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( except for the fact that's a lie, given this post... )

    As you probably have guessed by the title of this post: I'm thirsty almost 99.99% of the time. Which means that this is your chance to indulge me! Or vice versa. Or something. 2016 has literally just started (as of this post) and I thought to myself - hey, maybe somebody will want to do some sexytimes with me. And without further ado, here is your open post to do just that! I'm really not picky on kinks and this is pretty much a do whatever, whenever kind of post for the year, so feel free to hit me up now, later, whenever.

    Anyway, my kink list can be found here, and my muselist is here. Feel free to call out any of my characters and just list kinks and I'll throw a starter up! As for ships, I'm not all that picky and I'm okay with M/F, F/F and M/M, although I'm not that great at the latter, admittedly.

    And there you have it. Be free to do whatever you want just as long as it's smut worthy. And I don't mind getting to the down and dirty if you prefer skipping through the buildup. ♥
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    2015's almost over in just a few days, so let's go out with a bang! And by that, of course I mean it's time for the final shipping hell open roleplaying post of 2015. It's a do a whatever, whenever kind of post with no rules besides "if it fits, it ships" and honestly? I'm not too picky. ♥

    I'm game for pretty much anything, whether it be general shipping or a little more than that. Even if we've never done a ship before, let's go! Assumed CR, AUs, what have you? That's all fine by me. I'm also willing to play out game CRAUs. Literally anything goes. If you want to try out a new ship, here's the place for the end of the year shebang.

    And without further ado...

... and if you're really stuck? Feel free to just leave an empty comment; I'll come up with something!
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Mistletoe Meme
( because who doesn't hate recaptcha...! ) 

    Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you... T'is the season-- almost. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

① Seriously, I just took this from bakerstreet since the original post pretty much hit recaptcha.
② Tag with a top level calling out one of my characters and make me write a starter. Or you can write a starter. Whatever. (If you're continuing from the meme, feel free to just link to the last tag or whatever.)
③ ???
⑥ Cute kisses everywhere!
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[ It's December, which means only one of two things: Christmas shopping. Well, more specifically, Rei had decided that it would be for the best to go and hang with somebody else for this, seeing as she wanted it all to be a surprise. She has some ideas already, but it's not coming that easy to her. Like seriously, what do you get someone who is so plain???

She's here at the meeting place - look, she brought Stocking a present too (spoilers: it's candy) - ready to get things started. ]

Happy early Christmas. I brought you a little something before we go and buy some stuff. [ It's also her birthday in a few weeks too, so she decided that maybe if she gave Hinata some space he would get her something during that time period?? What a good girlfriend. ]
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[today, at the Wright Anything Agency, there's an unfamiliar knocking of the door. of course, it's only interrupted not by somebody on the inside opening the door, but the fact that the rather enthusiastic spirit medium who decided to visit has gone out of her way (at least, in her mind) to come visit. look, she's even brought a bag full of burgers, how nice of her! of course, what greets her is not something that she expected at all in the slightest bit, but oh, well.

don't worry, though, Maya's not a burglar or anything - although with that weird dress of hers and the fact that she barged her way in before the offices are supposed to be open - seem to be a tell tale sign that something's up. something rather suspicious, actually...

which may be the sole reason why this young lady - she's 26! - seems to point at the nearest person with quite some enthusiasm.]

Hey! [be thankful it's not as bad at his Chords of Steel, although it's still pretty loud and she's doing the pointing just like an Objection! the intonation is there, too.] I was wondering if you've seen Nick around ooooor—

[she glances around the room as she lengthens the time she says the "or" before finishing it off with a simple:]

—not. Well, I guess if he's not here, I'll just have to settle for you instead!

[she'll just. be getting in Apollo's personal space right now, don't mind her as she places a hand on his shoulder. he might even recognize her if he's watched the videos of the Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright's cases. or he could just think that she's a complete weirdo - I mean, she probably looks a little older, but not too much different to be too much of a distinction.]

You're a lawyer too, right?
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[ Wraiths. The enemy of the magical girl. But now, the enemy of one person who goes by the name of Homura Akemi. But... she's no longer a person, is she? All that's left of the girl is a shell; she's the devil now, after all, someone who tore the god known as Kaname Madoka and brought her back down to earth.

