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Inspired by other posts like this, I decided that it would be for the best to have a list of things that I actually want to roleplay so that they have a good idea what I'm looking for in a PSL. I am generally open to any inspiration or ideas, and I usually won't say no to anything unless it really makes me uncomfortable. In any case, just ask!

    ❖ I live in PST (UST -8). I'm generally (not always!) awake from 7 AM to 10 PM, though my schedule fluctuates.
    ❖ I am very much willing to write smut, but I will ask that all players be 18+ for this. No questions asked. If any of you would like specific kinks, my list is here. If it is unlisted, don't hesitate to ask. I'm generally open to most kinks and won't say no.
    ❖ Shipping: I usually tend to prefer writing the build-up for cross canon ships unless I already ship it and I've given the OK. I can play both heterosexual and homosexual pairings, though mind you that it might take me more time on my part to write any M/M sexual scenarios, considering that I'm not too familiar in that territory. In all cases, just ask.
    ❖ Backtagging: I don't mind backtags at all, but please tell me first if you're going to disappear for a month without replying to me back. I will attempt to do the same.
    ❖ Plotting: Feel free to plot with me here, via PM, hit me up on my plurk, [ profile] endlesseight, or my AIM hightouches. Sometimes I want to go back and forth with you on questions regarding the thread. And I will do the same for you.
    ❖ NPCs: Totally fine with them! Just tell me first.
    ❖ The characters I play tend to lean towards animanga and video games, though I do have some live action characters that I can pull out if necessary.
    ❖ Original characters: Not opposed to them, though I would like to know about them before we play anything out. I'm willing to tell you as much background information on mine if needed as well.


    ❖ Dates. I really love playing out dates, no matter what the pairing. If I enjoy the ship, I'm definitely going to want to play out a date. Any type of date is fine. I do like awkward first dates the most, though I won't say no to any other dates, especially if it builds up to something that may be plot-related.
    ❖ Holy Grail War scenarios. One of the things that I literally won't say no to. Of course, it does take me some effort to AU into the setting, and I won't play every single one of my characters in the setting, but feel free to ask for specifics on this one. As for any of my Fate/ muses, I am definitely alright with Servant swapping, or having them become a Servant; considering that all of the ones I play are usually Masters.
    ❖ Canon integration. I'm not opposed to any character integrating with another canon - whether it be your character's canon, my character's canon, or a different character's canon altogether. I would heavily prefer that I know your canon if you wish to ask for this, though I won't be opposed if you explain the scenario. I also can do canon swaps and stuff like that.
    ❖ Fighting scenarios. I don't care if it's a war, a tournament, what have you. I like playing out fights, and they are really fun to do. Not all of my characters are fighters, however, so you will have to ask which of my muses are, unless you already know who you want.
    ❖ Horror and gore scenarios. I have a thing for people dying, or at least, the people around them dying. I also love, love torturing muses. This includes body horror, physical harm, mental horror, etc.
    ❖ Near death scenarios. I really like the concept of characters either being saved from almost dying or just plain out dying!
    ❖ Body swap. Enough said.
    ❖ Power gain scenarios. I especially love this for some of my more mundane characters. I especially want to play out characters who gain powers and learning from someone who already has powers how to use them.
    ❖ High school or college AU scenarios. Bonus if it's with a character who comes from a canon that isn't too normal.
    ❖ Afterlife scenarios. Whether or not they know that they're dead or not is fine -- as long as they find out that they're dead eventually.

    ❖ Body swap. Literally the same as above, and pretty self explanatory.
    ❖ Footjobs. Bonus if the character is wearing thigh high stockings.
    ❖ Cosplay. I love the idea of fictional characters in costume during sex, I won't lie. General things like maid and butler outfits are perfect for these types of things. I also love nurse cosplay as well as a stereotypical dominatrix costume. Any ideas you might have would also be absolutely perfect.
    ❖ BDSM. Check my kink list for specifics on what exactly I want to play.
    ❖ Mind control/hypnosis. Whether it's by an outside source or the character either of us are playing, I love this scenario to a T. Feel free to have them break through the control every once in a while to spice things up.
    ❖ Master/Servant scenarios. Basically what it says on the tin. Bonus points if the Servant ends up topping.
    ❖ Teacher/Student scenarios. See above, though with the bonus going to the student. I also enjoy having this mixed with bondage + blindfolds.
    ❖ Character transformation. Whether it's gender transformation or having them turn from a human into something more, I don't care. I just think it's pretty cool.
    ❖ Doing it in public scenarios. Pretty much what it says, really.
    ❖ Shower sex.
    ❖ Mutual masturbation.
    ❖ Incubi/succubi AUs.
    ❖ Threesomes. Please ask me first before doing this however, because I really don't want to be playing two characters at once, and I'm sure you probably don't, either. (Unless you want to, I'm fine with it.)


