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[ Video games are her life. Or could you say that life is a video game...? Either way, those sentences hold much meaning for the Super High School Level Gamer, considering that she's playing the usual Gala Omega on her Game Girl Advance to the point where she finds herself bumping into Chihiro. She's so sorry, Chihiro, she isn't exactly paying much - if any - attention to her surroundings hence why she's still playing her game even as she's bumped into the poor computer programmer.

It's probably a little impolite for the class representative to be doing that without saying a single word, so she manages-- ]

... Sorry. [ -- a single word. At least she tried, right? ]
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[ Due to the fact that they were roommates - and honestly, Chiaki finds it rather strange, to be rooming with herself - she decides that there's only one way to settle who gets the top bunk. ]

... I challenge you to a battle. Any game works. [...] If we do Smash, it has to be Final Destination, no items.

[ Naturally it's a video game battle, but she's decided to let her human counterpart choose what the game of choice. She isn't naturally competitive, to tell the truth, but she really wants to see just how good she is at video games. It's one of the reasons why she's made this sort of decision, after all. ]
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[ To Nanami Chiaki, the number of people that she cared about and appreciated were those whom she count on one hand. Yukizome-sensei, her fellow classmates, and Hinata Hajime. Especially Hinata-kun, considering that he was the first person that she'd met that could play video games at a level that was close to her. He may not be a Super High School Level Gamer himself, but that didn't matter to her in the slightest bit.

Talent isn't the goal. And besides, he was freer than her in the sense that he could do whatever he wanted, become anyone and anything.

She only had games, in the end. Not that she thought it was bad, but rather, it was something that kept her caged in.

So when she grabbed him by the hand suddenly and without warning, leading him to the local arcade, she couldn't help but smile just a little bit. She had friends whom she could play games with. And playing with everyone was fun. Who knew that co-op would be so fun? It's been especially fun with Hinata-kun... she thinks.

Eventually the duo manages to make it to their final destination - for now, anyway - and goes right on ahead and makes a beeline towards the new fighting game cabinet that she had told him about. ]

Come on, Hinata-kun... I told you we were going to play this game together.

[ Even if he's bad at it. Her eyes are lighting up and she's so ecstati that it's going to be really damn hard to say 'no' to her. But then again, why would you? ]

Do you know how to play yet? If you don't, I can teach you. I'm really good at this game, and I've heard that it's improved a lot from its predecessors.
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[ Diving back into the Neo World Program after it had gotten deleted was probably not a good idea. While everything had been refreshed now, picking up from whatever backup save data it did have, it felt... incomplete. Areas would glitch or simply not exist, the sky would be perpetually dark and gloomy, as if stormy skies were ahead, things like that. It reeked of constant despair and whoever thought about going back in should probably think twice before heading into the depths of the island. . . except that wasn't an option if you wanted to grab the person who could only exist here.

Which probably was the case, ultimately.

It might take a while to find her; she doesn't seem to be in her room, nor is she playing a game in the restaurant lobby, either.

If he takes the effort, he'll eventually find her at the beach, staring at the depths of the dark ocean with a vacant expression, almost absentmindedly. But there's also something different about her, and it's apparent at a single glance. While it's obvious who it is by looking at the locks of pale hair that sit at her shoulders, the kitty backpack that usually rested there isn't there. In fact, the gamer girl doesn't seem to be wearing much, if anything at all; barely clothed in what seems to be a completely black, strapless bikini. Even her hairpin has tainted, the white turning into a dark black -- kind of like how the ship would look if captured during Space Invaders.

In her hands, as if it were normal, is a video game console, a Playstation Vita if one were to be more precise. It's hard to tell what game in particular she's playing, but she seems to be rather absorbed in it; very much so.

Investigate? ]


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