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[ Wraiths. The enemy of the magical girl. But now, the enemy of one person who goes by the name of Homura Akemi. But... she's no longer a person, is she? All that's left of the girl is a shell; she's the devil now, after all, someone who tore the god known as Kaname Madoka and brought her back down to earth.

Even though she's supposed to be paying attention to that pink haired girl, make her safe, make sure she never gets hurt ever again because Madoka belongs to her-

She then sees her down the street, where all the wraiths are. That's not a good sign. Normal people can't see them, and all they do is suck out emotion until there's nothing left. Knitting her brows, Homura frowned, transforming into a partial magical girl form (the devil form was unbefitting for them) and shooting arrows straight at the creatures.

Although she didn't want to risk having Madoka see her like this, she didn't have much of a choice. Maybe she'll have to erase her memories again, later. She could do that, now that she has all this power. But for now, Homura just turns on her heel, looking at the pinkette with careful eyes, hoping that she wasn't too late.

They didn't take Madoka's emotions, did they? She can't tell immediately, just by looking at her. ]

Kaname Madoka. [ She speaks with no emotion nor sanity in her voice, just cold and emotionless, regardless of her true feelings on the matter. ] Are you alright?


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