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( except for the fact that's a lie, given this post... )

    As you probably have guessed by the title of this post: I'm thirsty almost 99.99% of the time. Which means that this is your chance to indulge me! Or vice versa. Or something. 2016 has literally just started (as of this post) and I thought to myself - hey, maybe somebody will want to do some sexytimes with me. And without further ado, here is your open post to do just that! I'm really not picky on kinks and this is pretty much a do whatever, whenever kind of post for the year, so feel free to hit me up now, later, whenever.

    Anyway, my kink list can be found here, and my muselist is here. Feel free to call out any of my characters and just list kinks and I'll throw a starter up! As for ships, I'm not all that picky and I'm okay with M/F, F/F and M/M, although I'm not that great at the latter, admittedly.

    And there you have it. Be free to do whatever you want just as long as it's smut worthy. And I don't mind getting to the down and dirty if you prefer skipping through the buildup. ♥
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Mistletoe Meme
( because who doesn't hate recaptcha...! ) 

    Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you... T'is the season-- almost. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

① Seriously, I just took this from bakerstreet since the original post pretty much hit recaptcha.
② Tag with a top level calling out one of my characters and make me write a starter. Or you can write a starter. Whatever. (If you're continuing from the meme, feel free to just link to the last tag or whatever.)
③ ???
⑥ Cute kisses everywhere!
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• namine ( kingdom hearts ii )
• himeko inaba ( kokoro connect )
• illyasviel von einzbern ( fate/ ); includes both stay night and kaleid liner variants
• ash ketchum ( pokemon ); includes original series, dppt, bw, and etop variants
• bernkastel ( umineko )
• haruhi suzumiya ( the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya )
• natsumi kimiyoshi ( higurashi )
• dawn "hikari" ( pokemon anime + tyl plot from soul campaign ); can also play regular anime dawn
• akane kurashiki ( 999/vlr )
• hitagi senjougahara ( monogatari series )
• nui harime ( kill la kill )
• homura akemi ( madoka magica ); includes moemura variant
• honoka kousaka ( love live! ); includes bad vanguard au
• melissa "mucchi" crown ( original character ); basically a cow girl who turned human
• akane tsunemori ( psycho-pass )
• asuna yuuki ( sword art online )
• yuno gasai ( mirai nikki )
• yuri nakamura ( angel beats! )
• chii ( chobits )
• tsubasa li ( tsubasa )
• sakura kinomoto ( cardcaptor sakura )

Just call out one of the characters and either leave a prompt, RNG from here, whatever. And that's it! Have fun, losers.
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( taken from [personal profile] astrogony because i want cute fluffy things )

how to play!

    ① Pick a character from my muselist. Feel free to ask if you're unsure.
    ② Post a top level comment! Either write up your own scenario or choose a prompt from the list below. I'm game for anything - cross-canon, cross-medium, F/M, F/F, M/M, you name it. ♥
    ③ ???

prompt list (in case you're stuck)!

Random Scenario options
Unusual Show of Affection
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Because sometimes, I get bored. This is basically an open post for all your smut-related needs with me, honestly. Feel free to request any thread or meme with me, and we can get the ball rolling. I do like plotting beforehand, so don't hesitate to contact me in any way if necessary. I'm pretty open, honestly.

I'm willing to do cross-canon, cross-medium, and alternate universes. Scenarios can be as simple or as complicated as you wish! My kink list is here and some basic scenario ideas can be found here.

My muselist is also here for reference. All I ask is for people not to request my severely underage characters.

