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[sticky entry] Sticky: ( open roleplay post )


This is a post where you may request any sort of thread with me, play out any meme with me, whatever you want. Of course, I might take a while to respond to musebox threads, but please do not let this deter you. If you really wish for a reply, just send me a message either via PM, plurk, or AIM and I'll get back to as soon as possible. And feel free to message me for any plotting purposes. I'm always up for threads, so please don't hesitate to ask for more than one!

It's open to all things: I will play crossovers, cross-canon, alternate universes, smut, you name it, you got it.

how to utilize this post.
    ① Pick one of your characters. It doesn't matter if I'm canon familiar with them or not, I don't mind. Feel free to PM me a short description of what the character is like, same if you're willing to play with any of my obscure characters. Also, I'm okay with any roleplayer, whether English is their first language or not, or even if they think they're not that great! If you're seeing this post, you're probably my friend, so I won't judge your roleplaying style at all. ♥
    ② Choose one of my characters to play with. Note that if you want to ask for my inactive characters, please send me a message first so I can give you the okay - my voice with some of those muses isn't all that great, after all. You're also free to randomize a character as well.
    ③ Reply with an empty comment, put up your own prompt or scenario, or feel free to randomize from this list. As for smut, don't hesitate to ask for my kink list. I'm pretty open to most scenarios in general, so it doesn't hurt to ask!
    ④ ???
    ⑤ Profit!
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( murdergame history )

Asuka Langley Soryu
Neon Genesis Evangelion

round two.
Status: Survived.
Role: Lovers, Medium.

Himeko Inaba
Kokoro Connect

round two.
Status: Died week 8; revived post-game.
Role: N/A

Himeko Inaba
Kokoro Connect + DRRP CRAU

Status: Survived.
Role: N/A

Dahlia Hawthorne
Ace Attorney

round one.
Status: Died night four; revived post-game.
Role: Mafia.

Asuna Yuuki
Sword Art Online

round two.
Status: Survived.
Role: Innocent; partnered up with Santa / Aoi Kurashiki.

Rin Tohsaka
Fate/stay night (Unlimited Blade Works)

Status: Died trial two; revived day four due to role.
Role: Survivor, turned into mafia.

Iori Nagase
Kokoro Connect

Status: Survived.
Role: N/A

Rei Hazama

Status: Died day six; revived post-game.
Role: N/A

Hajime Hinata
Super Dangan Ronpa 2

beta round.
Status: Survived.
Role: N/A

Rei Hazama
Doubt + Shiptrap CRAU

round one.
Status: Game was discontinued before I could find out.
Role: N/A

Himeko Inaba
Kokoro Connect

Status: Survived.
Role: Mole

Zange ( Hakua Suzushiro )

Status: Survived.
Role: Mastermind

Shion Sonozaki
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

round three
Status: Died day nine; revived post-game.
Role: Member of Team B.

Rika Furude
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Status: Died week one.
Role: N/A

Shirou Emiya
Fate/stay night (Heaven's Feel)

round three
Status: Died week two, Tuesday; killed by punishment.
Role: N/A
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open ❀ rika furude mingle post

❖ rika furude - open roleplaying post

    Basically, this is an open roleplaying post for Rika Furude of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni fame; basically if you want to do a thread with Rika in some sort of form, here's where you can do it. As a fair warning, however, that there might be spoilers in Rika's threads! So if you'd like to avoid any of that, just give me a heads up and we can definitely steer clear of those.

    Rika over here can come from any canon point you ask or we can alternatively go the alternate universe route for a scenario; I'm always game. My default canon point is post-Matsuribayashi-hen if you don't ask for a specific one.

    I'm game from any assumed CR, cross-canon, cross-medium, you name it. This post was mostly made to grab a sample for Ukimiya, but hey, roleplaying's fun. In any case, just toss any character into the post and let's get started! Don't worry about choosing a scenario or anything; I'm 100% willing to write a toplevel if necessary. Feel free to choose one of the prompts listed below or just choose your own adventure!

    If you have any questions, just give me a heads up either via PM or at my plurk ([ profile] endlesseight)!


