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( eluvio sample with [personal profile] partyleader )

[ Due to the fact that they were roommates - and honestly, Chiaki finds it rather strange, to be rooming with herself - she decides that there's only one way to settle who gets the top bunk. ]

... I challenge you to a battle. Any game works. [...] If we do Smash, it has to be Final Destination, no items.

[ Naturally it's a video game battle, but she's decided to let her human counterpart choose what the game of choice. She isn't naturally competitive, to tell the truth, but she really wants to see just how good she is at video games. It's one of the reasons why she's made this sort of decision, after all. ]
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[Ah. So this is what it's come down to.]

If that's what you're suggesting... That's pretty difficult, I think, even for the two of us. But that's fine. I accept.

[Nanami knows that her skills are inadequate in the face of her counterpart - the other her is an AI, after all - but she doesn't play games to win. She plays them to have fun, and who else would offer her a good challenge than the one who she knows she can't beat?]

I don't know if I can beat you... But I definitely won't give up without a fight.

[The top bunk is Serious Business, after all.]
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[Nanami's mouth parts, surprised for a moment, but then it shifts into a warm smile. The kindness of her other self catches her off guard sometimes. The other her is so considerate of others... Nanami supposes that she is too, sometimes, or she tries to be. It's something else to be faced with it directly, though.]

Let's both try our best, then... Nanami-san.

[It still feels a little strange, saying "Nanami-san", like she's raising herself to a higher level with the honorific even if she isn't talking about herself. It's gotten a little easier, though, with time. It's something to consider as she comes over to help, grabbing a controller for herself and the power cord.]

Let's do it by time. [Nanami giggles a little.] I think if we do it by lives, we'll be here all day. How does five minutes sound?