Scenario Wishes -- of course, you don't have to do these, but they're here in case you're stuck! Feel free to suggest other things as well, as long as they're viable and I give the OK.
    ❖ Five Minutes in Hell scenario. Basically, you're trapped in a closet and you're not allowed to touch each other for five minutes. However, with the heavy amount of aphrodisiacs in the air, it's kind of difficult not to.
    ❖ Afterlife scenario. I kind of want to play something a la Death Parade where characters don't remember that they're dead at first until after they do the deed. (Mostly because I'm a horrible person, why would you let me do this?)
    ❖ Characters get sent to an alternate universe where sex is the Huge Thing and it's everywhere. Everyone's doing it, 24/7, nonstop, it's all crazy as all heck and what the fuck is going on. Having characters either play along with the setting or try to figure out why they're there is totally viable.
    ❖ "Blind Date". Basically, instead of going on a date, you're paired up, without knowing each other, for sex. Whether they fulfill your preferences that you put up when you signed up for this or not is totally up to you. Maybe you were roped into it!
    ❖ Sex first, dating later. You've known this person for a while. Or maybe not. But you're deeply in love with them, and you want them. So you decide to give them the D first. And then ask them out after. Oops.
    ❖ Outright rejection of sex. One of the two characters is too pure for this world. Or maybe they just hate the idea of sex to begin with. Who knows? Someone's going to have sex and they're gonna enjoy it.
    ❖ You own this person. Whether it be as a slave, pet, what have you-- you own them, and you're going to have a lot of fun with them. Maybe they're even brainwashed into thinking that they're your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife!
    ❖ You can never have this person. Basically, they're taken. Whether it's by society - i.e them being an idol or a famous celebrity, dating someone else, married, what have you, you can't have them. Yet somehow, you're able to have sex with them. Maybe you'll get lucky and get to NTR!
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This is a post where you may request any sort of thread with me, play out any meme with me, whatever you want. Of course, I might take a while to respond to musebox threads, but please do not let this deter you. If you really wish for a reply, just send me a message either via PM, plurk, or AIM and I'll get back to as soon as possible. And feel free to message me for any plotting purposes. I'm always up for threads, so please don't hesitate to ask for more than one!

It's open to all things: I will play crossovers, cross-canon, alternate universes, smut, you name it, you got it.

how to utilize this post.
    ① Pick one of your characters. It doesn't matter if I'm canon familiar with them or not, I don't mind. Feel free to PM me a short description of what the character is like, same if you're willing to play with any of my obscure characters. Also, I'm okay with any roleplayer, whether English is their first language or not, or even if they think they're not that great! If you're seeing this post, you're probably my friend, so I won't judge your roleplaying style at all. ♥
    ② Choose one of my characters to play with. Note that if you want to ask for my inactive characters, please send me a message first so I can give you the okay - my voice with some of those muses isn't all that great, after all. You're also free to randomize a character as well.
    ③ Reply with an empty comment, put up your own prompt or scenario, or feel free to randomize from this list. As for smut, don't hesitate to ask for my kink list. I'm pretty open to most scenarios in general, so it doesn't hurt to ask!
    ④ ???
    ⑤ Profit!
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[ When you awaken, you're in what seems to be an abandoned warehouse; it looks like the place hasn't been used for its original intent in ages, though the smell of copper permeates the area. The carcasses of corpses lie around here and there - some dismembered, some completely intact - along with creepy, oversized masks of rabbits.

The warehouse itself isn't that big -- there's two floors, and many doors. However, each door is locked, and the only way through is to find a key.

However, you're not alone. There's a girl who seems to be panicking nervously, fiddling with her skirt anxiously as she sits on her wheelchair, glancing every now and again at you, not all that certain as what to do. At least, that's before you awaken, which is when she gasps in sheer surprise. ]

You're-- you're finally awake.
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✧ characters!
    canon characters:
    himeko inaba (kokoro connect)
    rin tohsaka (fate/stay night)
    shirou emiya (fate/stay night)
    sakura matou (fate/stay night)
    rei hazama (doubt)
    bernkastel (umineko no naku koro ni)
    mei (pokemon) - note: i also play an au of her where touko (bw) died and inherited her body, if you want to play that.
    haruhi suzumiya (the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya)
    alex russo (wizards of waverly place)
    akane kurashiki (zero escape)
    hitagi senjougahara (monogatari series)
    rika furude (higurashi no naku koro ni)
    clover field (zero escape)
    homura akemi (puella magi madoka magica)
    taichi yaegashi (kokoro connect)

    original characters:
    "question" - the younger sibling who lived in a unnamed kingdom. she was the younger sister of the princess, who was beautiful and kind, and to "question", formerly named jeanne, she was perfect. used to consider herself ugly and wanted to be noticed, so she sold her soul to a demon who granted her wish to be beautiful. in return, she became the evil vessel and later killed her parents and disappeared, causing her older sister to be blamed for the killing.
    alice / "alyssa" - the older sibling who lived in an unnamed kingdom. a young girl who was happy and rather carefree and cared for everything. but then she lost everything on that one day when her younger sister betrayed her. as punishment, the four mages of the kingdom sent her on a journey through countless worlds, never to die, but never to stay in one world forever, simply appearing and disappearing endlessly. she has the ability to slide through worlds rather awkwardly, though - which leads to somewhat perverted results.
    melissa "mucchi" crown - the youngest of three children, a cow girl who turned into the shape of a human by having her owner's wish granted. somewhat of a sly girl and is also the lead singer for a band which she has with her older, but dense, brother, ross. she's the one who understands life as a human the most, since all her memories are as a human. has cow ears that can reveal her identity -- if shown to a human and they are completely convinced that she is a cow, she will turn back within 72 hours.
    moe - an only child in a new world called earth 2; a planet that all humans moved to after the original earth was destroyed in chaos. she currently lives in eden, a "facility" that was created for people like moe, basically people who had "unneeded emotions", as deemed by the four sages (aka the original people from earth) that could cause chaose to happen and a repeat of what happened on the original earth. in eden, people are sent to die at the age of 13 -- and before being rescued by an elite force who was rebelling against this system, she was going to die without knowing it. moe is a naive girl who doesn't know much.
    mikoto - a glitch in the system. someone who wasn't supposed to exist in reality, but suddenly became real for reasons unknown. knows that she's not supposed to exist and wishes to disappear.
    kasumi kitohara - a young teenage girl - currently 17 - who, at the young age of 12, single-handedly saved the world from a ten year old genius who was trying to take over it. a huge gaming nerd.

