them were wondering who was the lucky son of a gun to win so quickly. She gets up to congratulate the winner and she's very surprised and very happy with what she's seeing.]

Nico Nico Nii-chan you won?! Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you.
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[Sayaka knew that her name and her overall appearance was very familiar and that she's seen her somewhere before. It really was her! It was the real Nico Yazawa from the μ's. While she's had her suspicions ever since she heard her catch phrase, she still had a tiny sliver of doubt. Because would someone from such a famous school idol band really come out of their way just to see her?

It was confirmed for her when she overheard some of the people who were waiting in line.

It was really Nico Yazawa! Just that thought alone couldn't have made her even more happier.

The μ's were a very popular school idol group that were on the rise to stardom. Sayaka happened to see one their pvs and she instantly became fascinated with them. Not only were their songs really catchy and fun to listen to, she could tell how close they were as a unit and watching them made her happy.

She also wasn't going to deny, but Nico was secretly her favorite from the μ's. So this made it even more thrilled to get to spend some time with her.]

Of course you can call me Sayaka-chan! I hope it's all right that I call you Nico-chan?

We'll get to hang out as soon as the signing is over! Sorry, but you'll probably have to wait for a little bit. If you would like, you are more than welcomed to sit with me and greet people as well!

[There's an apologetic expression on her face as she gestures over at the crowd of people who were still in line for the cds and the autograph signings.

She promises that it'll be over soon! Maybe. In like a few hours?]
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Okay! I will do my best to meet up with you really soon. Please don't hesitate to ask me or any of my managers for anything while you wait.

[As Sayaka watches her leave, there's an undeniable hint of a grin curving on her lips. Just a customer, huh? If Nico really was hiding her indentity, she could totally understand why. The μ's were becoming one of the most popular school idols, so she was guessing that she might have wanted to keep her identity a secret to prevent herself from being swarmed by fans of her's.

She thinks back to Nico's autograph request and she's practically giggling to herself as she's signing the next batches of autographs for the fans.

Nico Nico Nii ♥ It took everything in her power not to bust out with that catchphrase while talking to another fan. It was super catchy and cute!

It's about a half hour later and Sayaka is practically racing out of the door to where Nico was standing at. With an apologetic expression, she quickly starts bowing.]

Hello Nico-chan! I apologize about the wait. [That signing took a whole lot longer than what she thought. It also didn't help that she was so excited to hang out with Nico that it felt like time was going at a slow pace.] Now I am finally free and we'll have the whole day together.

[As if on cue, a small limousine pulls up in front of the girls. ]

Our chariot awaits us! [She walks over to where it was parked and holds the door open for Nico to step in. Inside, she'll find a vareity of drinks to choose from, along with super comfy pink seats to sit on.]
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[Luckily for her, the fellow idol didn't seem to be annoyed by how much she had made her wait. Sayaka's letting out a sigh of relief as she quickly follows Nico inside the limousine and fastens her seat belt once she gets comfortable in her seat.

After telling the limo driver a few directions, he immediately pulls out of the parking lot and begins their joy ride.]

Wow, that's so amazing! [Sayaka looks in awe by that claim.] Then again, I shouldn't be surprised at all! The μ's are quite popular and I can totally imagine that Nico Nii-chan has the fanciest limo!

[If Sayaka had to be perfectly honest, she wasn't quite sure if she fully believed that claim. Then again, school idols were becoming very popular. So for all she knew, they could have been famous enough to get large limos. They did have that airplane in that Wonderful Rush PV she watched.]

Well, I was thinking about taking a quick drive over to this really amazing sweets shop! They serve the best cakes and coffee. [Suddenly, she stops herself from talking. Oh no! What if Nico didn't like sweets? At the sudden realization, she waves her hands in the air.] Ah! Do you even like sweets, Nico-chan? If not, we can always go somewhere else to grab a bite to eat!

[Not only was Sayaka hungry, she figured that Nico must have been hungry too, especially with how long she made the poor girl wait.

While Nico was darling even with the sunglasses, she was even cuter when she got to see her full face. She finds herself giggling, this was such a lucky day for her!!]
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[She's been giggling non stop at her. Nico please, you are too good! She's already having the time of her life.]

Of course! You are a very important member. I've been wanting to tell you this, but you are my favorite from the μ's! So, it's such an honor to meet you in person, Nico-chan!

[From the moment Sayaka first laid eyes on a μ's PV, Nico had caught her eye from the very beginning. There was something about her that was refreshing. The more videos she watched.

She could tell from a glance that she took being an idol seriously and it made her respect her. Sayaka had a feeling that if Nico were to become a full time idol, she had a great future ahead of her.]