Random Scenario Meme
Pocky Game
Caught in the Rain
Sick Day
Nightmare Fuel
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♡ kiss kiss fall in love


    Sometimes, you've just got to sail a ship, or perhaps do a little build up to it. But then again, isn't that to be expected for this sort of thing? It's time to put one and two together and get characters to kiss. Or perhaps they're having a little bit of that unresolved sexual tension?

    Either way, here's where you can get all of that and so much more at the cost of... your free time!

    Basically, tags. Give me tags. LET'S HAVE CHARACTERS DO FUN, CUTE COUPLE-Y THINGS. Or seriously upsetting things. That works, too.

If you want someone that isn't on this list, check out my muselist! I can't guarantee anything, but just ask.

And if you're stuck on a prompt?

promisedyou: (pic#11554026)

( closed )

[ Danger was probably Shion's middle name and to be honest, she reveled in it. Constantly ditching classes, getting drunk sometimes and even to the point where she stole back her sister's identity; but she hasn't gone off the deep end just yet, even though she's really close to that, so when she sees an unfamiliar face she can't help but freeze.

There's only one question to ask, in this warped main house that is her space: ]

Who are you.
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✽ call me out 2017 ( we're halfway there, we're halfway gone edition )

Guess what, guys?

We're halfway through the year! And basically, that means that it's time for yet another call me out post, fresh from the confines of sweet, sweet HTML. Basically, you want to play with me? Sweet, then climb on board the roleplaying train with me for any reason you'd like.

I love shipping a lot as I'm literally shipping trash, mind you— but it doesn't have to go that way in the slightest bit!

As for what I'm interested in: I'm down for most things. Alternate universes, game CRAUs, memloss, smut, what have you. Although for smut, please ask me first and content warn in your top level's header!

Nevertheless, it's also a chance to play with some of my new or rarer characters, too. So let's get started, shall we? Here's your character selection for today:

If you want someone that isn't on this list, check out my muselist! I can't guarantee anything, however.

And if you're stuck on a prompt, please do not hesitate to ask me for one, or check out these cool prompt ideas:

If you have any questions or concerns, just PM me via Dreamwidth, my plurk ([ profile] endlesseight) or Discord (Len#0139)!
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☆ for the hana banana or something like that

[ Today's goal was to be inconspicuous. Of course, when it came to Nico Yazawa, hiding her identity was rather easy (to her) as she wore her obnoxiously large sunglasses and a hat. Hell, she even put her hair up in a different style just for the sake of making sure that nobody figured out who she was. Even though her plan was to not stand out in a crowd of many, many Sayaka Maizono fans, she's actually standing out a lot more than expected.

Even if Nico herself doesn't seem to notice in the slightest bit.

But she's here for the goods.

... which is to get an autograph from one of the top idols - but not the top, at least, to Nico, who will always and forever be the Number One Idol in the Universe - Sayaka Maizono.

And maybe she'll win the lottery prize of hanging with Sayaka (or so rumors on 2ch have been saying) that comes with buying a CD in person too, if she can just spin and get it before any of the disgusting otaku fanboys do. She's even the first in line! She's waited hours for this, as a huge idol superfan.

Nothing can stop her now.

Except security, of course, but she's innocent, she swears. But once she's at the table that's set up, she can't help but gasp in awe for a couple of seconds before she finally speaks up. ]

I'd like three copies of the new album! [ One to listen to, one to keep and one to loan, obviously. ] Oh, and if you could sign them, that'd be great, too...

[ She wonders if buying three copies means she can do the lottery three times, though. There's only one gold ball that wins the Grand Prize and her luck has been a rather hit or miss, so having three gos at it would be nice.

Just don't mind the fact that she looks awfully suspicious for a customer. ]
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open ⋆ nsfw call me out 2017


    As most of you have probably surmised from the opening header of this post, this is a rather self-indulgent, thirsty post where you can pretty much play smut with me whenever you want. Or vice versa. And because of that, here is your open post for that! I'm really not picky on kinks and this is pretty much a do whatever, whenever kind of post for the year, so feel free to hit me up now, later, whenever.

    Basically - this is the same as the normal call me out post. You can hit me up with any of my muses that are applicable (ask if you're unsure!) and you can either choose to throw a starter up or have me write a starter. Whichever you prefer.