✧ how to play!
    ① post by "calling out" one of my characters. either leave a blank comment or a prompt of your own -- if you're stuck, feel free to randomize a scenario from this list. i'm literally open to anything - aus, fluff, smut, what have you! if you plan on playing smut with me, feel free to check out my kink list; i'm pretty open but don't hesitate to plot with me beforehand.
    ② ???
    ③ profit!
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    Since my hype is real for Pokémon, let's have a mingle post! Basically taken form every roleplayer ever, and this is me joining in the bandwagon yet again. This post is open until the end of time, so don't worry about any late backtags; I'll get to them eventually. If I forget, however, feel free to ping me and I'll get right on it.

    Since this is a Pokémon-related mingle post, you've got several flavors to choose from. The first is to choose any muse of mine, whether they're from the Pokémon series or not, and either AU them into the Pokémon universe or have them suddenly teleported there from their canon -- it's all up to you! And the second is to play with any of my Pokémon characters, and you've got several options.

    I'm totally game for any shipping interactions, or AUs consisting of pre-assumed interactions, combining canons, or whatever you want! Just ask and you'll receive. And any cross-canon CR is totally great for me!

    Of course, there are prompt suggestions on the bottom if you can't think of a scenario, but honestly, feel free to come up with whatever you want, even if it's not listed.

    Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon anime; catch-all in four different flavors, original up to Johto, Diamond and Pearl, BW, or Satoko/Ashley!

    Mei from the Pokémon Black and White 2 games has two different versions, both the original game, and an AU where Hilda died and took over her body.

    Dawn from the Pokémon anime can either be taken from the original DP series she hails from or anytime during the BW arc!

    Serena from the Pokémon XY series - specifically X - is taken post-game, as a new Champion and savior of the Kalos region. She's rather chill about things.

    Dawn from the Pokémon DPPt games is taken post-game, and tends to be a very serious trainer.

    Bianca from the Pokémon anime is a rather klutzy girl who aims high for her goals.


Mirror World shenanigans: basically, you tag me either with a character that's the same as mine or give me a character that knows mine! And we'll have them sent to another world entirely that's a little topsy-turvy.
Pokémon battles!
Making Poképuffs, Pokéblocks, any sort of Pokéfood.
Sick Day Meme
Random Scenario Meme
Hypnosis Meme
Truth Meme
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    An open roleplay and mingle post for Himeko Inaba from the Kokoro Connect series. Basically taken from almost every other roleplayer ever, and I wanted to join in the bandwagon.

    Inaba comes in several different flavors - canon and Dangan Roleplay flavor (both game canon - either alive or as a ghost, your choice - and Mastermind AU)! Feel free to specify which version you'd like in the header. Another thing to note, especially for DRRP players, I'm also game for DRRP and original canon mashups, so basically, any scenarios where a DRRP player meets Inaba at her original canon point without any of the Dangan Roleplay in it is totally okay with me.

    Also, if you wish for me to take Inaba from a different time point than her regular ones - Michi Random or Yume Random, please tell me so as well, especially if you want to go through a shipping route. I'm also game for any AUs for either pre-assumed interactions, combining canons, or literally anything! Just ask, and you will definitely receive.

    Just throw any character into the post and let's get started! Don't worry about picking a scenario or anything right away, and feel free to choose a scenario from the list below or make your own adventure! It's all up to you.

Random Scenario Meme
Pocky Game
Caught in the Rain Meme
Zombie Apocalypse Meme
I'll Looke Out for Theme Meme
Sick Day Meme


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