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Guess what, guys?

We're halfway through the year! And basically, that means that it's time for yet another call me out post, fresh from the confines of sweet, sweet HTML. Basically, you want to play with me? Sweet, then climb on board the roleplaying train with me for any reason you'd like.

I love shipping a lot as I'm literally shipping trash, mind you— but it doesn't have to go that way in the slightest bit!

As for what I'm interested in: I'm down for most things. Alternate universes, game CRAUs, memloss, smut, what have you. Although for smut, please ask me first and content warn in your top level's header!

Nevertheless, it's also a chance to play with some of my new or rarer characters, too. So let's get started, shall we? Here's your character selection for today:

If you want someone that isn't on this list, check out my muselist! I can't guarantee anything, however.

And if you're stuck on a prompt, please do not hesitate to ask me for one, or check out these cool prompt ideas:

If you have any questions or concerns, just PM me via Dreamwidth, my plurk ([ profile] endlesseight) or Discord (Len#0139)!
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    As most of you have probably surmised from the opening header of this post, this is a rather self-indulgent, thirsty post where you can pretty much play smut with me whenever you want. Or vice versa. And because of that, here is your open post for that! I'm really not picky on kinks and this is pretty much a do whatever, whenever kind of post for the year, so feel free to hit me up now, later, whenever.

    Basically - this is the same as the normal call me out post. You can hit me up with any of my muses that are applicable (ask if you're unsure!) and you can either choose to throw a starter up or have me write a starter. Whichever you prefer.

    My kink list can be found here and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. In regards of ships: I'm not picky, whether it's canon or cross-canon; I don't mind. If I'm canon unfamiliar, you can always give me a short rundown of your character or just toss them my way anyway and see if they click. I'm down for all sorts of ships, M/F, F/F, and M/M, although writing smut for the latter is a little more difficult for me. But I'll still try, as I do need the practice.

    And there you have it. Be free to do whatever you want just as long as it's smut worthy. And I don't mind getting to the down and dirty if you prefer skipping through the buildup. ♥

    If you have any questions, just hit me up via PM on here, my Plurk ([ profile] endlesseight) or Discord (Len#0139).

    Also, if you're stuck for prompts, here's some of my favorites, but don't confine yourselves to those if you want to play something different:
  • Mind Altering Hot Springs
  • Mutual Loss of Virginity
  • Fuck or Die
  • Inappropriate Sexual Tension
  • Hypnotism
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New year, new call me out, and more chances to play with me for whatever reason you want. Of course, I have a preference for shipping trash, but it doesn't have to go that way, if you don't want it. Since it's the beginning of the year, I thought that we should start things fresh. Anyway, I'm down for a bunch of stuff: AUs, game CRAUs, memloss, smut, what have you. Plus, this is your chance to play with some of my less common characters, so let's get the ball rolling, shall we?

Someone missing from this list that you'd like to play with? Check out my muselist! And if you're stuck on scenarios:

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It's almost the end of the year, so it's time to get down and dirty with — something that surprises nobody — a call me out meme! The deal is pretty simple, as always: you want to roleplay with me? Cool. Just choose a muse listed below (or, perhaps, ask for someone else as I'm kind of picky with smut) or perhaps allow me to choose via RNG, character preferences, whatever, choose a scenario and either leave a starter or leave the start up to me. Your choice. ♥

Now then, your choice cast for today are the following—

Character you want to smut with not on here and you find them on my muselist? Feel free to ask if they're available!
If you're stuck on a prompt and would like to play something out, feel free to peruse any of these - but please don't feel limited to playing just this - if you wish:

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[seriously don't let me make PSL opening posts tbh; anyway, top levels for each thread underneath the post. or something. I'LL DEAL WITH THIS LATER OR SO HELP ME]
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[ Waking up seeing an unfamiliar roof wasn't anything new -- at least, not for Inaba Himeko. But what was strange wasn't the sheer fact that the idea wasn't anything new, but rather, that the last second she recalled that she was making out with Natsuru. But in the next flicker of a second, their roles swapped.

Ah, so this is happening again...

