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[ Video games are her life. Or could you say that life is a video game...? Either way, those sentences hold much meaning for the Super High School Level Gamer, considering that she's playing the usual Gala Omega on her Game Girl Advance to the point where she finds herself bumping into Chihiro. She's so sorry, Chihiro, she isn't exactly paying much - if any - attention to her surroundings hence why she's still playing her game even as she's bumped into the poor computer programmer.

It's probably a little impolite for the class representative to be doing that without saying a single word, so she manages-- ]

... Sorry. [ -- a single word. At least she tried, right? ]
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comes in late with starbucks

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[ And he stumbles. Which definitely isn't her fault as it isn't like they bumped shoulders all that hard. Just one of those things Chihiro has to, um, improve on. Maybe it's his fault. He kind of just let his brain run without the rest of himself. By that logic, he hadn't been doing anything and should have been paying attention. Chihiro does turn when he hear those couple of syllables. Oh god- ]

Um, I'm sorry... Are you okay?

[ Never mind the fact she's clearly on her feet and minding her own business but just the one word is worrying. She probably hates him. That explains everything.]
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Ah... [ He brings his hands together as he takes a step closer. ] No, you're able to multitask... That's impressive...

[ Now he's not about to get closer beause personal space and looking over someone's shoulder is just kind of rude. But he does tilt his head as to maybe get a small peek.]

You've must have played it a couple times if you know that, right? Since you're able to explain this to me, I mean.
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I see... [ Perhaps he should feel a little ashamed but he can actually bounce back from that. ] I've only ever played a few games on a computer before so I never had any handheld ones. So that means you must have gotten the best score there is. Unless you're still working on it. We're all here for a reason but... that doesn't go without some bumps in the road, right?
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[ Solitaire. Definitely Solitaire. ]

Um, well... [ He hesitates here, face growing a little warm.] I don't really remember any titles. I ended up becoming more interested in what made the games work the way they did. But they did start me off to get into programming so I owe a lot to them... That probably doesn't sound impressive to the ultimate gamer that I don't remember their names.
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you aren't late, i was just so unfashionably early!

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[ And Othello- ]


[ It's easy for him to assume he had really upset her without knowing any titles. He tenses with the expression change. ]

Huh? Oh... I think I could. But I'm not artistic.
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[ He's a little more than surprised that she's actually reaching out. Okay, she has been kind of close the last couple minutes but this is a little too much. But he doesn't draw his hands back as surely he wouldn't be strong enough to resist and drawing her even closer can only result in problems. ]

And... make a Super High School Level Game. Maybe this could be a new way to expand on my skills? Um... but I don't want to let you down or anything like that. I mean...