Even though she's supposed to be paying attention to that pink haired girl, make her safe, make sure she never gets hurt ever again because Madoka belongs to her-

She then sees her down the street, where all the wraiths are. That's not a good sign. Normal people can't see them, and all they do is suck out emotion until there's nothing left. Knitting her brows, Homura frowned, transforming into a partial magical girl form (the devil form was unbefitting for them) and shooting arrows straight at the creatures.

Although she didn't want to risk having Madoka see her like this, she didn't have much of a choice. Maybe she'll have to erase her memories again, later. She could do that, now that she has all this power. But for now, Homura just turns on her heel, looking at the pinkette with careful eyes, hoping that she wasn't too late.

They didn't take Madoka's emotions, did they? She can't tell immediately, just by looking at her. ]

Kaname Madoka. [ She speaks with no emotion nor sanity in her voice, just cold and emotionless, regardless of her true feelings on the matter. ] Are you alright?
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[ To Hazama Rei, it felt as if it all happened in a blink of an eye, and it caused her to be slightly dizzy. Bringing her hand to her head, slender fingers ran through her plum colored hair as she took a quick glance around. Ah, it was an island, wasn't it..? She hadn't been told much about Hajime's world, but being stuck on an island only meant one thing.

Was this the place where he was stuck in, before he went home? She recalled being told about being stuck on an island, after all, on the first evening after they met. After the trial.

When she was still— No. Shaking it off, the small, petite girl decided that it would be for the best for her to not think about that right now. She did promise that she'd tell him anything he wanted to know - anything he needed to know - if he just simply asked. Lying was something that she hated, even now. Well, at least she wasn't on wheels this time around. There was no need for her to be to begin with; she hadn't needed one for a while now.

But, uh. This is new. She's not sure where to start, honestly. For now, she'll just wander aimlessly, calling out the familiar name. Rei hasn't forgotten it. She refused to, if only to keep the 'self' she was now. ]

Hajime..? [ He is here, right? There wasn't any mistakes when she was sent to this world, right? ]
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[ This was not as planned. Definitely not as planned. That much was evident — especially since she had not been planning on summoning an actual person. All she did, really, was read a rumor on the 2ch boards (she knew that she shouldn't have trusted it, but her curiosity got the better of her) that she would be able to summon up her courage to confess and that it would have an immediate effect. And that effect was a definite yes from the person she liked. (Whose name was Emiya Shirou, someone who went to the same school as she did and was in the same year, but, well, didn't know her very well since they weren't in the same class.)

Inaba was not good with her feelings at all, especially not when it came to feelings of love.

She closed herself up, and kept to herself most of the time. Which was why she decided to give it a try, regardless of the fact that it probably wouldn't work. It was a simple task: all she had to do was draw a magic circle around her room and place her fingers between her legs, curiously, as she let out a heated sigh-- but then she saw the glow and then someone appeared. In her room.

While she was barely wearing anything (she was just in her lingerie, a lace black bra and underwear), staring at the intruder with dead eyes.

This was definitely not as planned.

And now she's been completely humiliated that she was seen masturbating by some... some stranger. ]
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[ It had been a few days since he had summoned his Servant, and he still couldn't help but be rather surprised by the situation as a whole. Besides, Shirou didn't really understand it all honestly - regardless of the fact that both Tohsaka and that fake priest's explanations.

Early in the morning, he decides to cook up some breakfast for her. It's the least he can do, after all. For breakfast, he starts with some miso soup, rice and salmon. He won't wake her up, or at least, he'll try not to, since he wants her to have as much rest as she possible can-- seeing as he didn't make a proper contract with her.

Though he'll definitely go to check on her if the food almost gets cold.. ]
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    leave one of my characters a message!
    phone calls, text messages, video messages, tfln, misfires, whatever you want.
    if you want someone here, feel free to ask as well.

    taken from a bunch of people, but a huge thanks to claire for coming up with this!
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[Truth be told, she was honestly not sure if she should have accepted his invitation to join «ALfheim Online», but it was worth a shot. She had never played a VRMMO before, yet she knew that it would be very different from the other games she played back in middle school when she was a hikkikomori. Character creation was the thing that probably took the most out of her. There were just so many choices to choose. . .

But if she was going to use this account as her main (she could always make another, for trolling purposes) it would be for the best to keep things simple -- which is why she decided that her avatar should look similarly enough to her actual self. It would probably help him find her easier when she logged in.

The only exception to the rule was the race— choosing a Cait Sith, which meant that she had an additional cat ears and tail that matched the color of her raven colored hair. And the name she chose for her avatar was also rather simple; she took the first character of her last name and switch to katakana to type out the two characters for her intended handle: Ine.