    My kink list can be found here and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. In regards of ships: I'm not picky, whether it's canon or cross-canon; I don't mind. If I'm canon unfamiliar, you can always give me a short rundown of your character or just toss them my way anyway and see if they click. I'm down for all sorts of ships, M/F, F/F, and M/M, although writing smut for the latter is a little more difficult for me. But I'll still try, as I do need the practice.

    And there you have it. Be free to do whatever you want just as long as it's smut worthy. And I don't mind getting to the down and dirty if you prefer skipping through the buildup. ♥

    If you have any questions, just hit me up via PM on here, my Plurk ([ profile] endlesseight) or Discord (Len#0139).

    Also, if you're stuck for prompts, here's some of my favorites, but don't confine yourselves to those if you want to play something different:
  • Mind Altering Hot Springs
  • Mutual Loss of Virginity
  • Fuck or Die
  • Inappropriate Sexual Tension
  • Hypnotism
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it's the most romantic time of the year


Hearts in their eyes, chocolate in their hands... you've guessed it! It's that time of the year again, where everything goes to hell and shipping is at its high. Or something like that. Basically, this is an open Valentine's Day post for all of your shipping needs with Len.

How does this work, exactly? Easy!
Just pick a character from my muselist and post a top level comment calling them out. I'm game for anything ship-wise, canon, cross-canon, you name it. I'll even work with CRAU. ♥
And then we go "love love" and keep on going.

If you're stuck, here's some prompt ideas:

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( open ) original characters open rp

☆ original character open voice test post!

It's actually been a pretty long time since I've played some good ol' original characters, so I've decided to make the attempt to try some of mine out again! So, here's the deal: I'll list out my original characters and their basic backgrounds, you figure out which one you want to play with and "call them out" like my normal call mew out posts and we can get to threading. Some of these have a temporary PB (as I want to switch their PBs out) so excuse me if I end up breaking the icons in the middle of a thread. So, here's the cast list you have to work with:

From left to right:
  • Kasumi Kitohara. A young twenty-one year old who goes to college on Earth-II, she is also the unknown savior of the world after her younger adopted sister, who almost caused the whole entire world to get brainwashed by utilizing an MMO called Katimarohe. She is rather kind and sweet, albeit a bit naive. (Yes, I know the concept is stupid, it was 2006 when I made this OC.)
  • Melissa "Mucchi" Crown. A high school student (ranging from 16-18 y/o, pick your poison!) who is actually a cow who was turned into a human, along with the rest of her family. She was turned human when she was little, so she's the only one in her family that doesn't recall her time as a calf, although she knows her true identity as a cow. She is also the singer and songwriter for the band she created with her older brother in order to help him impress a girl. Her nickname is "Mucchi" because it sounded like a cute version of "moo", which was the first word that came out of her human mouth. Mucchi comes off a little harsh and cold sometimes, but she really cares about those who she befriends.
  • Melissa Crown | Magical Girl Mucchi (AU) Alternate universe version of above. Her basic backstory is the same, but when she turned twelve, the fairy told her that the price of staying human is to become a magical girl and assist the fairy in defeating evil, essentially.
  • Alyssa | "Alice" Alyssa is a former 17 year old princess in a world that has no name and is generally referred to as "The World". She had a younger sister who was jealous of Alyssa's beauty, grace, and popularity and that younger sister sold her soul to become a temptress (aka a siren) and killed her parents and put the blame on Alyssa. As punishment, Alyssa was sentenced to travel through worlds endlessly without aging or having to die. Her mode of "travelling" is that she turns into water and appears in the worlds without any clothes. She cannot control what world she ends up in nor can she control when she leaves, either.

  • AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. Like what you see? Feel free to toss a prompt at me or utilize any of these:

    classicmode: (Maybe put on some fucking platforms)

    ( closed for [personal profile] softieware )

    [ Video games are her life. Or could you say that life is a video game...? Either way, those sentences hold much meaning for the Super High School Level Gamer, considering that she's playing the usual Gala Omega on her Game Girl Advance to the point where she finds herself bumping into Chihiro. She's so sorry, Chihiro, she isn't exactly paying much - if any - attention to her surroundings hence why she's still playing her game even as she's bumped into the poor computer programmer.

