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AGE: 22
CONTACT: [ profile] endlesseight | Len#0139 (Discord)

NAME: Chiaki Nanami (AI)
CANON: Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
AGE: While she's created to be physically and mentally 16 years old, she only is, technically a month old.
CANON POINT: After her appearance in the chapter 6 trial.

    "My name is Nanami Chiaki. I’m a Super High-school Level Gamer.
    My hobby is playing games. I’m pretty good with all genres."

    First impressions always leave a huge impression on how a character acts, and for Nanami? It's a very strange first impression. Her words come off as monotonous, practiced, stilted, and it's even more evident as she sometimes takes long pauses between what a person says and what she herself actually says. She takes on the stereotypes of what an avid game would act like: quiet, easily distracted, sometimes ends up falling sleep, and is someone who isn't good at conversation. She even says it herself - that she can't speak well unless she has every single word prepared in her head before speaking. This basically means that she works at her own pace; taking her time without any sense of urgency, and that tends to make her seem as if she's a bit absent minded, especially since she takes long pauses before saying something, and most of the time, it's not much, but that's clearly not the case. Rather, she's actually pretty thoughtful most of the time in her words and actions and can even be considered one of the more responsible characters on the island.

    As a SHSL (Super High-school Level) Gamer, Nanami herself sometimes overdoes things- but only in regards to gaming. When she gets immersed in a game, she tends to lose track of time to the point where she even forgets to breathe. The reason why she probably hasn't died because of that is because she's not human, but instead, an Artificial Intelligence created by the Future Foundation, a group that is trying to save the world from despair and create new hope in the world. It is also because she is an AI - a rather newly created one, in fact - that she is naive about the world around her, even if she has general knowledge primarily based on video games. And that naivety is what causes her to be socially awkward towards the people around her, though she does warm up towards people in time.

    "Hm, to say loving games is also like loving life, since isn’t life a game?
    That’s why… killing each other is wrong.
    A game has to be fun or it isn’t a game, and win or lose,
    there should be something after the end to look forward to or there’s no point."

    Nanami loves games. That much is obvious not only by the fact that she's a SHSL Gamer, or even the fact that it says that she likes all games - even bad ones - on her ElectroID profile, but by the many references she makes to them. ("I get dizzy whenever I see an unskillful person playing an FPS…") She says life is a game is because she's self aware of who she is; she knows that unlike everyone else on the island, she's not human like they all are, that she's an artificial intelligence created to observe all the other students in the Neo World Program, and therefore is a part of the game. But because of that, she believes that it's not right for people to kill each other, because that only creates chaos and makes other people sad. And all she really wants is for everyone to enjoy themselves and reach a brighter future.

    Even though she enjoys games, and is generally good at most genres, there is one thing that she isn't good at.

    "There are so many things that I completely don’t understand.
    For example, although I know how babies are made, but I don’t know how to fall in love with someone."

    And that thing that Nanami herself isn't very good at is anything related to romance. The genre she's worst at is dating sims, but it's not without reason. As Nanami herself isn't amazing at interpersonal relationships, it causes her to struggle with games that aren't binary and require choice. While this is partially due to both her social awkwardness towards other people in general, it is also due to her lack of knowledge on the outside world as well. And because of said lack of knowledge, she tends to misinterpret things ("What do you mean it ... comes from cows? Milk’s milk, right?") or not know what something is at all, even if it's meant to be common knowledge ("What’s… “Hina Matsuri”?"). But even though she doesn't know much, she's rather stubborn when it comes to someone telling her that it's supposed to be something that she should know - it makes her feel as if she's being made fun of when all she really wants to do is learn. But because of that, it goes to show that she can be easily fooled if given the wrong knowledge about something she doesn't know about. At least she's learning, though!

    When it comes to people, Nanami really cares about those whom she's close to. While she tends to give awkward, short responses when she first meets someone - when she gets used to them. But at the same time, to Nanami, interacting with other people is sometimes a little frightening. After all, they are all unpredictable, unlike a game. Something always happens with every interaction, whether it be positive or negative, and sometimes, the idea frightens her a bit.

    "It’s not that big a deal ... I did have a family. My dad, I mean."

