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[ It had been a while since she went on a proper quest. After hearing about it from some of her friends, she had decided that this was their chance to shine as the ultimate power couple. Well, this seemed to be a rather simple one. The items that they'd get after the quest was some sort of potion (?) matching accessories - that seemed to be for couples. At least the stat boosts were rather useful.

But the biggest change?

Was the fact that they would be the first two to enter ALO's first (and only?) mixed hot springs. ]

Wow, it really is nice, isn't it, Kirito-kun? [ AMAZING. She regrets nothing about it so far since it's definitely worth all that hard work of theirs. . . ]
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[Truth be told, she was honestly not sure if she should have accepted his invitation to join «ALfheim Online», but it was worth a shot. She had never played a VRMMO before, yet she knew that it would be very different from the other games she played back in middle school when she was a hikkikomori. Character creation was the thing that probably took the most out of her. There were just so many choices to choose. . .

But if she was going to use this account as her main (she could always make another, for trolling purposes) it would be for the best to keep things simple -- which is why she decided that her avatar should look similarly enough to her actual self. It would probably help him find her easier when she logged in.

The only exception to the rule was the race— choosing a Cait Sith, which meant that she had an additional cat ears and tail that matched the color of her raven colored hair. And the name she chose for her avatar was also rather simple; she took the first character of her last name and switch to katakana to type out the two characters for her intended handle: Ine.

Now all she had to do was wait for the idiot to show up in the first town that she was spawned in. Just because she was familiar with games didn't necessarily mean that she didn't need help, especially in something that caused her to be fully immersed in the game like this. Letting out a self-deprecating sigh, fingers ran through her hair as she crossed her arms over her chest, taking quick glances around as the cat ears that rested atop her head twitched in anticipation.]

Geez. He better not take too long, or else I'll kick his ass into the next world!

[As if that were possible, considering that in this world, she would be considered a level one newbie and would barely be able to defeat him. He had experience, after all...]


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