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[ When you awaken, you're in what seems to be an abandoned warehouse; it looks like the place hasn't been used for its original intent in ages, though the smell of copper permeates the area. The carcasses of corpses lie around here and there - some dismembered, some completely intact - along with creepy, oversized masks of rabbits.

The warehouse itself isn't that big -- there's two floors, and many doors. However, each door is locked, and the only way through is to find a key.

However, you're not alone. There's a girl who seems to be panicking nervously, fiddling with her skirt anxiously as she sits on her wheelchair, glancing every now and again at you, not all that certain as what to do. At least, that's before you awaken, which is when she gasps in sheer surprise. ]

You're-- you're finally awake.
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[ Just having passed by the Friend Safari in December was fun and all, but after the whole "someone let out the Sawsbuck!" escapade, there was definitely going to be trouble. And not necessarily the kind of trouble that she would have liked.

How ironic that they're now being chased by said Sawsbuck. ]

W-- why did we end up in this situation?!
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[ This fragment was definitely a strange one. It had pieces that didn't belong and plus, it was nearing Christmas. Nevertheless, she still was pretty pleased with how things were ending up. The club was even going to have a Christmas party, so she had decided to invite all of her close friends -- Ash included.

(And yes, Pikachu was invited too, before anyone else asks.)

Of course, she had called him over today to help with the setup; everything had to be pitch perfect in time. ]

Mii. Can you pass me the chair over there...?


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