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[ Waking up seeing an unfamiliar roof wasn't anything new -- at least, not for Inaba Himeko. But what was strange wasn't the sheer fact that the idea wasn't anything new, but rather, that the last second she recalled that she was making out with Natsuru. But in the next flicker of a second, their roles swapped.

Ah, so this is happening again...

But regardless of what Natsuru's intial surprise might be, Inaba decides to press forward, parting her (?) lips to deepen the kiss. She won't let anything like this stop her from getting what she wants. Especially not now. ]
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[ While Inaba was a rather sensible roommate, she tended to come off as very cold and aloof, as if she didn't want to deal with people. Or rather, she seemed to be more closed from others, as if she was hiding something this whole time. It took quite some time for her to actually warm up to Natsuru, and it was only a matter of time until —

They decided to have a 'sleepover' of sorts. It was a way to get closer.

And well, they managed to get closer, alright. But probably not in the way that Natsuru had probably expected. Especially as she rolls over to her side, her eyelids slowly opening and staring at the sight, which is quite a surprise to her as she speaks, blushing and slightly mumbled, ]

Na... tsuru?
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[Okay, here's the deal: you've been hypnotized at some point during the day. Whether you remember that fact? Well, that's up to you. After the hypnotism is over, you're drugged and brought away to another room.

While you're knocked unconscious, the person who's managed to get you hypnotized -- well, she's got a special treat in mind for you.

On today's agenda for hypnotism, you've got the following (some may or may not be optional!):
  • You believe that you've been dating Rei Hazama for quite some time.
  • Every time you hear your full name (can also be switched with first name), you'll either grow more sensitive/aroused, like an aphrodisiac, or you'll climax.
  • When you awaken, you'll find yourself in a room. It's not your room, but someone else's. The bed is rather big and spacious and in front of the bed on the other wall is a table, looking rather neat. You can only guess that this room belongs to Rei Hazama. The walls are also violet colored, too.
  • You may or may not be tied to the bed when you awaken. Same goes for whether you're dressed, nude, or wearing something humiliating. And by that, we mean crossdressing for the guys. As for the ladies, probably something revealing?
  • Anything else? Go right on ahead, make it as horrible or as wonderful as you like.

Even though it could be worse, there's no sense in fighting it. This isn't going to end unless Rei says so, and she doesn't plan on doing that anytime soon, even as she walks into the room with a shit-eating grin, sporting her Saimin Shoujo outfit which consisted of a white sleeveless top that accentuated her curves, a short black skirt and knee-high boots with heels that could practically make someone beg for her to step on them.

Good morning, and hopefully you enjoy your stay.]

( ooc: OKAY SO i felt really self indulgent so here is a open nsfw post for hypnotism because i... actually wanted to do something. anyway, this is all somewhat con/dubcon depending on whether your character agreed to the hypnotism or w/e!! made it as open as possible and the options given are things that I REALLY WANT TO PLAY but it's up to you if you want to opt in or out of that! any additional kinks are welcome and feel free to hmu for anything, since i'm not picky just don't give me bathroom stuff and we should generally be okay. m/f and f/f is okay for this, you know the deal. )
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[When Inaba wakes up in an unfamiliar room with an unfamiliar body, there's only one thing to think:

She's not sure whether Heartseed's behind this or not, but there's something that's for certain. This isn't her body, nor one of the members of the StuCS, either. After all, they didn't have such a huge rack. With a groan, she manages to get herself onto her feet, desperately looking for a phone. At the very least, this Freaky Friday situation was not to get out of hand without first contacting the person who's currently residing in her own body.

She has the most important priorities.

Hopefully Natsuru will actually pick up...]
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[ Rin Tohsaka was elegant at all costs. And of course, today was no exception to that rule. Though as she takes a stroll in the mid-afternoon, almost close to night time, she notices that there's someone out who's usually not out this late. And especially not in this area. As an honor student, it's only right to greet them.

Which is why when she slowly passes by, she puts on a brave face and smile, speaking in a polite tone. ]

Why, Senou-san, I usually never see you here this late...


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