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[ It was probably a bad idea. However, he had already given his answer, even if it was a lie at the time. He could no longer go back on his word. Not anymore. He was her familiar now; a servant who was at her beck and call. If she told him to beg, he'd do it without a second thought. Of course, being a familiar meant that his human body was no longer useful as a container.

Not to worry, though, Emiya Shirou. Illya is not as inconsiderate as to give him a body that would be strange for him to use. In fact, the body she gave him looks exactly the same as his original one, but it's more fragile, more sensitive, and of course, easily replaceable in case she broke him. Whether that meant literally or in a much more figurative sense. It was enough for him to function, at the very least.

The Holy Grail War was over now, with her obvious win. Saber had went and disappeared, and she had managed to easily kill Rin and Archer with Berserker without even the slightest bit of hesitation. Sure, it was probably sad for Shirou, but did she care? Not one bit.

But she knew that her wish couldn't be granted from the very beginning. Oh, well.

At the very least, she had her "brother", and she would no longer be betrayed or alone. But even as her familiar, Shirou would have nothing to worry about ever again. He wouldn't have to worry about becoming a Hero of Justice, or anything else. All he had to do was play with her, watch over her, protect her, and obey. As long as he did those things, she would never abandon him. She wasn't like Kiritsugu in that aspect.

One day, however, she decides to wake him up - he's probably up before she is, however, she surmises - but she will try nevertheless by going at the earliest of hours. He didn't have to prepare breakfast, but she knew that it was a bad habit of his to. Well, it wasn't as if she hated that part of him.

As the petite girl of winter entered the door without so much of a knock, she couldn't help but smile, unable to hide it as she speaks in a soft, tender voice near the side of the bed, ]

Good morning, Shirou. Did you sleep in well? [ She hopes he did, not that his body really needs sleep. It's not like a human body, after all. There are many things it doesn't need, and sleep is one of them. Though he could sleep if he really wanted to. ]
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• namine ( kingdom hearts ii )
• himeko inaba ( kokoro connect )
• illyasviel von einzbern ( fate/ ); includes both stay night and kaleid liner variants
• ash ketchum ( pokemon ); includes original series, dppt, bw, and etop variants
• bernkastel ( umineko )
• haruhi suzumiya ( the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya )
• natsumi kimiyoshi ( higurashi )
• dawn "hikari" ( pokemon anime + tyl plot from soul campaign ); can also play regular anime dawn
• akane kurashiki ( 999/vlr )
• hitagi senjougahara ( monogatari series )
• nui harime ( kill la kill )
• homura akemi ( madoka magica ); includes moemura variant
• honoka kousaka ( love live! ); includes bad vanguard au
• melissa "mucchi" crown ( original character ); basically a cow girl who turned human
• akane tsunemori ( psycho-pass )
• asuna yuuki ( sword art online )
• yuno gasai ( mirai nikki )
• yuri nakamura ( angel beats! )
• chii ( chobits )
• tsubasa li ( tsubasa )
• sakura kinomoto ( cardcaptor sakura )

Just call out one of the characters and either leave a prompt, RNG from here, whatever. And that's it! Have fun, losers.


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