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[today, at the Wright Anything Agency, there's an unfamiliar knocking of the door. of course, it's only interrupted not by somebody on the inside opening the door, but the fact that the rather enthusiastic spirit medium who decided to visit has gone out of her way (at least, in her mind) to come visit. look, she's even brought a bag full of burgers, how nice of her! of course, what greets her is not something that she expected at all in the slightest bit, but oh, well.

don't worry, though, Maya's not a burglar or anything - although with that weird dress of hers and the fact that she barged her way in before the offices are supposed to be open - seem to be a tell tale sign that something's up. something rather suspicious, actually...

which may be the sole reason why this young lady - she's 26! - seems to point at the nearest person with quite some enthusiasm.]

Hey! [be thankful it's not as bad at his Chords of Steel, although it's still pretty loud and she's doing the pointing just like an Objection! the intonation is there, too.] I was wondering if you've seen Nick around ooooor—

[she glances around the room as she lengthens the time she says the "or" before finishing it off with a simple:]

—not. Well, I guess if he's not here, I'll just have to settle for you instead!

[she'll just. be getting in Apollo's personal space right now, don't mind her as she places a hand on his shoulder. he might even recognize her if he's watched the videos of the Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright's cases. or he could just think that she's a complete weirdo - I mean, she probably looks a little older, but not too much different to be too much of a distinction.]

You're a lawyer too, right?


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