You do?! [Sorry Nico, Sayaka's just going to grab your hands and stare at you with glittering eyes.] Mine too!! It's always wonderful to meet another sweet fanatic. We'll have to eat a lot of cake together, then!

Don't worry, I'll keep it a secret between the two of us. [She winks at her.] I totally understand. I love sweets but I have to keep it hidden, too! They also make me watch my diet too.

[Especially from her managers.]
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Yes, really! [Was it just her? Or did Nico sound a little nervous for just a brief moment?] I can definitely see that! You have this really charming aura that surrounds you. When I look at you, I just can't stop smiling! I hope I get to see more of you in the idol industry.

[Not only did Sayaka like her as her favorite member of the μ's, but she also inspired her as a fellow idol. Seeing someone like her made her feel even more determined to work hard and make other fans smile as well.

She definitely looks forward to the day Nico becomes a big time idol. Maybe one day, they'll get to perform together and even face off as rivals.

Suddenly, the limo comes to a complete halt. Looks like they have reached their destination!]

Oh! Looks like we are here. Are you ready Nico-chan? The sweets await us!

[She lets go of Nico's hands and reaches over to grab her own pair of sunglasses to hide her indentity. The last thing she wanted was some paparazzi following her and interrupting them on their cute idol date.]
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[The name was certainly fitting for the adorable young idol. Her parents did well in chosing a name. There was no doubt that she was going to make a lot of fans smile and Sayaka hoped that she would be there to see her bright future.]

It's a lovely name that is perfect for you!

[With a tiny laugh, she reaches over and helps Nico undo the seatbelt before making her way out of the limo. Before leaving, she tells the driver to park somewhere far away in order to prevent attention.]

The owner of this place knows me really well! To avoid paparazzi, they let me sit in a room towards the back of the store. So, we should be able to chat without any interuption!

[When the girls step out of the limo, Sayaka does a tiny little spin and points at the restaurant that was presented in front of them. It was a cute cafe that was of fairly decent size. There was a sweet aroma surrounding the place, indicating that it sold mainly sweets and baked goods. The restaurant's name "Angel Mort" was plastered close by the rooftop of the shop.]

Ta-da! This is my favorite place to eat. The girls working here also have the cutest outfits!
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[Nico's reactions were just too cute for this world. If she wanted to be corny, it was as if a love arrow was shot straight through her heart. Sayaka was already charmed over just from when she first started paying attention to the μ's, but the other girl was only winning her heart even more!

All of the girls in the μ's were darling, but Nico was without a doubt; her best girl. ♥]

Oh right?! I would love to live in Idol Heaven myself! Can you imagine eating all the sweets without worrying about getting fat? It would be like a dream come true.

[With a bounce in her step, Sayaka opens the doors to the restaurant. Just as soon as she walks in, the owner recognizes her and greets both of the girls in the utmost friendly tone. After conversing with the owner, both young idols are lead towards the back of the store and into a secret room. Even if this was a room that was away from the general public, it still had a spacious window to look outside. The room was also decorated with a vintage style. It was almost as if it was made for couples that were dating?]

Here we go! It's basically like we have our own private room where we can chat and eat all we want without getting disturbed.
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I agree with that! It's not fair on us at all. We should be allowed to eat whatever we please. We have plenty of training time to work off those calories.

[Nico speaks the words of truth! If there was one thing Sayaka could change in the idol industry, it was to be able to eat all the sweets they desired. They did a lot of dancing, which was way to exercise off cake calories.]

Yes, it is! It's safe here and we're free from the public eye.

[She quickly follows Nico's actions by taking off her own hat and sunglasses. There was already a sense of freedom when she liberated herself from the cover gear. Now she can focus her full attention on the other girl, along with enjoying desserts. She couldn't have asked for a better day than this! It's been a while since she got to relax. While she loved her career, it was nice to be able to have a easy going day and not worry about too much. Days like this were rare.

Her eyes scan through the menu that was placed upon the tables.]

Nico-chan! Do you have a favorite dessert?
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Nico-chan, you are so cute!!!

[Oh goodness. Nico's enthusiastic and overdramatic reaction was so adorable, that Sayaka couldn't contain herself! In some ways, it was a surprise since she was so used to the happy NICO NICO NII persona that she's seen from the PVs.

If she had to be honest, she was liking this side of Nico. She still adored her idol persona, but this trait of her was too adorable and it would be cute to see her act like this more often.]

What a good choice! Strawberry shortcake is one of my favorites too.

[The delectable sweet tastes of those strawberries melting in her mouth, along with the cream was making her hungry just thinking about it!]

It's so hard to decide. I think it's a toss up between tiramisu and strawberry shortcake! If possible, I would totally go on a sweet binge and try all the cakes.
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[At that little huff, she can't help but grin. Everything about her was just too cute for this world.]