But regardless of what Natsuru's intial surprise might be, Inaba decides to press forward, parting her (?) lips to deepen the kiss. She won't let anything like this stop her from getting what she wants. Especially not now. ]
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[ Sometimes, being lucky is a good thing. And then there's this. Of course, all he was told was that he was to meet Kirigiri at a certain location at a certain time, no questions asked. He didn't even get an explanation on what they were supposed to actually be doing. Not that he would say no, considering the amount of trust he put into her.

Which is why he's outside of her door, a little nervous, a little anxious. He can't help it after all, he's going to be alone with the girl he likes (quite possibly) so it's definitely impossible.

Nevertheless, he knocks on the door, unsure of what's to come. ]
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Hearts in their eyes, chocolate in their hands... you've guessed it! It's that time of the year again, where everything goes to hell and shipping is at its high. Or something like that. Basically, this is an open Valentine's Day post for all of your shipping needs with Len.

How does this work, exactly? Easy!
Just pick a character from my muselist and post a top level comment calling them out. I'm game for anything ship-wise, canon, cross-canon, you name it. I'll even work with CRAU. ♥
And then we go "love love" and keep on going.

If you're stuck, here's some prompt ideas:

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you know the drill.
also new threads always welcome JUST LET ME KNOW.
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[ As the puppetmaster behind games, Rei's ideas were always flawless. And this time, she thought that she had come up with the perfect one. When she first met Nanami, she noticed that her voice was eerily similar to the gamer's. And after enjoying herself with Hajime plenty of times, she thought that maybe adding the other girl to the mix would be quite entertaining. And it was.

She couldn't possibly regret this. But then she had a plan, one that she'd rope Nanami into. Maybe it was out of revenge for the last time Hajime teased and embarrassed her, or perhaps it was something else entirely different, it is a mystery.

Regardless, they're here in the Neo World Program - all three of them and she's even messed with the settings just for the sake of having her body type match Nanami's. That way when she blindfolds Hajime, he can't tell the difference between the two, how nice... ]

Hey, Hinata-kun... I wonder if you'll be able to tell who's who. [ It's clear that she's mimicking the gamer's voice perfectly as she presses her body behind him. ] I think, maybe you'll get an achievement if you're right? Or something.
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( except for the fact that's a lie, given this post... )

    As you probably have guessed by the title of this post: I'm thirsty almost 99.99% of the time. Which means that this is your chance to indulge me! Or vice versa. Or something. 2016 has literally just started (as of this post) and I thought to myself - hey, maybe somebody will want to do some sexytimes with me. And without further ado, here is your open post to do just that! I'm really not picky on kinks and this is pretty much a do whatever, whenever kind of post for the year, so feel free to hit me up now, later, whenever.

    Anyway, my kink list can be found here, and my muselist is here. Feel free to call out any of my characters and just list kinks and I'll throw a starter up! As for ships, I'm not all that picky and I'm okay with M/F, F/F and M/M, although I'm not that great at the latter, admittedly.

    And there you have it. Be free to do whatever you want just as long as it's smut worthy. And I don't mind getting to the down and dirty if you prefer skipping through the buildup. ♥
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[ Diving back into the Neo World Program after it had gotten deleted was probably not a good idea. While everything had been refreshed now, picking up from whatever backup save data it did have, it felt... incomplete. Areas would glitch or simply not exist, the sky would be perpetually dark and gloomy, as if stormy skies were ahead, things like that. It reeked of constant despair and whoever thought about going back in should probably think twice before heading into the depths of the island. . . except that wasn't an option if you wanted to grab the person who could only exist here.

Which probably was the case, ultimately.

It might take a while to find her; she doesn't seem to be in her room, nor is she playing a game in the restaurant lobby, either.

If he takes the effort, he'll eventually find her at the beach, staring at the depths of the dark ocean with a vacant expression, almost absentmindedly. But there's also something different about her, and it's apparent at a single glance. While it's obvious who it is by looking at the locks of pale hair that sit at her shoulders, the kitty backpack that usually rested there isn't there. In fact, the gamer girl doesn't seem to be wearing much, if anything at all; barely clothed in what seems to be a completely black, strapless bikini. Even her hairpin has tainted, the white turning into a dark black -- kind of like how the ship would look if captured during Space Invaders.