    Rei Hazama: More horror/torture scenarios where she manipulates a character's friends and family to attempt to kill them. Bonus if you allow a Bad End to occur as well as a True End. I would also love to play a AU where she's a normal girl and doesn't go onto the crazy path and is instead adopted by someone, which I think would be pretty cute to play. I've also been heavily enjoying the idea of a "redemption" arc for her, where she actually changes because someone actually genuinely liked her. I also really, really want to play Rei against characters who are similar to her, specifically Junko Enoshima and Dahlia Hawthorne.
    Shirou Emiya: I would like to play from the Mind of Steel and Femme Fatale bad ends in particular from Heaven's Feel for canon mates! To get into the nitty gritty details: I'd like to see Shirou break down even further by following Kiritsugu's ideals to a T as he finds himself killing everyone he loves, including Tohsaka and Illya. Having him be corrupt like that yet still waver is something that I'd like to play out. For the Femme Fatale ending divergence, I'd definitely like to play out the scenario inside of Sakura as he tries to save Tohsaka as well as attempt to yell at Sakura to let him out. Also: shitty dates, any route. I would also like to do Servant AUs with him as well. Food porn is also a thing that I'd like to play out at any given time. Also, like any other protagonist, I'd like to play the Higurashi scenario where Shirou remembers all the bad ends in any given route. Also I'd like to play out a "normal, happy family" scenario, similar to Fate/kaleid liner.
    Himeko Inaba: Yochi Random divergence scenarios (i.e: Coma Route, "Dereban", "harem route"). Also, any sort of AU where she reverts to her middle school self and becomes a recluse/hikkikomori and someone tries to pry her out of her shell. Also senpai/kouhai relationships. Another huge scenario that I would love to play is the "Alternate Universe" scenario in canon where she loses all of her memories in regards to Heartseed-related things and basically becomes who she was pre-canon and someone attempts to help her regain those memories.
    Rin Tohsaka: I would also love to play from the bad ends listed above for Shirou. I would also like to play things out in regards to magical users from various worlds, and having her learn more about the world. I'd also like to play out her struggle as a magus vs person. Also travelling around the world and secluding herself from it. Roleswap AUs and Servant AUs are definitely welcome, too.
    Sakura Matou: Sakura Tohsaka AU where she was never ever adopted by the Matou family would be nice. Also roleswap with Rin AU, where she became the head of the Tohsaka family instead. Femme Fatale bad end would also be a thing that I would play the shit out of. I'd also love to play out the unlimited codes Sakura route AU, too, even though that ending was pretty weird. Also Sakura never having the "happy life" that she could have had because the Matou family lost the HGW.
    Original characters: Nothing specific in particular, just the fact that I want to play them is enough.
    Mei (Touko): Anybody who plays a character from BW should join me in this quest of sadness for this AU! It's a sad "Touko is dead and took over Mei's body" AU, so that is a thing.
    Iori Nagase: Canon divergence as I take her pre-canon so she ends up wanting to please everyone because of her multiple mask problem.
    Haruhi Suzumiya: Normal AU is totally the biggest thing on my list, even though that's literally just the Yuki-chan series. Also having her screw with her reality warping by changing locations mid-thread is a thing I enjoy as well. Also murder mystery plot!
    Kyon: Tea of Sagittarius AU because that shit's pretty damn good imo. Also having him interact with things that aren't normal is always fun.
    Miku Hatsune: SONG AUS, SONG AUS... Specifics that I really want to play out are World is Mine and any of the Happiness songs by utata-P.
    Yuri Nakamura: Deadland AU for your characters and having them settle in and join the SSS
    Homura Akemi: Evil villain scenarios where she plays the role of the 'demon' that she said she'd become in Rebellion and the other magical girls have to kick her ass. Also Moemura shenanigans. And time travel shenanigans. And Actually Normal Girls AU.
    Maya Fey: Being framed for literally anything (see: Rei Hazama plot), though I also enjoy doing cute food dates as well.
    Chiaki Nanami: Being a Real Human AU scenario. Also a scenario where she becomes an android so she can have a "body" in the real world.
    Clover: AXE END, AXE END..... also literally every single bad end I stg
    Akane Kurashiki: Specifically with Junpei, but FUCKING REUNIONS GODDAMN.
    Nico Yazawa: Someone to tell her that "nico nico nii" is the most annoying thing ever please shut up. Also it would be hilarious to tell her about the Paypal thing. And Nico/Maki. Or just. You know. Give me cute idol ships.
    Nadeko Sengoku: DOTING ONII-CHANS. Also someone finding out about her drawings and doing something about it.
    CHARACTERS I JUST WANT TO PLAY: Bernkastel, Hitagi Senjougahara, Hazuki, Nui Harime, Homura Akemi, Taichi Yaegashi, Komaru Naegi, Akane Tsunemori, Illyasviel von Einzbern.
    OBSCURE CHARACTERS: I would definitely like to play Aka Onda in some sort of scenario where someone recognizes her (whether she's in disguise or not) as a famous seiyuu.


    ❖ Smut: Buildup. I really love building up to smut, and I love it when it's romantic or bittersweet. Hell, I just love romantic hings in general, anything cute just makes me blush.
    ❖ Ships: Most of you probably know what ships I play, but I'm a sucker for pretty much anything- I'm in shipping hell - as long as the characters work. I tend to lean towards M/F pairings, though I won't say no to F/F or M/M, depending on the character. Please ask first before M/M smut, though! It isn't that I'm uncomfortable - I'm not - it's more so that I don't have much experience in playing it, so please bear with me.
    ❖ Lyric-based scenarios. Music is my jam, and I love listening to it. I'm a singer after all, so anything music-related? Hit me up. I like to hear new songs!
    ❖ Train to the Afterlife. I love death, and I love partings even more. Having a character die, especially when they were close to each other is amazing to me. And it hits me really hard if characters can't get over another person's death and will do anything to try to get them back.


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