    Family, surprisingly enough, isn't a central factor to Nanami's personality, considering the fact that everything she's heard about both her father and her brother is all hearsay -- it's something that she's heard from a third party rather than heard it all herself. The truth is this: she's never actually met anyone in her family. After all, her 'father' is dead and it's heavily implied that she hasn't met Alter Ego (her 'brother') either. Basically, this goes to show that she's more close to her friends than her family -- probably enough to even say that her friends are pretty much her family.

    "A traitor who's not allowed to think that they're different from everyone else...
    Because that's the nature of their existence... They can only exist as a traitor...
    But... they couldn't help it... Even if they wanted to reveal themselves... they couldn't do it...
    Because... they weren't created to do that."

    The biggest thing to remember is that while Nanami is an AI and is completely self aware of that, she has limitations that people usually don't have. One of those things is the fact that she can't ever betray the Future Foundation. Meaning that no matter what thoughts she might have in her head of taking a step away from her duties, it's near to high impossible. Even though she feels connected to the others due to the experiences they've had together, at the same time, she knows that she's different from them. But she doesn't see herself as higher or lower from everyone else, and even sees herself as equal to them all. And the fact that she sees herself that way allows her to care so much about each and every one of her classmates. While she cannot forgive mutual killing -- as it's something disgusting to her -- she cares deeply about her friends and is easily forgiving. She would do anything for them, too, as it shows when she's able to finally reveal herself as the "traitor" and gives her reasoning behind why she revealed herself only at that point in time. ("Maybe...I wanted to protect everyone, no matter the cost.")

    "Hinata-kun... you've had it wrong all this time. Having talent isn't the goal.
    ...What's important is that you believe in yourself.
    If you can't do that... No matter how much talent you possess, you will never be confident in yourself."

    Belief is a huge foundation to Nanami's character. When it comes to the other people on the island - whom Nanami refers to as her friends rather affectionately (with the exception of Monokuma, who she doesn't really like) - she doesn't want to doubt them at all. But she knows that she has to, especially when people are getting killed due to the motives that are pressed upon them. And especially when it concerns the friends who she feels so strongly about. And that's why she doubts them in the trials. It's not that she doesn't want to trust them, it's that without doubting them, how can you truly trust someone? How can you truly believe in someone?

    "Even if my 'existence' fades away, and even if all of you forget about me...
    Even if that happens, I won't fade away completely.
    As long as you are moving forward, towards the future I made with you...
    I won't vanish. The things I lived for, fought for, staked my life on will all remain there."

    Future is another thing that is vital to Nanami. She doesn't linger too much on the past, especially when it comes to the bad things that have happened. Instead, she moves on, she moves forward. In fact, she even scolds Hinata about this, saying that he misunderstood everything from the very beginning -- and that they have to choose their own future. And if they can't choose that future? They can just make one for themselves. If they can do that, then they'll have achieved the goal that Nanami wanted them to achieve. For her, that decision to move forward with their lives means that she won't be forgotten. After all, it's something that she wanted, as she says herself, "Don’t forget… about me. Even if we leave this place… always…"

ABILITIES/POWERS: She doesn't have any special abilities or powers outside of her ability to beat any game besides beating any game (that isn't a dating sim).
INVENTORY: Her clothes that she's wearing along with her backpack, which contains mobile gaming supplies.

LINKED SAMPLES: One and two.

[ Clearing her throat, Nanami decides that it's probably for the best that she, at the very least, make an attempt to communicate with the others - although her social interaction skills are not necessarily the best. Clearing her throat, she manages to stare into the screen with blank eyes. ]

Testing, testing-- mic check? Ah? This is what they do in those singing games, don't you think? Rock Band, or something like that. [ But she should get to the point, shouldn't she? ] I think I'm supposed to introduce myself.

[ And this is where her voice going almost completely monotone, as it makes it rather clear that she's quoting something, word for word. ]

My name is Nanami Chiaki. I'm the Super High School Level Gamer. My hobby is playing games. I’m pretty good with all genres. It's nice to meet everyone. [ She can't help but bow out of sheer politeness. ] I have a question for everyone, in order to get to know people better. What's your favorite game? It doesn't have to be a video game, but any type of game is fine, probably. Why do you like it? Is it because you have fun? I'm kind of curious, so I really want to know.

That's it... I think? Yeah. Thank you very much for listening.