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open ❀ rika furude mingle post

❖ rika furude - open roleplaying post

    Basically, this is an open roleplaying post for Rika Furude of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni fame; basically if you want to do a thread with Rika in some sort of form, here's where you can do it. As a fair warning, however, that there might be spoilers in Rika's threads! So if you'd like to avoid any of that, just give me a heads up and we can definitely steer clear of those.

    Rika over here can come from any canon point you ask or we can alternatively go the alternate universe route for a scenario; I'm always game. My default canon point is post-Matsuribayashi-hen if you don't ask for a specific one.

    I'm game from any assumed CR, cross-canon, cross-medium, you name it. This post was mostly made to grab a sample for Ukimiya, but hey, roleplaying's fun. In any case, just toss any character into the post and let's get started! Don't worry about choosing a scenario or anything; I'm 100% willing to write a toplevel if necessary. Feel free to choose one of the prompts listed below or just choose your own adventure!

    If you have any questions, just give me a heads up either via PM or at my plurk ([plurk.com profile] endlesseight)!


Random Scenario Meme
Pocky Game
Caught in the Rain
Sick Day
Nightmare Fuel
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I am sorry, but no...there's something weird about this lock.

[ She waves her hand, expecting to hear a clicking sound. Her telekinesis isn't that weak. But alas, nothing. ]
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[ She's doing her best, don't be so mean 8(((((((( ]

N-No, um, I'm sure there's something better!
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Um...we could do a few cat's cradles.

[ grabs a fallen shoelace from the shoe pile in the corner ]