Now all she had to do was wait for the idiot to show up in the first town that she was spawned in. Just because she was familiar with games didn't necessarily mean that she didn't need help, especially in something that caused her to be fully immersed in the game like this. Letting out a self-deprecating sigh, fingers ran through her hair as she crossed her arms over her chest, taking quick glances around as the cat ears that rested atop her head twitched in anticipation.]

Geez. He better not take too long, or else I'll kick his ass into the next world!

[As if that were possible, considering that in this world, she would be considered a level one newbie and would barely be able to defeat him. He had experience, after all...]
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Forests are deep and vast.

They're also the perfect place to hold a game, especially keeping in consideration the fact that Bernkastel was growing bored just simply watching the dice roll after the pieces were set in place. Which is why, after the ritual, she decides to invite a guest over -- unwillingly, of course -- but it's not as if he won't notice the changes.

All of his friends who were beside him have no disappeared, and there's a clear shift in his surroundings. While the forest looks the same, it certainly does not feel the same, as there's some sort of permeating aura that seems to be rather daunting. As if it's crying out to run away, to escape.

Though this change of surroundings might leave him with many questions; like why was he here, why were his friends gone, and what was this feeling of dread that seemed to encompass the entire forest, growing darker and darker as it was, there's also some answers that he may be getting, now that he's entered it. Memories of previous fragments are now clearer and it's not just pieces of memories, it's every last thing.

And he might note that he is not alone in this forest, as clarified by the young purple haired girl sitting on a chair nearby, staring at him with empty, emotionless eyes, like a marionette with its strings cut. There's clearly something wrong with her, and it isn't just the fact that she's floating in midair, or sipping tea idly.

Welcome to hell. We hope you enjoy your stay.
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• namine ( kingdom hearts ii )
• himeko inaba ( kokoro connect )
• illyasviel von einzbern ( fate/ ); includes both stay night and kaleid liner variants
• ash ketchum ( pokemon ); includes original series, dppt, bw, and etop variants
• bernkastel ( umineko )
• haruhi suzumiya ( the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya )
• natsumi kimiyoshi ( higurashi )
• dawn "hikari" ( pokemon anime + tyl plot from soul campaign ); can also play regular anime dawn
• akane kurashiki ( 999/vlr )
• hitagi senjougahara ( monogatari series )
• nui harime ( kill la kill )
• homura akemi ( madoka magica ); includes moemura variant
• honoka kousaka ( love live! ); includes bad vanguard au
• melissa "mucchi" crown ( original character ); basically a cow girl who turned human
• akane tsunemori ( psycho-pass )
• asuna yuuki ( sword art online )
• yuno gasai ( mirai nikki )
• yuri nakamura ( angel beats! )
• chii ( chobits )
• tsubasa li ( tsubasa )
• sakura kinomoto ( cardcaptor sakura )

Just call out one of the characters and either leave a prompt, RNG from here, whatever. And that's it! Have fun, losers.
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( taken from [personal profile] astrogony because i want cute fluffy things )

how to play!

    ① Pick a character from my muselist. Feel free to ask if you're unsure.
    ② Post a top level comment! Either write up your own scenario or choose a prompt from the list below. I'm game for anything - cross-canon, cross-medium, F/M, F/F, M/M, you name it. ♥
    ③ ???

prompt list (in case you're stuck)!

Random Scenario options
Unusual Show of Affection
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[When Inaba wakes up in an unfamiliar room with an unfamiliar body, there's only one thing to think:

She's not sure whether Heartseed's behind this or not, but there's something that's for certain. This isn't her body, nor one of the members of the StuCS, either. After all, they didn't have such a huge rack. With a groan, she manages to get herself onto her feet, desperately looking for a phone. At the very least, this Freaky Friday situation was not to get out of hand without first contacting the person who's currently residing in her own body.

She has the most important priorities.

Hopefully Natsuru will actually pick up...]
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This is a post where you may request any sort of thread with me, play out any meme with me, whatever you want. Of course, I might take a while to respond to musebox threads, but please do not let this deter you. If you really wish for a reply, just send me a message either via PM, plurk, or AIM and I'll get back to as soon as possible. And feel free to message me for any plotting purposes. I'm always up for threads, so please don't hesitate to ask for more than one!