    It's probably a little impolite for the class representative to be doing that without saying a single word, so she manages-- ]

    ... Sorry. [ -- a single word. At least she tried, right? ]
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    ( closed for [personal profile] keystaff )

    [ The moment they were sent off to another world was the same moment where everything turned pitch black, confusing him in every way. He had just seen his father again and he had to — no. There was no use in thinking about the past. All he had to do was move on towards the future. While it might be a rather uncertain future, as he has to travel vast worlds, being in a realm of darkness was definitely not one of the things that he expected. At least, not now. Not today.

    But there's one thing that pulls him in; the idea that this might be the dream world. He's been in here several times, but it was never of his own volition. He doesn't have the ability that his mother does, after all, as a dreamseer.

    There must be a reason for it. There always is. Nothing ever happens without reason, after all. Coincidences just don't happen.

    So there must be— ]

    ... Who's there?

    [ His voice is wary, careful -- even uncertain of himself, if only because he doesn't know who or what could be in this dream. Dreams aren't always safe and peaceful, after all, so he wants to make sure that he doesn't make any mistakes. ]

    ( eluvio sample with [personal profile] partyleader )

    [ Due to the fact that they were roommates - and honestly, Chiaki finds it rather strange, to be rooming with herself - she decides that there's only one way to settle who gets the top bunk. ]

    ... I challenge you to a battle. Any game works. [...] If we do Smash, it has to be Final Destination, no items.

    [ Naturally it's a video game battle, but she's decided to let her human counterpart choose what the game of choice. She isn't naturally competitive, to tell the truth, but she really wants to see just how good she is at video games. It's one of the reasons why she's made this sort of decision, after all. ]
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    CALL ME OUT 2017!

    New year, new call me out, and more chances to play with me for whatever reason you want. Of course, I have a preference for shipping trash, but it doesn't have to go that way, if you don't want it. Since it's the beginning of the year, I thought that we should start things fresh. Anyway, I'm down for a bunch of stuff: AUs, game CRAUs, memloss, smut, what have you. Plus, this is your chance to play with some of my less common characters, so let's get the ball rolling, shall we?

    Someone missing from this list that you'd like to play with? Check out my muselist! And if you're stuck on scenarios:

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    ( nsfw ) the final smutty call me out of 2016!

    It's almost the end of the year, so it's time to get down and dirty with — something that surprises nobody — a call me out meme! The deal is pretty simple, as always: you want to roleplay with me? Cool. Just choose a muse listed below (or, perhaps, ask for someone else as I'm kind of picky with smut) or perhaps allow me to choose via RNG, character preferences, whatever, choose a scenario and either leave a starter or leave the start up to me. Your choice. ♥

    Now then, your choice cast for today are the following—

    Character you want to smut with not on here and you find them on my muselist? Feel free to ask if they're available!
    If you're stuck on a prompt and would like to play something out, feel free to peruse any of these - but please don't feel limited to playing just this - if you wish:

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    ( closed ) i don't know, you don't know, nobody does

    [ Rei Hazama: a girl who was known for her powerful hypnotic ability to the point where she even had her own television show when she was a young child. They called her Saimin Shoujo - Hypnosis Girl. However, due to several factors, the show was cancelled. While many people thought that she was a fake, that all changed when she became a Super High School Level at Hope's Peak Academy.

    That school, Hope's Peak was known globally to be a place where they were making an attempt to find people with talent and research them. However, that was just a cover for the real reason behind the founding of the school: to find able telepaths and possibly see if one of them could form a link. But it still hasn't happened to anybody, so they just keep on collecting telepaths like candy.

    But the mistake Rei makes is not paying attention to her surroundings and manages to bump into a whole foot taller than her— ]

    I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...

    [ What she doesn't realize is that he can hear her thoughts loud and clear now, even when she tries to hide it. 'This boy, he's a Reserve Course student, isn't he?' ]
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    ( closed ) struggling, compensating, we're searching out our reason for living

    [seriously don't let me make PSL opening posts tbh; anyway, top levels for each thread underneath the post. or something. I'LL DEAL WITH THIS LATER OR SO HELP ME]