Well, that is true! I hope it's all right if I say this, but I think you are one of the cutest idols I've ever come across.

[NAILED IT that and she's always here to praise Nico any day of the week.]

That's a great plan! That's sweet of you to share your half. I'll also be more than happy to share mine as well.

[At that moment, one of the waitresses walks in, ready to take their orders.]

Oh! What great timing, we were just discussing what to get. I'll take a tiramisu cake with a sea salt coffee, please.
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[Yes she can!!! ♥ Nico get special rights to that.

Once the waitress finishes taking their orders, she gracefully leaves with with a serene smile. The service never failed to amaze her, every one of the girls were so nice and adorable.]

While we're waiting on our food, tell me about yourself, Nico-chan! I became a huge fan of you and the μ's after watching several of your PVs. Do you have a favorite song?

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I love both of those songs as well, especially Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai. I especially loved your solo in that song and the way you said Nico~ in the middle of the song was the cutest thing ever! [Also because, surprise Nico being the center in those songs were the reasons why she liked them as well. Bias? What bias???

In response to her question, Sayaka sits there and ponders for a moment as she was mentally shuffling through the μ's songs. She had so many songs that she loved that it was so hard to narrow down which ones were her favorites.]

Korekara no Someday will always be a favorite of mine because that was the first μ's song that I listened to, so it has a special place in my heart! I also love Aishiteru Banzai. It was really beautiful and I can almost feel the emotion when I listen to it.
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Ah! Maki-san is your group's composer, isn't she? She does such a good job, especially in Aishiteru Banzai.

[It almost brought her to tears, it was one of the most powerful modern idol songs she's heard in a while. Just from that one song, she could feel how close the girls became at that moment.]

Of course! I wouldn't be worthy of being called a Nico-chan fan if I never listened to a solo song of yours. [She giggles.]

Nico puri♥Joshi dou has got to be my favorite! It's so catchy and everytime I listen to it, I can't help but dance and sing along. You must have had a lot of fun recording that song, it's so... Nico-chan!
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Okay! I promise I won't say a word. Your secret is safe with me, Nico-chan!!

[Was she showing a hint of tsundere behavior towards Maki? Okay that was totally cute and it made Sayaka want to see how all the girls react around each other in their every day lives.]

I have listened to those as well. Your solo of Wild Stars is amazing!! It was treat to hear your deep range of voice. I'm also impressed with your rapping skills as well. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to pull off the rap you did in Wonderful Rush.

[Now she was starting to sound like the fangirl.]
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I would love to do that!! It will be lots of fun to sing a duet with you.

[Especially considering that Sayaka was not a rapper like Nico, she would love to learn but she didn't think she would ever be as good as the other girl.]

Let's do it. We can have our very own... [She pauses, trying to think of a good name.] NicoSaya collaboration. Plus, it would be such an honor to see your rapping skills up close.
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Oh, don't worry! I will be sure to speak to them. I have a feeling once I tell them about you, they will be eager to start a collaboration with you.

[And who knows, they might even recruit her too. It would be a good connection and a great way for Nico to get started on her solo debut.]

I'm excited for my manager to meet you. With the two of us, I have no doubts that we'll be at the top of the charts for weeks.
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Hehe, you are sweet but there's no need to owe me! Performing a duet with you is good enough for me and I'm very much looking forward to it.

[It also gave her more reasons to hang out with her! With her job, she doesn't have much freetime to do anything. If she got to spend more time with Nico, it would give her some sort of sense of freedom.

It's then the waitress walks in and sets their cakes in front of them, along with their drinks. Sayaka's eyes were practically sparkling at the sweets.]

Oh yay! Looks like our sweets are here.
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Aren't they beautiful? And I can vouche for their taste! They taste just as good as they look.

[Seeing the other girl's gasp at the sweets causes her giggle. Nico is the only other person that Sayaka has brought to his restaurant (besides her idol group), so it made her happy to see a pleased reaction.

Once the waitress leaves, Sayaka uses her fork to cut off a piece of her cake and pushes her plate towards Nico.]

Here you go! I hope you enjoy.
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[Sayaka smiles to herself and even giggles as Nico is taking a picture of the sweets. She has good priorities! This popstar couldn't deny that she loved looking at pictures of food on the Internet.]

You're welcome!

[As she was enjoying her own piece of cake, Sayaka felt happy watching Nico dig into her piece. Not only did she enjoy sweets, it was more fun eating together with another person! It made her especially ecstatic to see the other girl's reaction.]

I'm so happy that you are enjoying it! When I eat these cakes, it feels like I have a slice of heaven in my mouth because of how fluffy they are.