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[ Rin Tohsaka was going to get exactly what she wanted. Of course, placing a Geis on someone who was a difficult task (blame Nasu Bullshit) but not impossible, considering that the man she was placing the curse upon was neither a magus nor a vampire. So that made things a little simple. The only time that she was given to place it was while he was asleep, before he woke up.

She took her time as she did so, placing it right next to his heart. The Geis this time wasn't too complicated, honestly; she had just decided to give him the illusion that she had what he always wanted. In the leg department, that is.

Which is why when he wakes up - perhaps a little groggily, he did just get 'cursed' after all - he might find himself feeling the need to see Tohsaka, or at least meet up with her. Not that it's hard, seeing as she's living right next door, in the mansion that seems to be nearly abandoned, seeing as Rin Tohsaka is the only one who lives there.

But it's okay, Hachibe: at least she won't bite. ]
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[ Christmas was coming up, so it was only obvious that the StuCS should throw a Christmas party. But she didn't want the party to be limited to just them, so she had decided to invite some of her friends as well.

Which is what she was doing, dressed up in a rather cute Santa costume as promotion, passing out posters rather easily before she saw Hachibe and waved at him, an innocent smile playing upon her lips. ]

Heeeey, Hachibe-kun! Good afternoon!


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