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( closed ) i don't know, you don't know, nobody does

[ Rei Hazama: a girl who was known for her powerful hypnotic ability to the point where she even had her own television show when she was a young child. They called her Saimin Shoujo - Hypnosis Girl. However, due to several factors, the show was cancelled. While many people thought that she was a fake, that all changed when she became a Super High School Level at Hope's Peak Academy.

That school, Hope's Peak was known globally to be a place where they were making an attempt to find people with talent and research them. However, that was just a cover for the real reason behind the founding of the school: to find able telepaths and possibly see if one of them could form a link. But it still hasn't happened to anybody, so they just keep on collecting telepaths like candy.

But the mistake Rei makes is not paying attention to her surroundings and manages to bump into a whole foot taller than her— ]

I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...

[ What she doesn't realize is that he can hear her thoughts loud and clear now, even when she tries to hide it. 'This boy, he's a Reserve Course student, isn't he?' ]
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[The first thing Hinata notices when she bumps into him is her uniform, and it flusters him and has him quick to apologize in a tone a little more humble than his norm.]

No, I'm sorry, I should've been watching where I wa-

[Hinata breaks off his sentence, jerking hard as the thought crosses through his mind. It's less out of surprise like it should be and more out of something that feels closer to... hurt, but he doesn't speak that feeling out. Of course she'd notice something like that...]

Were those your... thoughts just now?
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[The anger rushes into him, hard and fast, and Hinata is reacting before he has a chance to think about it.]

Hey, I never asked to be in there, so get out of mine first!

[He gasps sharply, jerking back as his hand flies up to slap over his mouth. The impact is so rushed and desperate that his lips sting from it.]

I- God, I'm so sorry, I don't... I don't know why I said that...!

[It's dangerously close to feeling like he has no control over his body at all, and it's terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. He doesn't know what's going.

What is this? What's happening to me?!]
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W-wait! Where are you going? What is it you need to look up?

[This is all... happening way too fast. It's a lot to keep up with, but more than anything, Hinata wants to know where he's being instructed to go without any explanation beforehand. But he feels drawn to follow her regardless, so he does as she said... mentally?

Tentatively, he tests it out. This... link or whatever that we have. Just what is this exactly, anyway? Because this is absolutely crazy. This kind of thing does not happen to him. He's Hinata Hajime - boring, average, disappointing Hinata Hajime. He does not have the extraordinary happen to him.

...And yet, here he is. Also... Do you know why it's the two of us and not someone else? Because I've never had anything like this happen to me before.]
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[He keeps pace with her as they walk, and it's a weird feeling, but Hinata tries to continue talking to her through this weird link or whatever it is. Is it really possible that I could be a telepath...? I've never had anything happen like this, ever. The very thought of it is insane. Hinata doesn't know if he should laugh or cry. What would his parents say about their too-average disappointment of a son if they knew he'd been a telepath all this time?

Even if I've never had this happen before, have you? If you know that I'm... "attached" to you or something, is telepathy normally something you can do?]
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[Something like this, lying right under his nose for so long... He almost stops walking at that, but that would be the opposite of what either of them want in this situation. Because, at least speaking for himself, Hinata needs answers. And he's pretty sure it's the same for her too...

Come to think of it, he doesn't even know her name. But he'll ask in a bit, because what she's saying through the link is... pretty concerning.

Makes sense, though. I'm guessing you've never had anything like this happen before, where you couldn't unlink with someone? It feels weird, talking about all of this like he knows anything about it. But Hinata supposes that he has to make knowing his business, now. I have to wonder why it happened now, though... Maybe there's just something wrong with me. He almost chuckles self-deprecatingly, since that would just be his luck and all, but he catches himself just in time. It would be weird, if anyone heard him just start laughing out of nowhere, and unnecessary attention is probably the last thing they need right now.

The library is pretty close now, so hopefully we'll find out some answers while we're there.]

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[He feels a flash of something, almost like panic, and it makes Hinata a little jittery for a second. What was that? Was it her? But even if they have this strange connection, it... probably doesn't mean he has the right to offer any comfort. So wordlessly, in his mind or outside of it, Hinata follows her inside of the library.

The smell of dust and old paper hits his nose the moment they enter. Fortunately he manages not to sneeze. So now that we're here, where to? Do you know the section we'll find information in, or do we need to ask someone? Although he feels like the latter option may not be the best idea, but she'll probably know better what to do than he would in this situation. Even if he frequented the library more than he does, this is hardly the kind of thing he comes to read about.]
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I'm going to assume that Hinata is taller since he's a freaking giant but I will change if necessary

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[He's surprised at her talking - maybe that means he's getting too used to this, Hinata doesn't know, but he matches her regardless.] I'll follow your lead, then.

[And he does, glancing around as they go. He doesn't exactly come here often, but Hinata has never been back this far before...

When they come to a stop in front of some of the shelves, he glances over at the girl beside him.]
Tell me which one it is and I can reach it. There should be ladders around too if it happens to be higher up than I can reach.

[Not that that's super likely, unless it's at the very top. If there's one thing Hinata has to his advantage, it's his height.]
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[He lets the first part be. Hinata can deduce that with a look, and there's no reason to embarrass her needlessly. Especially not considering how their interactions have been up to this point.]

Yeah, I can see it from here. Give me a second.

[He does have to stand on the tips of his toes, but he's able to reach it without too much issue. The book is pretty hefty, so he has to be careful not to overbalance when his heels touch the floor again. The binding creaks as he adjusts his grip.] We can grab a table to sit at first, if you'd like.

[It seems unlikely she'd be able to find it fast enough that they wouldn't need to have a seat first, but... There's been a lot of surprises with her so far, so who really knows?]
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Alright. I think I saw a few back here while we were walking past.

[Hinata figures the next part is best not said out loud, so he tests the link again as he starts walking. In the back here, we shouldn't have to deal with anyone else coming around. So far it's been just us, so we should be safe.]