It's open to all things: I will play crossovers, cross-canon, alternate universes, smut, you name it, you got it.

how to utilize this post.
    ① Pick one of your characters. It doesn't matter if I'm canon familiar with them or not, I don't mind. Feel free to PM me a short description of what the character is like, same if you're willing to play with any of my obscure characters. Also, I'm okay with any roleplayer, whether English is their first language or not, or even if they think they're not that great! If you're seeing this post, you're probably my friend, so I won't judge your roleplaying style at all. ♥
    ② Choose one of my characters to play with. Note that if you want to ask for my inactive characters, please send me a message first so I can give you the okay - my voice with some of those muses isn't all that great, after all. You're also free to randomize a character as well.
    ③ Reply with an empty comment, put up your own prompt or scenario, or feel free to randomize from this list. As for smut, don't hesitate to ask for my kink list. I'm pretty open to most scenarios in general, so it doesn't hurt to ask!
    ④ ???
    ⑤ Profit!
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[ Rin Tohsaka was elegant at all costs. And of course, today was no exception to that rule. Though as she takes a stroll in the mid-afternoon, almost close to night time, she notices that there's someone out who's usually not out this late. And especially not in this area. As an honor student, it's only right to greet them.

Which is why when she slowly passes by, she puts on a brave face and smile, speaking in a polite tone. ]

Why, Senou-san, I usually never see you here this late...
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[ It had been several years since he had declined Kiritsugu's offer and decided to live in the church with Kotomine. Now that he was a teenager, he was feeling rather... conflicted. Even though most of the time, he felt completely empty, there was someone who made him feel something in his chest, and he didn't understand what it meant at all. Which is why, on Saturday, after classes and mid-afternoon kenpo training, he decides that he needs to ask.

The question sat there for quite some time, but he wasn't sure how he was supposed to just simply bring it up. Besides, he didn't understand it to begin with. Maybe it was something that he had to actually worry about, which caused him to furrow his brow in frustration.

Might as well come out with it.

As Shirou placed his hands on the church doors, he pushed it open, hoping that his old man was there. But he paid no mind, nor any consideration as he raised his hand to his mouth, yelling across the church halls and pews. This was important, after all. ]

Hey, old man! You're there, aren't you? Don't tell me you're playing hide and seek again.

[ Because he knew that he tended to hide in the shadows. But the thing he hoped the most was that he didn't have to run into Gilgamesh... He'd probably give him more nonsense about this situation. ]
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[ When you awaken, you're in what seems to be an abandoned warehouse; it looks like the place hasn't been used for its original intent in ages, though the smell of copper permeates the area. The carcasses of corpses lie around here and there - some dismembered, some completely intact - along with creepy, oversized masks of rabbits.

The warehouse itself isn't that big -- there's two floors, and many doors. However, each door is locked, and the only way through is to find a key.

However, you're not alone. There's a girl who seems to be panicking nervously, fiddling with her skirt anxiously as she sits on her wheelchair, glancing every now and again at you, not all that certain as what to do. At least, that's before you awaken, which is when she gasps in sheer surprise. ]

You're-- you're finally awake.
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[ Waking up these days was never alright. But he didn't always recall immediately why he felt nauseous, completely sick to his stomach. It was probably just him thinking about the arm that rested on his left side; the one that no longer belonged to him. Shrugging it off as nothing, Emiya Shirou stood up from his futon, rolled it up and placed it in its proper place before heading into the kitchen.

He didn't know what day it was - his memory was going bad, naturally - but he'd eventually find out once he got into the kitchen to whip up some breakfast. He was pretty certain that the Holy Grail War was still going on.

It was always going on.

It never ended for him.

And once he saw Sakura in the living room/kitchen, he understood completely what this feeling was. It wasn't a good one, and it made him lose his appetite. But it was definitely apparent that he was staring at her in a shocked, frozen state, his eyes wide in something akin to fear. But there was more to it than that. He was afraid of Sakura. He shouldn't be, but he was. The memory was rising back into his head, even though he wanted to push it out. He wanted it to go away, disappear. It was just another dream...

The Sakura who was here was different from the one in his 'dream'. The one that was clouding his memory. A Sakura, transfigured in black, her hair having turned into a snow white.

"Oh, you're here, Senpai. You were so late, I thought you ran away.
I'm sorry, I'll call myself back. It was a mistake to arrange them at the exit to surprise you."

A shiver ran down his spine as the memory overtook him. But he couldn't let Sakura see the fear in his eyes, so he clenched his hands tightly as he tried to steel himself, giving the usual greeting. ]

Good morning... Sakura.


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