In her hands, as if it were normal, is a video game console, a Playstation Vita if one were to be more precise. It's hard to tell what game in particular she's playing, but she seems to be rather absorbed in it; very much so.

Investigate? ]
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[ Wraiths. The enemy of the magical girl. But now, the enemy of one person who goes by the name of Homura Akemi. But... she's no longer a person, is she? All that's left of the girl is a shell; she's the devil now, after all, someone who tore the god known as Kaname Madoka and brought her back down to earth.

Even though she's supposed to be paying attention to that pink haired girl, make her safe, make sure she never gets hurt ever again because Madoka belongs to her-

She then sees her down the street, where all the wraiths are. That's not a good sign. Normal people can't see them, and all they do is suck out emotion until there's nothing left. Knitting her brows, Homura frowned, transforming into a partial magical girl form (the devil form was unbefitting for them) and shooting arrows straight at the creatures.

Although she didn't want to risk having Madoka see her like this, she didn't have much of a choice. Maybe she'll have to erase her memories again, later. She could do that, now that she has all this power. But for now, Homura just turns on her heel, looking at the pinkette with careful eyes, hoping that she wasn't too late.

They didn't take Madoka's emotions, did they? She can't tell immediately, just by looking at her. ]

Kaname Madoka. [ She speaks with no emotion nor sanity in her voice, just cold and emotionless, regardless of her true feelings on the matter. ] Are you alright?
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[ It was probably a bad idea. However, he had already given his answer, even if it was a lie at the time. He could no longer go back on his word. Not anymore. He was her familiar now; a servant who was at her beck and call. If she told him to beg, he'd do it without a second thought. Of course, being a familiar meant that his human body was no longer useful as a container.

Not to worry, though, Emiya Shirou. Illya is not as inconsiderate as to give him a body that would be strange for him to use. In fact, the body she gave him looks exactly the same as his original one, but it's more fragile, more sensitive, and of course, easily replaceable in case she broke him. Whether that meant literally or in a much more figurative sense. It was enough for him to function, at the very least.

The Holy Grail War was over now, with her obvious win. Saber had went and disappeared, and she had managed to easily kill Rin and Archer with Berserker without even the slightest bit of hesitation. Sure, it was probably sad for Shirou, but did she care? Not one bit.

But she knew that her wish couldn't be granted from the very beginning. Oh, well.

At the very least, she had her "brother", and she would no longer be betrayed or alone. But even as her familiar, Shirou would have nothing to worry about ever again. He wouldn't have to worry about becoming a Hero of Justice, or anything else. All he had to do was play with her, watch over her, protect her, and obey. As long as he did those things, she would never abandon him. She wasn't like Kiritsugu in that aspect.

One day, however, she decides to wake him up - he's probably up before she is, however, she surmises - but she will try nevertheless by going at the earliest of hours. He didn't have to prepare breakfast, but she knew that it was a bad habit of his to. Well, it wasn't as if she hated that part of him.

As the petite girl of winter entered the door without so much of a knock, she couldn't help but smile, unable to hide it as she speaks in a soft, tender voice near the side of the bed, ]

Good morning, Shirou. Did you sleep in well? [ She hopes he did, not that his body really needs sleep. It's not like a human body, after all. There are many things it doesn't need, and sleep is one of them. Though he could sleep if he really wanted to. ]
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[ While Inaba was a rather sensible roommate, she tended to come off as very cold and aloof, as if she didn't want to deal with people. Or rather, she seemed to be more closed from others, as if she was hiding something this whole time. It took quite some time for her to actually warm up to Natsuru, and it was only a matter of time until —

They decided to have a 'sleepover' of sorts. It was a way to get closer.

