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[ It was probably a bad idea. However, he had already given his answer, even if it was a lie at the time. He could no longer go back on his word. Not anymore. He was her familiar now; a servant who was at her beck and call. If she told him to beg, he'd do it without a second thought. Of course, being a familiar meant that his human body was no longer useful as a container.

Not to worry, though, Emiya Shirou. Illya is not as inconsiderate as to give him a body that would be strange for him to use. In fact, the body she gave him looks exactly the same as his original one, but it's more fragile, more sensitive, and of course, easily replaceable in case she broke him. Whether that meant literally or in a much more figurative sense. It was enough for him to function, at the very least.

The Holy Grail War was over now, with her obvious win. Saber had went and disappeared, and she had managed to easily kill Rin and Archer with Berserker without even the slightest bit of hesitation. Sure, it was probably sad for Shirou, but did she care? Not one bit.

But she knew that her wish couldn't be granted from the very beginning. Oh, well.

At the very least, she had her "brother", and she would no longer be betrayed or alone. But even as her familiar, Shirou would have nothing to worry about ever again. He wouldn't have to worry about becoming a Hero of Justice, or anything else. All he had to do was play with her, watch over her, protect her, and obey. As long as he did those things, she would never abandon him. She wasn't like Kiritsugu in that aspect.

One day, however, she decides to wake him up - he's probably up before she is, however, she surmises - but she will try nevertheless by going at the earliest of hours. He didn't have to prepare breakfast, but she knew that it was a bad habit of his to. Well, it wasn't as if she hated that part of him.

As the petite girl of winter entered the door without so much of a knock, she couldn't help but smile, unable to hide it as she speaks in a soft, tender voice near the side of the bed, ]

Good morning, Shirou. Did you sleep in well? [ She hopes he did, not that his body really needs sleep. It's not like a human body, after all. There are many things it doesn't need, and sleep is one of them. Though he could sleep if he really wanted to. ]
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[ This was definitely an emergency. Due to the fact that his connection with Caster was incomplete thanks to the improper summoning, he knew that this was going to happen sooner or later. Tohsaka had already warned him, and while he did listen, he didn't think it would be this quick. And now he had to actually supply her with prana. He didn't know how that would work at all in the slightest, so there was only thing to do.

Ask Tohsaka over the phone.

Which he ended up doing which ended up in a lot of yelling and her going "I'm coming right over!" but Shirou stopped her because that would take even longer and he just — he just — decided to get a verbal talk about it, which ended up a lot more awkward than it should have been.

Now that things have gotten settled, he's managed to fix up the bed in Caster's room (he decided the Western style room was better for this venture) and placed her on top of the bed.

Okay, this should be fine. ]

... Are you really going to be alright, Caster? [ A rhetorical question of course. Nerves are getting to him. ]
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[ It had been a few days since he had summoned his Servant, and he still couldn't help but be rather surprised by the situation as a whole. Besides, Shirou didn't really understand it all honestly - regardless of the fact that both Tohsaka and that fake priest's explanations.

Early in the morning, he decides to cook up some breakfast for her. It's the least he can do, after all. For breakfast, he starts with some miso soup, rice and salmon. He won't wake her up, or at least, he'll try not to, since he wants her to have as much rest as she possible can-- seeing as he didn't make a proper contract with her.

Though he'll definitely go to check on her if the food almost gets cold.. ]
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[ It had been several years since he had declined Kiritsugu's offer and decided to live in the church with Kotomine. Now that he was a teenager, he was feeling rather... conflicted. Even though most of the time, he felt completely empty, there was someone who made him feel something in his chest, and he didn't understand what it meant at all. Which is why, on Saturday, after classes and mid-afternoon kenpo training, he decides that he needs to ask.

The question sat there for quite some time, but he wasn't sure how he was supposed to just simply bring it up. Besides, he didn't understand it to begin with. Maybe it was something that he had to actually worry about, which caused him to furrow his brow in frustration.

Might as well come out with it.

As Shirou placed his hands on the church doors, he pushed it open, hoping that his old man was there. But he paid no mind, nor any consideration as he raised his hand to his mouth, yelling across the church halls and pews. This was important, after all. ]

Hey, old man! You're there, aren't you? Don't tell me you're playing hide and seek again.

[ Because he knew that he tended to hide in the shadows. But the thing he hoped the most was that he didn't have to run into Gilgamesh... He'd probably give him more nonsense about this situation. ]
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[ Waking up these days was never alright. But he didn't always recall immediately why he felt nauseous, completely sick to his stomach. It was probably just him thinking about the arm that rested on his left side; the one that no longer belonged to him. Shrugging it off as nothing, Emiya Shirou stood up from his futon, rolled it up and placed it in its proper place before heading into the kitchen.

He didn't know what day it was - his memory was going bad, naturally - but he'd eventually find out once he got into the kitchen to whip up some breakfast. He was pretty certain that the Holy Grail War was still going on.

It was always going on.

It never ended for him.

And once he saw Sakura in the living room/kitchen, he understood completely what this feeling was. It wasn't a good one, and it made him lose his appetite. But it was definitely apparent that he was staring at her in a shocked, frozen state, his eyes wide in something akin to fear. But there was more to it than that. He was afraid of Sakura. He shouldn't be, but he was. The memory was rising back into his head, even though he wanted to push it out. He wanted it to go away, disappear. It was just another dream...

The Sakura who was here was different from the one in his 'dream'. The one that was clouding his memory. A Sakura, transfigured in black, her hair having turned into a snow white.

"Oh, you're here, Senpai. You were so late, I thought you ran away.
I'm sorry, I'll call myself back. It was a mistake to arrange them at the exit to surprise you."

A shiver ran down his spine as the memory overtook him. But he couldn't let Sakura see the fear in his eyes, so he clenched his hands tightly as he tried to steel himself, giving the usual greeting. ]

Good morning... Sakura.


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