And well, they managed to get closer, alright. But probably not in the way that Natsuru had probably expected. Especially as she rolls over to her side, her eyelids slowly opening and staring at the sight, which is quite a surprise to her as she speaks, blushing and slightly mumbled, ]

Na... tsuru?
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[Okay, here's the deal: you've been hypnotized at some point during the day. Whether you remember that fact? Well, that's up to you. After the hypnotism is over, you're drugged and brought away to another room.

While you're knocked unconscious, the person who's managed to get you hypnotized -- well, she's got a special treat in mind for you.

On today's agenda for hypnotism, you've got the following (some may or may not be optional!):
  • You believe that you've been dating Rei Hazama for quite some time.
  • Every time you hear your full name (can also be switched with first name), you'll either grow more sensitive/aroused, like an aphrodisiac, or you'll climax.
  • When you awaken, you'll find yourself in a room. It's not your room, but someone else's. The bed is rather big and spacious and in front of the bed on the other wall is a table, looking rather neat. You can only guess that this room belongs to Rei Hazama. The walls are also violet colored, too.
  • You may or may not be tied to the bed when you awaken. Same goes for whether you're dressed, nude, or wearing something humiliating. And by that, we mean crossdressing for the guys. As for the ladies, probably something revealing?
  • Anything else? Go right on ahead, make it as horrible or as wonderful as you like.

Even though it could be worse, there's no sense in fighting it. This isn't going to end unless Rei says so, and she doesn't plan on doing that anytime soon, even as she walks into the room with a shit-eating grin, sporting her Saimin Shoujo outfit which consisted of a white sleeveless top that accentuated her curves, a short black skirt and knee-high boots with heels that could practically make someone beg for her to step on them.

Good morning, and hopefully you enjoy your stay.]

( ooc: OKAY SO i felt really self indulgent so here is a open nsfw post for hypnotism because i... actually wanted to do something. anyway, this is all somewhat con/dubcon depending on whether your character agreed to the hypnotism or w/e!! made it as open as possible and the options given are things that I REALLY WANT TO PLAY but it's up to you if you want to opt in or out of that! any additional kinks are welcome and feel free to hmu for anything, since i'm not picky just don't give me bathroom stuff and we should generally be okay. m/f and f/f is okay for this, you know the deal. )
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[ To Hazama Rei, it felt as if it all happened in a blink of an eye, and it caused her to be slightly dizzy. Bringing her hand to her head, slender fingers ran through her plum colored hair as she took a quick glance around. Ah, it was an island, wasn't it..? She hadn't been told much about Hajime's world, but being stuck on an island only meant one thing.

Was this the place where he was stuck in, before he went home? She recalled being told about being stuck on an island, after all, on the first evening after they met. After the trial.

When she was still— No. Shaking it off, the small, petite girl decided that it would be for the best for her to not think about that right now. She did promise that she'd tell him anything he wanted to know - anything he needed to know - if he just simply asked. Lying was something that she hated, even now. Well, at least she wasn't on wheels this time around. There was no need for her to be to begin with; she hadn't needed one for a while now.

But, uh. This is new. She's not sure where to start, honestly. For now, she'll just wander aimlessly, calling out the familiar name. Rei hasn't forgotten it. She refused to, if only to keep the 'self' she was now. ]

Hajime..? [ He is here, right? There wasn't any mistakes when she was sent to this world, right? ]
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[ This was definitely an emergency. Due to the fact that his connection with Caster was incomplete thanks to the improper summoning, he knew that this was going to happen sooner or later. Tohsaka had already warned him, and while he did listen, he didn't think it would be this quick. And now he had to actually supply her with prana. He didn't know how that would work at all in the slightest, so there was only thing to do.

Ask Tohsaka over the phone.

Which he ended up doing which ended up in a lot of yelling and her going "I'm coming right over!" but Shirou stopped her because that would take even longer and he just — he just — decided to get a verbal talk about it, which ended up a lot more awkward than it should have been.

Now that things have gotten settled, he's managed to fix up the bed in Caster's room (he decided the Western style room was better for this venture) and placed her on top of the bed.

Okay, this should be fine. ]

... Are you really going to be alright, Caster? [ A rhetorical question of course. Nerves are getting to him. ]


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